Fantastic Esports Brand Manager Branislav Novakovic talks about rebranding

Do you believe in destiny? When I think of what my experiences have led me to, all I think of is destiny.

My name is Branislav Novaković and I'm a young, creative and hardworking designer. I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and right after my first birthday I moved to Italy. In 2019 design became my passion. Developing my skills paid off as I quickly started working for some big names. And yes, when I say big, I mean it.

You might ask yourself who am I and how am I related to Fantastic? But what makes this story different isn’t how good I am with what I do, but how everything started. I was following the Esports scene since 2013, yet my brother was the one that told me about Fantastic for the first time. Not long after, I stepped in contact with Fantastic's CEO Ivan Tadić and we started collaborating. Since then, we have given our best to keep this organization growing and when the moment for a huge step forward arrived, we took it.

Now the time has come to develop a whole new identity for the Fantastic Esports brand and I'm thrilled to share with you how I came up with the new design. As we have big aspirations for Fantastic, we decided to reposition our brand to aim for a bigger market and for tier 1 competitions in the near future!

I decided to base the new logo off the minimalistic designs that are popular with competitive gaming organizations right now. I thought of something sleek and sexy, a flat design with sharp edges to simplify the brand while being bold enough to stand out. I created a new shape that can also be highlighted with a purple ring on lighter backgrounds.

The logo highlights the letters "F and E" which will be our main acronym for Fantastic Esports going forward. You can also notice the wings on our logo as a sign of liberty, and something that’s always reaching up, something that craves for more, and aims for greatness, which we believe perfectly symbolizes our organization.
The logo also features two prominent lines stretching upwards. The first representing all the new members, partners, players and achievements we reach, because our organization relies on our supporters and when we expand, we expand as a family, and the second serves for all of us that live and strive to embody the values of our organization and be fantastic, it makes us better as individuals, it feeds us with passion and positivity.

At the end of the day, I am working relentlessly to provide the best possible product for Fantastic and its fans to enjoy, and I hope you’ll like my new creation as much as I do.

What do you say? Whether it was a coincidence, luck or destiny, whatever that was, it surely changed our lives for the better.