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Picking a right hero at right match is the skill that you will learn with time. For a beginner, you need to select heroes that are easy to play and which you already have played. So make sure you are playing the support heroes because that is what is suggested for a beginner. Bellow, you can read something about the easiest support heroes that you can play.

Best Beginners Support Heroes for DOTA 2


First on the list is Windranger, because she has excellent escape mechanism and you will survive easily with her. In your first games, you will find that you are not able to survive long in a lane. That is the main reason for picking Windranger as a support hero. Windrun spell increases your movement, and you can not be hit when under that spell. Use this spell every time you need to run from the enemy. Also, this spell is good for offensive tactics to chase an enemy, but I suggest not to try that move since you are a beginner and mostly use this spell for retreat.

Shackleshot is a hard spell, but with that spell, you can stop enemies and secure some kills for your carry.

Windranger ultimate spell is Focus Fire which is very good to destroy enemy towers. With a combination of Windrun and Focus Fire you can even take some damage from the tower and still destroy the tower.

Windranger can be played as semi-carry, but you should not do that in your first games.

Treant Protector

Treant Protector is hard support, and you will have an easy time playing this hero because you don’t need to farm and all you need to do is watch your friendly heroes that are on low health and heal them with Living Armor. But Treant Protector also has an excellent spell that makes you invisible, every time you are near the three for some time, you will turn invisible, and the enemy won’t see you unless they have vision items like Sentry Wards.

This hero is recommended for new players because it is easy to play and it is a very durable hero, which means you will not die easy, and if you cast living armor on yourself, you should not have problems of surviving in your first DOTA 2 matches.


Omniknight is another durable hero that you can play in your first matches. But this hero has massive impact on the game. It has one of the best team fights ultimate spells which makes everybody in your team immune to physical damage. Your core spell Purification can heal friendly heroes or creeps and at the same time deals huge damage to foes around the unit you are healing.

Degen Aura is an amazing spell that can help your carry secure a kill because the enemy will be slowed and all you need to do is walk beside the enemy.

With Repel spell you can turn your carry into a killing machine.

Maybe executing all of these advanced spells sounds like a problem for a new player, but the earlier you start to get familiar with Omniknight the sooner you will master him. Once Omniknight is learned you can pick him as the first pick in every match. You will not have a single problem versus any enemy picks.


Lich is my favorite support hero. It is one of the simplest heroes in the game. Basically, you have two offensive spells, your main spell Frost Blast which deals damage to an enemy and everyone around him and slows him down. And the most important spell is ultimate Chain Frost. Chain Frost is a very deadly spell, but there is a chance you will cast it wrong because once you cast that spell, the frost will jump from enemy to enemy and if there is only one enemy the jump will stop. Because of that make sure you have more than one enemy on your screen.

If you get to level 25 with Lich, then you will most probably be the most valuable hero in your team. Not only your auto attack will deal enormous damage, but on the 25th level, you can pick Ice Armor which will provide +30 HP regeneration. So your primary job will be to keep Ice Armor on friendly heroes always on, and your whole team will be strong as a tank. At this point, it will be hard to lose a match. Because of that, you should think about to getting to level 25 as soon as possible. Consider buying Tom of Knowledge item which gives extra experience.


Lion is entirely different support than all of the previously mentioned. Lion is all out aggressive support that can stun and hex enemy heroes as well as deal enormous damage. Your ultimate Finger of Death can deal tremendous damage and kill enemy heroes on its own. Mana Drain is a very useful spell when you are dealing with enemy heroes that are mostly focused on casting spells. Hex and Earth Spike are two spells that can secure an easy kill.

But with Lion you need to be careful, it is a small hero that can die fast. Because of that, you should play extremely safe.


What is a list of best supports without a Dazzle? Dazzle is the mighty hero who can save your ally on its own. Shallow Grave can keep your ally alive even if its health is on 1HP. Shadow Wave is a healing spell that can heal your allies and keep them in the lane for a longer time.

Ultimate is used before the big fight starts, Weave will increase the armor of allied heroes and decrease armor of enemy heroes, so what is a better way to destroy enemy team than casting Weave.


There are many more support heroes, and some of them are easier to play than others. For example, you should avoid playing Rubick, Winter Wyvern, Visage, IO and Chen at all cost. These support heroes are extremely hard to play, but if you want to master them, you can test and train them versus bots. In the end, if you do master hard heroes you will be for sure a better DOTA 2 player.