With great pride, we announce that MSGW will be our PC partner in the year 2024. This collaboration, which began last year, has brought us incredible support and resources, and we are now eagerly looking forward to the continuation of this partnership.

MSGW PC, as a premium brand of gaming computers, brings not only cutting-edge technology but also a passion for gaming. Their products deliver exceptional performance and reliability, making them an ideal partner for our esports organization.

The most exciting aspect of this collaboration is that MSGW PC will not only support our esports division but will also endorse all activities of Fantastic, including bootcamps, organizing gaming events, and other initiatives. This support will enable further development and enhancement of our activities, providing unforgettable experiences for our players and the community.


“The collaboration with MSGW PC is not just sponsorship; it’s a partnership based on sharing the same passion for gaming and the desire to achieve excellence,” stated Ivan Tadić, CEO of Fantastic Esports organization.

Everyone at Fantastic Esports is eagerly anticipating the new opportunities and challenges brought by this expanded partnership with MSGW PC. Thank you for your support, and join us as we collectively build the future of esports!