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Best 4K TV on The Market That Your Money Can Buy in 2018

POSTED BY fantastic January 20, 2018

It is all about the size or size does matter when you are buying a TV. But some TVs have grown in size so big that for smaller rooms they are not an ideal solution. For the small room, you need to buy a little TV because the big screen will be just too close to your eyes and you will not enjoy watching at a close distance.

But if you have big enough room to take the biggest possible screen then that is what I suggest you do. Because with the size the quality of the 4K resolution will come out. The details will be more significant, and the difference between full HD and 4K TV will be seen with a naked eye.

Top 5 Best 4K TVs in 2018

Sony XBR55X900E 55″

Ultra HD


55″ TV is ideal for small to medium rooms, but you can also use this 4K TV in a larger room. 55″ is large enough to tell the difference between full HD and 4K TV.

Sony is the leading company in the TV market. And we can even say that they are one of the best 4K TV manufacturers at the moment.

X900E model is just a perfect choice for the people that seek a decent 4K TV with HDR and high refresh rate. This Sony model has a 120Hz native refresh rate, and that is just another pair of shoes that make this model get on the list of best 4K TVs in 2017.

5x XDR contrast with 4K HDR technology will make this screen perfect for watching movies. 5X XDR contrast is five times better than the contrast on standard LED TVs. HDR technology makes TV difference between the one that has HDR and the ones that don’t have this new technology. And the use of this new latest screen technology is the fantastic realism to the picture.

Sony X900E has an android system which means that all the android apps can be used on this TV. You can watch Netflix, Amazon, YouTube and other live stream or streaming programs through the android system. Android software is also compatible with Google Assistant.

TV also has 4 HDMI connections which means that four additional devices can be connected to the TV and use the amazing 4K features.

Price for this model is standard, and some people would say it is too much. But trust me it is not. Sony delivers lots of features and uses the latest technology in making this TV, and that just means that the price will be little over than the standard TV price.



– 5 Time Better Contrast Than Standard LEDs

– Large Enough

– Android TV

Samsung Electronics UN65MU7600

Samsung Electronics

Samsung is also one of the holders of the 4K TV market. Samsung TVs are well known for the quality and crystal clear picture. And this model has something extra to offer. It is a 4K HDR pro TV capable of giving a high-quality picture on 65″ screen.

65″ screen is probably too big for smaller rooms, but the larger rooms will benefit significantly from this huge screen. Samsung Electronics UN65MU7600 is a curved model, but that is not important at all. Curved screens are nothing better than the standard flat TVs. Except maybe the curved TV looks more refreshing than the usual flat TV.

This 4K UHD TV model has 120Hz refresh rate which guarantees smooth content moving.

Extra features are included in this model. You will get a smart view and oneRemote control. With oneRemote control, you will be able to connect all compatible devices and control them through one remote controller. Also, you can use voice to control the content on the screen. The smart view is an ideal solution to enjoy all the content of your mobile phone on a big screen.

The biggest advantage of this TV is the price. For few bucks over 1000$ you get an extremely wide screen with all the latest technology that will guarantee you the most beautiful picture in all circumstances. This smart LED TV is just the best buy model in 2017 according to the price you pay for it.


– Extremely Affordable Price for Such a Big Screen

– Modern Curved Design That Fits Modern Rooms

– Extra Features for Easier Usage

LG Electronics 75UJ6470

LG Electronics

One of the biggest screens on the market comes from the LG company. It is a 75″ 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV. This model with the latest technology will give you the best possible picture. It also has HDR that will bring the life of the screen to a different level.

WebOS 3.5 used by LG TVs has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is apparently that this is not android TV, that means you will not be able to use Google Play App Store and no ability to play free games and stream free videos. But WebOS will give you 70 free premium channels to watch. You will get channels like Time, People, Sports Illustrated and other. That is a considerable content entirely for free.

One other issue may be only 60Hz refresh rate which by LG is stated as 120Hz effective rate. And like we already talk in the buying TV guide that you need to watch for the TVs with 120Hz and ignore effective rate number completely. 60Hz rate may have some impact on fast moving games for example games where you race or first-person shooter games, the picture may get blurry if the refresh rate is not sufficient.

Price of this TV is also high, but you need to take into consideration that this TV is huge and the primary purpose of this massive screen is watching movies and other video content, not playing games. I mean you can play games without a problem, but the distance between TV and your playing spot need to be great or else you will have difficulties seeing the whole picture because of the big screen size.

TV has standard 4 HDMI and two USB connectors for connecting external devices.


– Very Big Screen For Full Movie Enjoyment

– WebOS 3.5 with Free Streaming Channels

– Beautiful Modern Design

Samsung QN65Q7F Flat 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

Samsung QLED TV

Samsung QLED TV comes with a new quantum dots technology that gives extra shades and 100% color volume. That new technology just adds up to the existing 4K UHD and HDR technology and provides even more beautiful and lively picture. And all that in a big screen of 65″ which will cover the even largest rooms.

Samsung also uses HDR in their model for delivering the best possible performance and picture quality. This TV also comes with Samsung 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player. Reason for this is the best possible usage of the TV. With the compatible Blu-Ray player that is also capable of giving 4K Ultra HD picture, Samsung wants to show that their TV is delivering the best quality picture on the market.

But all of this comes with the price. And if you do the math even with extra quality 4K UHD Blu-Ray player this TV model is on the list of most expensive TVs on the market. But who likes to pay for the quality will sure not look further.

You can connect with Samsung TV through Invisible Connection that uses optical wire. And with One Remote you can control everything that is connected to the TV.

Samsung QN65Q7F has 240 motion rate, even if this is not the native refresh rate, it is large and will surely give you the smoothest possible play on the TV even at the fast moving pictures.

Samsung on this model gives extended one year warranty. Because of that, you can be at rest for an additional 365 days.


– Large Screen with High-Quality Picture

– Quantum Dots Technology

– High refresh Rate Guarantees Smoothness

– Control Everything with One Remote

LG Electronics OLED65E7P

LG Electronics

One of the biggest LG screens on the market. 65″ TV with 4K UHD resolution is what every movie room needs. The big screen size will give additional pleasure to watch movies in ultra 4K resolution. This model just like all average models in 2017 has the HDR for providing a bright and smooth picture. Being an OLED TV means that the contrast is higher than at the standard LEDs. Also, OLED TVs does not need to use backlight for a deepness, and that just gives the TV even flatter appearance.

TV has Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision which will give you outstanding pleasure in watching favorite movies. Just like other LG TVs this one also has the WebOS 3.5 meaning you will be able to use over 70 apps and even more free premium channels. Netflix also recommends usage of LG TV since its compatibility is at the highest possible level.

OLED LG will give you best quality picture even if you are far from the screen or also if you are looking at it from the side. The picture quality is from all angles high.

This model also has standard connections, 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB, optical, ethernet, sound and many other available ports. You can also connect to the TV through the Wi-Fi and use a smartphone as the remote controller.

Price for the OLED TVs are high at the moment but who have unlimited budget sure can go for it and enjoy in an ultimate picture.


– Big screen with fantastic colors and bright picture.

– OLED technology provides the highest possible contrast on the maximum resolution of 4K.

– High Dynamic Range

– Extremely Thin Box on the Wall

Final Verdict

In 2017 TV screens have gone several levels ahead and just destroyed all the full HD TVs. TV with maximum 1080P resolution is history, and you should not buy it, the future is in 4K UHD resolution, and the future media content will be made for that resolution. So if you wish to watch movies in a bright picture, then you need to pick one of the TVs mentioned above. The screen does matter and the bigger the TV, the better. The 4k resolution comes out when the screen is huge; then you can see the real difference between the full HD and 4K UHD and trust me the difference is enormous.

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