We are happy to announce a brand new partnership with the forbearing first person virtual reality headset developer ORQA in the 2021 season!

As a Croatian gaming organization, we’re very excited to begin collaborating with the Osijek based tech startup. With ORQA’s development of a range of tech products including their flagship FPV technology, and our influence in the gaming community, our collaboration offers great exposure for our similarly situated brands and we look forward to continuing to grow together!

Ivan Tadic, Founder and CEO of Fantastic Esports had this to say about the news
“Our partnership with ORQA is a huge privilege and a reward for all our hard work over the past three years and I’m thrilled that ORQA have decided to support us during our meteoric rise. We hope that our cooperation can lead to magnificent growth for both our brands and that ORQA can provide us with some of the knowledge and experience that they gathered while developing one of the most successful start-up products in the world. We are looking forward to working together on some major projects that ORQA have been developing for all FPV and gaming lovers.”

ORQA FPV is a Croatian engineering powerhouse and leading brand in FPV drone racing. Their latest innovation Remote Reality (RR) is a technology that enables an immersive experience of remote real-world environments, at latencies low enough to allow for friction-free interactive applications in highly dynamic scenarios.
We envision our partnership connecting the fan bases of our brands and bringing together our two communities passionate about gaming. We hope ORQA followers enjoy our top quality content by coming to our media platforms, and for our Fantastic fans to check out ORQA’s cutting edge technology!

Lastly, here’s a quote from the co-founder and COO at ORQA, Ivan Jelusic,
“Our partnership with Fantastic Esports is in line with our efforts to support the growing e-gaming industry, but also an indication of our plans to be a recognizable esports partner with the World's best teams. ORQA is developing a portfolio of gaming products aiming at one of the fastest-growing markets globally: recreational drones and online gaming. This partnership will help our visibility and influence our future product development.”