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Technology is moving forward fast, and screen resolution is expanding at a rapid scale. A few years ago we had 480P resolution, and everyone was happy. Thankfully 720P, a first HD resolution has come out, and everyone wanted it. Today 1080P is the standard for the HD video. But recently 4K TVs got even more popular. But don’t get me wrong, 4K TVs are on the market for a couple of years. The price was too high back then for them, and available content in 4K resolution was very small. So nobody was paying double money for a TV on which you have no content to watch.

Once we enter the 2016 things have drastically started to change, now 4K resolution is becoming a standard. Many stream companies like Netflix or Amazon are offering content in 4K resolution. Xbox and PlayStation have their consoles ready for 4K resolution.

1080p vs 4k TV – What are the differences?

Compare 1080p vs 4k TV

What is the difference between full HD television and 4K TV is the question what many people ask around and there are not many answers yet. But some facts are clear, the picture on the 4K TV will be much better than on the 1080P. Reason for that is that 4K TV has four times more pixels than the 1080P television. 1080P has 1920 x 1080 resolution while 4K UHD is at 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution.

4K TVs are new, modern TVs with lots of new features and in the near future 1080P TVs will no longer be produced, and we will be looking at the new age of resolution. If you are buying TV right now, aim for the 4K TV.

Price for the 4K TV is dropping, and right now you can find affordable 4K big screen TV. Popular brands like LG, Samsung, Sony or Philips are still having a higher price than usual not so brandable companies like Sharp, TCL, Vizio, Vivax, Quadro and those models you can find for the lower price.

Large TV with 60″ and above you can find mostly produced by a big brand and those TVs are kind of expensive. Price range is between 1500 – 3000 dollars. But for example TCL 55″ 4K TV you can get for under 500$. In other words, you can enjoy the full 4K resolution with just under 500$ which is a fantastic price if we looked at the previous prices a few years ago where you would need to pay over 3000$ for a big screen that is capable of 4K resolution.

And if you look at the prices of 1080P you have noticed that for an extra couple of dollars you can get 4K TV. That is the reason why I say that 1080P TVs will no longer be produced because nobody will buy them and everything will be moved to 4K TV. So act smart now and get 4K television and not old 1080P TV. But if you already own 1080P and you are looking to upgrade then maybe you should wait because you have television and you don’t need to rush with the shopping. Reason for waiting is because the prices of the 4K TVs will drop and then you can get them for few dollars cheaper. If few hundred dollars don’t represent a problem for you, then go ahead and get the 4K TV right now, after all, who can wait for 4K videos?

Xbox One on a 4k TV

Xbox One on a 4k TV

Xbox One already have a console that can upscale games to the 4K resolution, but the major thing will be the new console Xbox One X which comes out in November, 2017. Xbox One X will be giving native 4K resolution to the gamers and will have Dolby Atmos as well as Blu-Ray 4K UHD player. If you own Xbox One S, then you can enjoy Blu-Ray movies in 4K resolution as well. And that is the most important fact about Xbox One, it has a fantastic Blu-Ray player with 4K resolution.

4K TV and PS4 Pro

4K TV and PS4 Pro

Sony also releases their console model under the name PlayStation 4 Pro that is also capable of 4K resolution. In fact, at the moment PS4 Pro is the best console for 4K gaming, but in November when Xbox One X gets released this may change. Unfortunately PlayStation 4 Pro does not have Blu-Ray player in 4K resolution, and that is the only reason to buy Xbox One instead.

4K TV Used as Monitor

4K TV Monitor

4K monitors are expensive. For example monitor around 27″ – 30″ will cost almost like the 55″ 4K TV. Because of that many gamers turn to 4K TV for running their games. Using 4K TV as the monitor has many advantages.

By using a 4K TV as the monitor, you can enjoy the bigger screen.

But what is too big?

I mean 70″ TV as a monitor is in my humble opinion, not a good idea. That is too large of a screen to seat in front of it. For picking the best 4K TV to be used as a monitor you need to check in the store and ask yourself if in your room you can get enough distance from the TV to stay watchable.

4K TVs have HDR feature, and many monitors don’t have, and if they have it, then they are even more expensive than the ones without HDR. With 4K HDR you can enjoy a bigger range of color and games will look much more better than in regular TVs without HDR mode.

For the competitive gamers that need to act fast and need to take all the speed to their advantage, I don’t recommend 4K TV. 4K TV as a monitor is a bad idea because they usually have lower refresh rate and we know that online gaming is all about action and reaction and you just need to be fast, see things as quickly as possible to be able to react to them. That’s why monitors are better because of the high refresh rate as well as ability to use AMD FreeSync or Nvidia GSync, depending on the graphics card you use on your computer.

How to Pick the Right 4K TV

The Size Matters

4K TV Size Matters

The size is one of the most important things for 4K TV. If you are watching movies or streaming Netflix or Amazon, then you can without a problem look for the biggest possible size. I have found 84″ Philips TV, but it is costly.

If you are a gamer or want to use your 4K TV as the monitor, then you need to aim for something that is not too large. Something like 50″ or so. Problem with a big screen is that the bigger it is, the distance between you and the TV need to be larger, and you probably don’t have such a big room anyway.

Resolution and HDR Option


For more colors and more lively pictures you should get HDR, but that will cost you some money. About resolution, we don’t need to talk because 1080P TVs are dead. I have avoided this sentence until now, but now I need to say it. 1080P is dead, and everything will move to 4K TV.


HDMI Connectors

You want as many connectors as possible. At least 4 HDMI connectors need to be on your TV because nowadays everything is connected through HDMI, so make sure that at least you got 4 of those.

Refresh Rate Need to be High

Refresh Rate TV

The high refresh rate is what will make a difference between two identical TVs. The one with higher refresh rate will respond faster. Minimum refresh rate to look for should be 120 Hertz.

Avoid The Seller Tricks

All TVs nowadays are SMART TVs, and that is a standard, so if you hear the seller repeating that the TV is SMART then you tell him that you are smart too. Curved TV is another design trick that claims that the picture in the curved TV is better than the one on the flat TVs. It is not and don’t fall for that trick, in fact, choose the standard TV and avoid curved TV, because they probably cost more.

What to do with 4K TV?

Now you bought it and placed it on the wall, and you just can’t wait to try out that fabulous picture. But what you can actually watch and do on the 4K TV that will just blow you away?

Here is the list of the things you can enjoy.

Watch Movies Online

Online Movies

Netflix is the number one 4K movies and TV shows streamer. They have large number of content that is available in 4K resolution. You don’t like to pay for the videos, then go to YouTube. YouTube is moving with the technology, and they offer 4K UHD content. You can watch many trailers or videos filmed by regular people with their GoPro camera which is capable of 4K resolution recording. You can enjoy drone footage from the air in 4K resolution and much more. Live TV is another television streamer that emits live sports in 4K resolution. Many sports events are now available in 4K resolution, and that just brings more excitement to the game.

Watch Movies Offline

Offline Movies

You can watch Blu-Ray movies that are in 4K resolution. You can buy 4K Blu-Ray player, or if you have Xbox One, then you can use that for playing the movies. Also, you can watch any other 4K content that maybe you filmed or you got from your friends.

4K Gaming

4K Gaming TV

4K gaming is also possible on your brand new 4K TV. All the games you play that are capable of 4K resolution will look extremely better. 4K gaming is what makes all the hype about 4K TVs.

TV Broadcasting

Local television is also getting ready to broadcast video content in 4K resolution. Unfortunately, many third world countries still don’t have Full HD broadcasting, so if you are living in the USA, enjoy the taste of 4K resolution knowing how lucky you are.


Now you know all the facts about 4K TV, and if you are going for shopping, then you know that 1080P or Full HD TVs are histories. 4K is the future, and maybe in the near future we will see even higher resolutions, but until then 4K TV will take over the world.

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