Whether you're an eager new fan looking for an interesting and relatable club to support, or a devoted fan who's been with us through our high's and low's, this the perfect place for you to find out more about us as a gaming organization and to meet the people that are working relentlessly to build Fantastic into a world-class gaming organization.

Who are we? Despite our rapid emergence as a gaming force, our Fantastic CEO Ivan Tadić bolstered years of experience playing casual and competitive games including Call of Duty and League of Legends, and founded the predecessor to Fantastic, the Magic Team years before. However, on a sunny day on 13th December 2017, Ivan decided to create his own gaming organization to compete with the established teams around the world. Since then, we have rapidly become one of the fastest growing Esports organizations in Europe with over 36 thousand followers across social media outlets.
There are currently twenty of us that have invested much of our time and effort in growing the Fantastic brand.

Although our organization keeps growing, here is a current list of our diligent staff working behind the scenes:
Ivan Tadić - Founder and CEO
Dominik Lukšić - Esports Project Manager
Branislav Novaković - Head of brand Marketing & Graphic Design
Roberto Gattoni - Content Writer
Ivan Kovačević - Marketing Manager
Michael Nocerino - Sponsorship Manager

Throughout our existence we have also worked with more than 500 professional gamers and streamers, and you can find many of them still doing an amazing job in the Esports scene.

We compete in a variety of leagues across a number of games including:
League of Legends
EA Sports FIFA
Formula 1
Rainbow Six: Siege
Tekken 7
And more coming soon!

Over the years we have achieved some fantastic results including:
-2nd place in Tekken 7 Philadelphia (LAN) -1st place in R6 on xbox one Canada
-2nd place in Phageborn on Reboot Infogamer Zagreb (LAN)
-Playoffs A1 Adria League Season 2 in League of Legends
-Dreamhack Sevilla 2018 finals in Fortnite (LAN)
-1st place in League of Legends Croatian National League Season 1
-1st place in League of Legends FSB E-open (LAN in Zagreb)
-Top 100 in Fortnite Winter Royale EU (online) -1st place in CS:GO Epicenter in Slovenia (LAN)
-1st place in F1 Adria - Formula 1
-1st place on Pulse Media Event - Formula 1
-2nd place in League of Legends Adria Championship
-4th place in playoffs A1 adria league FIFA21 HT(Croatian telecom) e-liga finals (LAN in Zagreb)

We have collaborated with a number of passionate and esteemed brands, organizations and personalities in the past.
We strive to work only with the best so we are very proud of our former partners and are very excited about the ones that are coming up.

Šmit Electronic was one of the Fantastic partners that we had for over 2 years. They connected us with top quality brands like White Shark and Premium brand eShark. Those accessories were our first step to upgrading our gaming experience and supplied us with the essential content we needed to perform at a high level. They were a great group that supporting us in our competitions and were always reliable when we needed them.

We’re also proud to be the only EU organization that collaborates with NEU Ltd. They're an award-winning merchandise company that provide stylish custom designs and high-quality products.

We’re currently negotiating with investors from around the world that will match our ambition and bring Fantastic to the next level. As we're ready to expand and make our presence in European Esports more active than ever.

So, what do we have in store for 2021?
These last three years were a great time that has given us great experience to continue to improve and grow as Fantastic. For that reason, we are looking forward to 2021 as our best year yet, as have a great announcement to make: Fantastic will be rebranded! We hope to make Fantastic a global competitor in Esports and our rebranding is a necessary step that will put our organization on the same level as some of the biggest gaming brands in the world!

With our rebranding we’ll not only change our visual appearance but our online presence as we'll be taking a huge step forward in terms of our presentation.
We’re looking forward to reveal the new Fantastic. Click here to find more about our new look: (link dizajner članak)

Last but not least, creating great content and expanding our community is very important to us, and because of that we’re currently working on a project that’s going to be completely about you, our supporters. As we're not quite ready to announce the project you’ll have to be patient and keep following us learn more, but until then, #BeFantastic.