We are happy to announce our continued partnership with Logitech, one of the leading technological companies in the gaming industry, and their gaming brand, Logitech G!

Three years of collaboration with Logitech G have provided us with incredible support and high-quality gaming equipment, becoming pivotal elements in our victories. Our previous collaboration has yielded exceptional outcomes, contributing significantly to the enhancement of Logitech’s reputation in the Adria region.

Logitech has supported us in our biggest achievements this year including victories at Wandercon and A1 Adria League in Tekken 7, 3rd place in LoL at Wandercon, and a FC24 Balkan eLeague championship!

We are excited that our collaborative journey is ongoing, and in 2024, we look forward to experiencing even more thrilling moments and top-notch competitions.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to sharing this exciting adventure with you in 2024!