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How PUBG plans on conquering eSports

POSTED BY fantastic April 23, 2018

Introduction into PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a multiplayer online battle royale game which consists of Solo, Duo and Squad mode. I would like to specify that this game is not as easy as it looks. It’s based on strategies, movements, shooting skills.While playing this game more intesively, you will understand that the more you play, the more it will be interesting for you since every game, there’s different situation where you’re trying to make the best out of it.You need to pay attention when to jump and where, after that you should start making your own strategy about looting, hunting people, killing them, moving around the map and getting Chicken dinner. There’s a lot of tips and tricks about this game that you need to master them to actually UNDERSTAND the concept of this game. The best mechanic in this game is that you’re able to use your microphone inside of the game which allows you to communicate with others and actually make yourselves a strategy about winning. If you think that you’ll be good only by playing for a few hours you’re wrong, it takes a lot more time to understand the game and even to be able to win some. By every hour you play this game, every hour you spend on it, you’ll find out something new, something that you didn’t know.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds comparison to other popular FPS games

PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds also knows as PUBG is a tactical shooter game where the key of winning is communication, strategy and of course shooting skills. This game provides os First Person Perspective ( FPP ) and Third Person Perspective ( TPP ). We can compare this game with Counter Strike Global Offensive ( CS:GO ) or even Call Of Duty ( COD ). If you think that by playing CS:GO and COD will make you good in PUBG as in those games, well you’re wrong. CS:GO and Cod I can say that they’re much more faster paced games. Rounds of those games are lasting maximum 2 minutes, everyone has their path, movement, every round is the same. You either go to A or B position/base which in PUBG the whole story is different. But the only thing that these 3 games have is shoutcalling. You’re NOT ABLE to win the game without ANY COMMUNICATION, communication is the key of success!

Game mode’s

This game is about 100 players trying to survive on the map. On the starting menu you can choose to play Solo / Duo / Squads.

Solo mode is where everyone plays for themselves. In that mode you should play more passively, you should pay attention on your hearing and sounds around you which is very important in this game. Every step you make is soundable, every move you make is soundable where at the end conclusion is that whatever you make, whatever you do, you’ll be exposed to the enemies no matter what.

Duo mode consists of 50 teams where each team has 2 survivors, both of them are communicating together and giving their best to cooperate to win and get that Chicken Dinner on the table!

Squads mode is a game mode that has 25 teams which consists of 4 survivors in each team. That mode is specially made for group of 4 friends where they all want to have fun, share their experiences and actually to learn eachother to play more like a team.

Lately, PUBG team has been putting different events like “ Shotguns only “ , “ Flare Guns “,   “War Mode”. They’re trying to expand their mode and allowing their fans to have more fun and to test their skills in those modes and situations.

Battle for survival and Chicken dinner!

At the beginning of the game you’re in the plane which flies over the whole map. Everytime the plane course changes whenever you start the new game. At that point you can choose the location where you want to jump out. When you jump out you should consider to start looting and try to survive at the first 5 minutes of “ fight “, meaning, you should give your best and pull out your shooting skills to kill the rest of the survivors so you can peacefully loot town/city/farms etc. When time passes by there’s a thing called blue zone and red zone. Blue zone is a circle that decreases at some point of time that makes survivors follow that path inside of the circle so they could stay alive otherwise would die inside of the zone. That zone is getting smaller and smaller which commands players to meet eachother in a small circle to decide who’s gonna take that Chicken Dinner. Red zone is a much smaller circle which dropps “ air bombs “ to the ground specified on the map that’s marked down.

( Example of the Red zone )

( Example of the Blue zone )

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Tournaments and Teams

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds took place in eSports aswell since it has huge success in player base and as a competitive game for competing which resulted in success and huge interest in organising more tournaments. PUBG Corporation announced that they will host the first official PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tournaments which will take place in Berlin this summer with a $2,000,000 dollars prize pool. There will be 20 teams competing for the title of World champions of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. At the end 2 teams will be selected as a World champions, one in First Person Perspective and the other in Third Person Perspective.

That wasn’t the first event that PUBG corp. organised, they also organised one also in Germany in August which had prize pool $350,000. where world famous teams such as Cloud 9, Team Liquid, Team Solomid and Luminosity gaming took part, where Luminosity gaming won in Squads, Cloud 9 won in Duo’s.

There was also tournament called IEM Katowice this year, prize pool was $50,000 where 9 teams got invited, 3 from North America, 3 from Europe and 3 From Asia. Team AVANGAR won that tournament, Cloud 9 was 2nd and Noble Esports were 3rd.

There are a few teams in PUBG that deserve mentiong due to their success in tournaments. Some of them are already world wide famous eSports organizations and teams which are not only participants of PUBG tournaments. Those eSports organisations searched for their own “ remarkable “ team to take part in PUBG tournaments and to show from what they consist of. Many of those teams took places in top 3 teams on several tournaments like Cloud 9, Faze Clan, Team Liquid. Of course there are others that can put serious competition like Luminosity, Team SoloMid, Alliance etc.

PUBG Famous players / streamers

We all may know 1 famous Professional Counter Strike Global Offensive player that retired himself and went to try out PUBG scene and ended up as the best PUBG player. His name is Shroud. He was playing profesionally for Cloud 9 and was competing on CS:GO ESL. They won many tournaments where Shroud was participating and was one of them. He got retired and wanted to check out PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. He liked the game and he started playing it more and more. People were supporting him and he was streaming his gameplay all the time. And after some time, surely he’s the best PUBG player, his reflex’s and movements and especially Aim skills are incredible, he’s always where he needs to be, his every single shot is headshot. What to say.. He’s legend and aimgod.

( Shroud )

There’s also another streamer that streams on TwitchTv, he’s called Dr DisRespect. He was working for sledgehamme where he resigned to stream full time. He likes to act like some crazy character that looks like some crazy fighter from 80’s, he wears mullet wig, “ Police vest “ look like, and sunglasses all the time, he really knows how to entertain his fans with his overlays that he’s put together while streaming and his funny moments. And he has those moustaches that everyone thinks they’re fake but they’re actually real, even though he’s a good streamer, he had bad period of time in his life, he cheated on his wife and he quit streaming for 2 months, he said that he needs to sort things out first with his family. After 2 months he came back “ stronger “ than ever!

( Dr DisRespect  )