Fantastic Esports powered by MSGW computers

Hello everyone, We hope you are enjoying the summer break as much as us, as we’re ready to announce a new partnership! In joint cooperation with MSGW, we will give new value to the esports and gaming experience in our region. Going forward, the entire Fantastic Esports family will be powered by MSGW computers that you can see in use daily on the streams of our content creators or on our youtube channels.

Ivan Tadic, CEO of Fantastic Esports had this to say about our new partner:

“The collaboration with MSGW came quite spontaneously and we made sure to jump on the opportunity when it arose. After a couple of meetings, we realized that we were aiming in the same direction and that we really care about local gamers, athletes, streamers and everyone else who is part of our world. This collaboration is a collaboration for the future and we have many big plans for the upcoming season, and at MSGW we have found a partner with whom we can achieve our goals and bring something new to our region.” We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with such an exciting brand of their caliber, and we know you’ll enjoy what we have planned!

Vanja Kundrata, Gaming Section Lead for M SAN Grupa d.o.o. had this to say about the new partnership with Fantastic Esports:

“We have recognized Fantastic Esports as leaders in esport in Croatia and the region and we’re very excited about the possibility to partner up with them. We’re certain that our brand MSGW will be of great help to Fantastic to achieve their goals this year and in the future.” We desire to continue enjoying what we do and want to work together in raising esport in Croatia and the region to a new level! We want as many people as possible to experience the charms of esport and wish to give them the opportunity to enjoy this industry that is rising rapidly.

A little about MSGW…

M SAN Grupa d.o.o. is the manufacturer and exclusive distributor of the MSGW computer brand. M SAN Grupa d.o.o., based in Croatia, has been making desktop computers since the mid-1990s, but in 2005, M SAN Grupa d.o.o. began to strategically focus on developing its own brand – MSGW, by signing a DOEM contract with Microsoft and building a semi-automated production line. All computers with the MSGW label were built in M SAN Grupa's automated IT equipment manufacturing facilities and have passed various safety checks. MSGW PCs also meet all of Microsoft's standards for full Windows operating system compatibility. A production line within the business Kim Tec d.o.o in Serbia was opened in 2008, in addition to the production plant in Zagreb, with a capacity of up to 1000 computers per day. Within the firm Kim Tec d.o.o. in Serbia, a production line was opened with a larger capacity but the same highest world standards in computer production and testing. Intensive quality control is carried out at every stage of manufacturing, including before the start of serial production, during production, and thereafter. All MSGW computers are certified in accordance with Croatian and EU requirements, in addition to internal testing. M SAN Grupa d.o.o. has a well-developed network of retail locations that have embraced the MSGW brand as a desktop solution to join the market, rather than developing their own. MSGW computers are available as ready-made solutions with predetermined specifications, meticulously built by a team of individuals who have been doing this for years, as well as as a solution suited to the user – a custom made computer. With both options the user receives a complete, functioning solution tailored to their needs.