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Hello everyone! So lately I have been having problems with pushing on the ladder and I asked myself a question. Why? Why am I hardstucking. Watched some of my replays and checked for any bigger misplays that might have affected my game result. I didn’t play perfectly but I wasn’t making any bigger misplays that would’ve changed the course of my game dramatically. I got to a conclusion that I have chosen the wrong decks at the wrong time. So I went on twitter, reddit and checked a few other sites for maybe some community decks and I started pushing, fast and efficient. In this article, I will provide you with the lists that I have found to be the best 2 decks for the Legend pushing at this moment. Now I will not be explaining how to play those decks because they are a bit harder to play and this article is not meant for the newer players, nor the average players. This article is for those guys that are like me, hardpushing and grinding to some really decent numbers and decent finishes. One last thing, I did not select those decks just by pure winrate. I did not select them by their numbers because as I said these lists are a bit harder to play so players that do not understand them completely will not be performing well with them from the start and that will influence the overall winrate of those decks. Shall we begin?

First archetype: MIRACLE Rogue

Now, miracle rogue is just that…. miracle. The deck has no specified archetype because of the way that is played. But I am not here to explain that, at least not in this article. What can I say you about this deck? This deck has been strong for as long as I can recall. New cards always come out and just make the deck better and better. Now from the 2 archetypes that I will show you, I love miracle the most. I kind of pony that deck every time that he comes back into the meta. The deck farms control decks but lose to probably every board oriented deck. Why? Because rogue in the history of hearthstone has always been weak to those types of decks. You have cards like Vilespine slayer and Saps to remove those 7/7, but if minions have the same stats but they are spread all over the board? You can’t clean it out efficiently. You have no cards for it. The miracle rogue expert, probably the best Miracle player in the entire world is Gyong. We will not be looking at his lists, because some of them are really hard to understand even for a really good miracle player. If you want you can check out his techs, lists and in the end when he is streaming HERE. But today we will be focusing on more common lists and techs in them.

These 3 lists are the most common amongst the miracle players. Why and how they are different? First of all few cards looks like nothing. But…. Mossy Horror or Questing Adventurer against druids? Those cards eat them. Sure he can naturalize Questing… But he spends one huge removal and you gain 2 cards, for one questing. Or for example why lists that have auctioneer run shiv and the one with only sprint doesn’t? Because turn 6 Auctioneer+prep+shiv is 4/4 body with effect deal 1 draw 3 cards. Seems good, doesn’t it? But why running shiv when you play sprint? You can fill that spot in the deck with SI 7 Agents and give yourself a bit bigger winrate against those tempo/aggro decks like zoolocks, odd paladins, and odd rogues. When speaking of techs in miracle rogue… we are not talking about the standard definition of tech. Because we can’t. As I said miracle rogue is just that. Miracle. Why running only 1x Fire fly? Because that card in this deck is nothing more than a combo proc. Not a body, in maybe some situation like FF+CB is a bit damage. But most of the time only a combo piece. So why waste 2x spots for a card that is only a combo procer. In some lists and some queing, you may teach it. Questing is mainly druid tech… Either it grows like nothing and smashes your opponent for 5-6 dmg every turn or you draw 2 free cards for 3 mana. Try to play questing after you played at least one Fal Dorei against druids because the value of his Naturalize is much higher because of the Spider Ambushes. For now, I prefer Mikolop’s list the most because Sprint feels much more consistent than Auctioneer. As I said this article is a bit more advanced and when you are playing Miracle Rogue you have to keep in mind queue timers and my recommendation is to make 2 of those lists because every list is a bit more teched to some matchup so queuing properly will affect your winrate on ladder I can guarantee you that 100%.

Second archetype: Malygos druid

Maly druid… ugh. This deck is control/combo. I will not explain the win conditions of this deck because there are some many of them. Tempo cheaping with Arcane Tyrants and finish off with Malfurions herpowers+ Swipes+ UI, Combo with Twig and Malygos + Faceless manipulator+ Swipe+ 2x Moonfire, Outlasting your opponent with Spreading plagues, Malfurion taunts, Lich King, Alexstraza, etc etc etc… Mainly this deck is strong. I have been getting a lot of feedback about why this deck wasn’t on my last article TOP 3 DECKS TO HIT LEGEND IN JULY 2018. Because as I said this deck is really hard to play and if someone just picks this deck up like nothing he is going to lose a lot of games and overall winrate of this deck drops. The deck is by meta snapshots bottom tier 2 but has 78% play rate in high legend where it is the strongest deck with a 70%+ winrate. And that my friends are huge. Because of that deck, people started playing Mossy Horror in Even decks and Miracle rogues. And of course weapon removals in Odd rogues, Even warlocks, Cubelocks, practically every control deck to at least remove one win condition from this deck. Yes, boiz the deck is that strong. Here are few lists of the archetype which proved to be very useful on the ladder and tournament play.

Now the techs for Malygos druid are hard to explain. Every pro player has their own reasons. For instance, some believe that running Starfall is core because of the current meta and that it is not even considered a tech. Some believe that Startfire>Starfall because it is 5 more direct damage and cycle. Some think that Oaken summons package is better than manipulator and wrath. Some belive that branching paths is a card that should be only 1x because of the low value in the archetype. I myself honestly think that Maur1’s list is perfect. For the current ladder is perfect, but another really great alternative is CitizenNappa’s list. Why do I like them? First of all that Starfall. You almost always have a way to get ahead of your opponent in mana. Which means if you are playing against zoolock that with Wild Growth>Coin+Nourish you have 7 mana while your opponent has 5mana and he just gets to his fungalmancer turn. Well, guess what? With Zealot+Starfall you close his entire board and decks like Zoolock have a hard time regaining board after a full wipe. Another reason why I think Maur1’s list is great because I consider a Faceless Manipulator core. The value you can get of that card is huge. Just that, huge. You can either manipulator your Malygos or Lich king or your opponents huge Edwin before you clear it. The card in this deck is just great. My tips for this deck on the ladder? I don’t have any except for didn’t play this deck the last day of the season if you don’t understand fully how it works. Because you are gonna lose. If you know how to play it? Spam the heck out of it, the deck is great and has a lot of great matchups in the current meta.

P.S. If you are facing a lot of mirror matches tech in Tyrantus, the card destroy the mirror match.

That would be it guys. I hope that this article will help you in your last minute pushes. Thank you for all of your feedback I got from the first article you guys are great! <3

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