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DOTA 2 Guide For Medium Ranking players

POSTED BY fantastic February 17, 2018

Finally, you have passed basic gameplay of DOTA. You without a problem win games versus bots and you are always a most important hero in the game. If all of that is true, then you are ready to play online versus real players. If you are new to DOTA and didn’t pass our DOTA 2 guide for beginners, and you are already playing ranking games online but you are struggling then my advice to you is to read tips and tricks carefully in this DOTA 2 guide.

DOTA 2 Tips To Win Ranking Games 2000+ MMR

Play Support

On such a low level, playing a carry successfully is not really a skill. Players are generally bad on this level and if you are carry and you are destroying them then that is because they are bad and not because you are good. But if you are playing support in such a low-level game then you are actually supporting bad players. Players who feed, tower dive and generally don’t know what to do in the game. If you manage to win as support against such odds, then your skills are growing. By polishing your support skills in 2000 MMR level, you are training hard, with a handicap for when you get on the 3000 or 4000 and play support to a real carry. Carry on 3000 MMR level will be so pleased with you and will most probably commend you after a game because you will be doing such an excellent job. And all of this will be because when you were on a low level you were doing hard work by playing support to lousy team players and you won. Yes, you need to win to get your ranking higher.

Lane Control

As a support player, you have many ways of controlling the lane. The best one is pulling the monster camp to the lane creeps. That way the lane creeps will move to fight the monsters in camp. With this advanced strategy move, you deny gold and experience to enemy heroes, and at the same time, you are gaining some nice gold for yourself. But you need to be careful to do this move tactically and not to make any trouble to a carry in a lane who all of a sudden don’t have creeps in a lane and need to backup. Best thing to do before you are pulling a camp is to tell the carry that you are pulling.

If pulling doesn’t work because either you have a friendly team player in a jungle killing those monsters in camps or simply enemy made it so that you are unable to pull, then you need to switch to denying friendly creeps.

As a support, you really should not farm enemy creeps, because that way you will be stealing gold and experience from a carry who needs to level up fast and needs gold to buy precious items.

Your goal is to deny friendly creeps. Try to last hit the friendly creeps, and that way deny experience and gold to the enemy heroes.

Buy Supporting Items

You are support so you need to buy items that support whole team. These items are healing items, mana boots and other boosts for a team. Most important item for supporting your team players is mana boots. That is the first item you should get if you are playing support. Ok, if you are playing some specific heroes like Keeper of The Light, Crystal Maiden or Lion then maybe you should buy another type of boots. But you should not purchase damage dealing items because it is not your job to do damage, your job is to help your carry survive or help him take less damage and do more damage. The most essential items for support are Observer Ward, Sentry Ward, Gem of True Vision and Dust of Appearance. These items need to be bought, especially Sentry Wards, Gem of True Vision and Dust of Appearance if the enemy has hidden heroes.

Ward the Map

You can place two types of wards on the map. Observer Wards need to be placed for a strategic purpose. With Observer Wards you may see the enemy behind their line without needing to endanger your presence. Observer Wards need to be placed on the river to give vision for runes as well as vision if someone is going to flank you. The same reason is for an Observer Ward in a lane. You need to have a vision and by that avoid being ganked. Sentry Wards are also good if the enemy is placing Observer Wards, with Sentry Wards you can deny enemies Observer Wards and in the process get precious gold. Support main job is to place a ward, and if the enemy has a good support, then you will have a warding/rewarding war versus enemy support.

Stack Camps

There is never enough gold or experience in the game. Because of that, you should stack camps. Not only you will get a bonus for stacking, but it will significantly help your friendly heroes at gaining mostly needed experience and gold. Just make sure that enemy doesn’t steal the camps you stacked then there is no bonus for you.

Collect Runes

While being in lane sometimes you will have extra time. Don’t waste that extra time, go for the runes. By collecting runes, you are boosting your self with some extra gold and some extra experience.


It is hard to play ranked matchmaking in DOTA 2. There will be a lot of people who did not go through basics, and your primary job will be to support those people. If you manage to pull a victory by playing support on this low level then when you get on a higher level all your skills will come out, and you will be one of the best DOTA 2 players in the world. Train hard, watch other professionals how they play and grow. Every day is an opportunity for winning matches.