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DOTA 2 is a real-time strategy game where two teams collide on a map, and there can be only one winner. DOTA is a leader in a MOBA game industry that millions of people play every day. There is only one goal in DOTA; you need to destroy the enemy base. Kills, assists and even deaths at the end are not significant if you manage to destroy the enemy base. Keep that in mind the next time you chase an enemy hero under the tower.

For a beginner’s who struggle with DOTA and for the people who never played a game before some rules need to get mastered. Some skills need to be obtained before you can even get into a serious match. Because of that, this tutorial will focus on the steps and what should you do first and once you are done with the first step you can continue to the next step. That is the only way to make you play DOTA on some normal level. If you skip some of the steps and jump in into a real match, you could have a disastrous experience which may make you quit the game even before you started to play it for real.

Step by Step Guide

Learn The Basics

To start with the basics first, you need to learn hero roles. You need to know which hero is carry, support, nuker, roamer, offlaner, and jungler. To know that you can either memorize all of them which is extremely hard for a beginner, but inside the game under a hero’s section you can filter each hero by a role. This can be a good start to see which hero uses what role.

After that, you need to learn some movement in DOTA. There are four stages of DOTA, picking a hero stage, early stage, middle stage and late stage. Each of the stages is played differently, and you need to understand and be capable of playing in each of the stages. But first, you need to learn how to pick a proper hero. We will get back to that soon.

Learn The Map


The map is very important, and it contains two bases with buildings and towers, 5 towers in a base and 2 in each of lane. Towers hit hard so be careful not staying under the tower and taking unwanted damage.  

The map has three lanes:

Middle Lane

Middle lane is most important lane because players go head to head one against other. For a beginner it is highly recommendable to avoid picking a middle hero and playing a middle lane, because as a new player there is a high chance you will fail drastically and ruin the game even before it started. For now, just avoid playing the middle lane.

Safe Lane

Safe lane is a lane where the main carry with a support goes. Carry is supposed to farm as many creeps as possible and support main job is to keep the carry alive and babysit him until he becomes large and powerful to eat enemy team. Many support players fail in that, and because of that, it is important to start your DOTA career with playing support heroes.


Offlane is used by heroes who have an early advantage in escaping or are just robust enough to survive while being under fire. For new players I can also recommend avoiding offlane because it is also a hard lane, but if you need to go offlane then go as support and support your main offlaner.


The jungle is also an important part of the map because it contains camps which can be farmed and stacked. As a support player, your main job is to stack camps. If you are good at stacking camps, you can get a serious advantage at an early stage for yourself and your carry which will be significant in later stages of a game.


Runes are an important part of the map because they give you and your team boost and special abilities. Bounty runes give experience and gold, and there are 4 bounty runes on the map. 2 of them on each part of the map. 2 on the Dire side and 2 on the Radiant side. On the river, a special rune that gives enormous power can be found. There is only one of that rune spawned every 2 minutes, and it is either on left or right side of the river. Who collects the special rune gets an enormous advantage. Runes can also be stored in a bottle for later use which brings one more additional level in strategy concerning the runes play.

Play With Bots

After you did your homework with the map and basic movement you are ready to play with the bots. Don’t think that you will have an easy time playing with the bots. These bots are extremely smart and good players. If you cannot handle the bots, you are not ready for a real match yet. Try to play your favorite heroes with bots. I hope your favorite heroes as a new player are supports because that is the only way to be a real DOTA player. If you can manage to support bots and keep them fat and healthy, then you will for sure not have a problem in the real new players match. Make sure you play all the stages of the game with bots. Early stage, middle stage, and later stage. This will give you some basic idea what you should do in each of the stages. We will go into deep details about the stages later on in the guide.



These first steps to play DOTA are more than enough for beginner players. Once you master all of the steps, then you are ready for some advanced tactics, counter picking enemy heroes and picking a right hero that will be in most synergy with your team. And after you are master in each part of the DOTA you are then maybe ready to play a carry hero. Until then I wish you good luck with training.


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