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Professional Game Streamers and how to Become One
postet by Admin | 2019-11-26 | Gamers

Live game streaming is becoming more and more popular among gamers. There are thousands of game streamers on and even more on YouTube. But what to stream and how to become a famous game streamer is what is this guide about.

Before we go any further, we need to talk about what is actually game streaming. Game streaming is a live recording of yourself playing a specific game. You don’t know what will happen in the game and how will you react. Because of that live gaming streams can be very exciting, but as well very dull. When they are boring, you will need to think of ways to entertain your audience because if you stop streaming everyone will leave and most probably half of the watchers will not return. Because of that streamers know to stream for hours, some of them even stream for days.

There are three types of gamer streamers. Professional gamers, community gamers, and entertainers. All three of the professionals can make good money.

Entertainment Streamers

Entertainment streamers need to have a strong personality, need to have a good voice and need to be attractive to the broad public. You will often need to make funny jokes or even funny faces, just to get more likes and subscribers. This streaming strategy is not for everyone because many gamers are shy and don’t want to talk in general and for them to be an entertainer is a colossal mistake.

Most popular entertainers can make huge fans database because their streams can get viral and spread over the internet with lightning speed. Proof of that is PewDiePie. This streamer from Sweden is globally known as YouTube game streamer and overall entertainer. He still streams games, but now mostly he streams entertaining content, and people love that. He has become a famous personality, and people like to hear what he thinks about whatever he is streaming. If you wish to stream as he does, then you need to watch his streams, but you will see that he is one unique individual that can hardly be copied. Still, his streaming videos can give you some ideas how to stream and make quality content.

Professional Gamers

If you read the article about professional gamers, then you know that these guys play one game over and over again. It is a usually highly competitive game like League of Legends or DOTA 2. People love to watch professional gamers in action because they can learn how to improve their gameplay. They can learn new tricks and hear many tips about the game. If you want to improve your own gaming, you need to watch other people playing. And who is best to watch than professional gamers who are doing the same thing every day over and over again. Because of that, DOTA 2 and LOL are the games with most viewers. That information is useful to know because these two games may be a good choice for you to become a professional gamer and streamer.

Community Gamers

Community gamers have the most straightforward game streaming strategy. You don’t need to be a pro gamer, you can be an average player in many games and stream all the games you love to play. Community gamers will also stream new games, alpha closed games and beta games before they get released. That’s the content for them. And many watchers are seeking for information how the new not yet released game for the public looks like. Often this not yet released game is costing lots of money, sometimes even over 100 dollars and not many gamers like to spend that money on the game that they may not like. Because of that, they watch the game streams.

How to Start Your Game Streaming Career

Choose the Streaming Strategy

Like already mentioned you would need to choose your game streaming strategy. There are three strategies, and you can even use all 3 of them at once if you are a talented streamer.

Buy High-Quality Computer Hardware

Most Important thing while live game streaming is the connection. You are probably playing the game online and streaming it all in one. Sometimes that can put enormous stress on hardware and connection. If your connection is not good, you will not be able to make a proper streaming channel. First thing would be to test your internet connection for speed. If it is fast enough, then you can start with the next steps. You also need to have a good quality hardware. Your processor needs to be one of the strongest and fastest on the market because at the same time you will be playing games and streaming. Graphics card will be put on huge stress if you play a demanding game like Witcher 3 or from the streaming perspective a Player’s Unknown Battleground. These games are fast, and graphics are amazing, you will just need to have a high-quality graphics card to be able to run everything at the best details and highest performance. You can check some gaming computers in the Building a Gaming PC in 2017 article.

If you are playing on console and want to stream your gameplay, it is not so easy as installing software. You will need to have a dedicated PC just for streaming. This PC needs to have a capture card to capture video from the console. This just means extra expenses and more work, that’s why the majority of streamers use a personal computer.

Second most important component of a game streaming equipment is a microphone. You just need to have a high-quality microphone; it will make a massive difference to a stream. If you have watched some of the streamers before then, you have noticed that they have some large external microphones and a headset without a mic. This hardware is expensive, and if you are on the budget, you can get away with a proper headset with a high-quality microphone. You need to make sure people will hear your lovely natural voice.

Installing a Proper Streaming Software

We can make a dedicated post just for this section so I will try to be as short as possible. You need to have a good quality game streaming program. I highly suggest OBS, (Open Broadcast Software). The software is free, and it has everything a streamer needs. But there is other streaming software you can use. You can use Telestream Wirecast which is a decent program and will work very good, but it is not free. 1AV Streamer is also an excellent tool for streaming your screen and sharing it over the internet, and the program will work perfectly. Also, 1AV Streamer is free, so you can test which one of this streaming software fits you best. Xsplit is also a good option, and it is also free. For best performance and best streaming experience, you will need to test each of the programs and see which one fits you best. Every one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. The paid ones usually have a trial period so you can still test them for free.

Streaming From Console or PC

Like already mentioned before, streaming from console can be difficult to set up. Game streaming from PlayStation 4 can be extremely difficult if you are using HDMI cables and xBox One will also require additional setup. Not only you will need to set up a dedicated computer which will capture the gameplay from the console, but you will also need to buy additional hardware to do so. You will need to install that hardware into the PC case and connect it to a console. Only then you are able to stream. You will also need to install a streaming software on the PC and stream like you would be streaming if you are streaming from PC. Streaming from a console is converting a video to the PC and then streaming the video from the PC to the internet. Because of that many gamers decide to play and stream from the same computer that is capable of performing at its best when put under stress by simultaneously playing the resources demanding game and streaming.

How Profesional Streamers Do the Streams

Well, professionals are professionals, and they are making money that pays bills only by streaming videos. Because of that, they invested money in dedicated streaming PC which only work is to stream. The games are played on another computer, so they have two computers, or they may even be streaming from a console. A microphone used in their streams is a highly professional microphone that reduces noise and makes their voice as natural as possible. They have a special room or let’s call it a studio from which they stream. They close them self in that studio and no other sounds are in the studio except their voice and the game they play. In this circumstance, they are ready to stream for several hours in a row. And that’s what makes them professionals. They are dedicated to long streaming which keeps their fans hooked to their channels.

How Much Can a Streamer Make

Average streamers make around 3000 – 5000$ total per month. That’s a huge money. The money comes from subscribers, donations, and sponsorships. The interesting thing is that sometimes you will earn more money from donations and subscribers than you will make directly from your sponsors. Without a doubt, if you become seriously popular streamer you will make good money. Highest paid streamer is already mentioned before PewDiePie. He is an entertainer, and he makes millions of dollars per year. But if you have visited his channel you noticed that he is making unique videos and not only streaming gameplay. To become him you will need lots of dedicated work. There are also the whole army of popular streamers, and each of them has its own qualities, and if you wish to join them, you will need to see how they do the streams and then come with something better and unique. That is the only way of becoming a famous game streamer.

Other game streamers worth of mentioning are:

Jim Sterling – Not Safe For Work streamer. You can find his streames on his website or YouTube.

Minks – Popular female streamer from Australia. She streams Call of Duty games, and she is very good. She is extremely popular and who would think that a woman can play such a bloody game and even stream that content over the internet. You can find her over at Twitch.

Jeffrey Shih – Well known streamer who is streaming games for over six years. First, he started with Starcraft 2 and then later when Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft come out he switched to that popular card game. He knows to stream that game for 6 hours in a row. He is a partner with Twitch, and because of that, his future is secured as long as he continues streaming.

A_Seagull – He is an interesting streamer who was streaming Team Fortress 2 a first-person shooting game. He was very good at it. Some people say even the best. But his career skyrocket when he was streaming Overwatch in closed beta. And when Overwatch got released to the public the number of his subscribers got pushed to the sky.


Now you know how to become a streamer and what you need to do to start your streaming career. Game streamers life is not the easy life; you will be watched by thousands of people every day for several hours, if you are not ready for that then better don’t start with your streaming career. If you are 100% sure this is the right path for your life, then you should bookmark all the mentioned streamers in this article and start following them. Watch them for several days, and I am sure you will come with some ideas of you becoming an even more popular and unique streamer than they are now.

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