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Gaming in 4K Resolution – 4K Gaming is the Future
postet by Admin | 2019-07-01 | Gamers

Technology advances rapidly and time is passing fast. In very short period prices for hardware that is needed for 4K gaming have dropped to some reasonable levels. Now everyone who is looking to play some games at the maximum possible definition can afford a setup to do so. TVs, monitors, graphics card prices have dropped, and the price for the 4K gaming is now available to everyone. A few years ago only people with deep pockets were able to afford a premium monitor and graphics card that can run smooth 4K resolution.

Console or PC

There are several ways how you can enjoy 4K gaming. One of them is buying a console, and in that scenario, I can only suggest two of them, PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X. But remember that you also need to have a TV that is capable of running 4k Resolution.

PlayStation 4 Pro

PlayStation 4 Pro was the biggest release console for the 4K gaming. With incredibly powerful graphics you can play the most demanding games at the highest possible resolution. Details and the frames per second are great, and that just gave the title of the best console on the market to the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro. But soon the title will be taken by the Xbox One X.

You can buy PlayStation 4 Pro for little over 500$, and that is an affordable price to pay for enjoying the content on your big screen at the highest possible resolution. PlayStation is one of the choices for 4K gaming, and I must say that I like this option, but there are two more options for you so please before you jump over to buy PlayStation 4 Pro at least read what I have to say

Xbox One X

Xbox One X will be the most powerful console in the world once is released in November. Xbox One X is using incredibly powerful hardware that will be capable of running most demanding games at 60 FPS at 4K UHD Resolution. That means that details of the game are just amazing. When playing in the 4K resolution, details, and frames per seconds are most important factors.

Xbox One X price is around the price of the PlayStation 4. In fact, it may be a little bit lower. In other words, once the Xbox One X gets released price for the PlayStation 4 Pro should drop. Why would you pay more for the PlayStation 4 Pro and get less if you can for the same money get the most powerful console on the market?

PC 4K Gaming

Majority of the gamers still use the personal computers to play games. It is the oldest way of playing games but unfortunately the most expensive way of playing games. To be able to play games in the 4K resolution you will need to have a decent hardware in your PC tower. You will first need a top graphics card, and I am not talking about those RX 5xx or RX 4xx series, nor Nvidia 1060 series. I am referring to the most recently released AMD Radeon RX Vega graphics card. And the price for this graphics card jumps to almost 500$. Reason for such a high card is the new technology, and I must say that without a doubt this graphics card is the best thing for 4K Gaming. But if you look at the price and that the final price for the PC is still not determined, you already know that for 4K gaming on PC you will need to spend lots of more money.

The other graphics card that I can recommend is Geforce GTX 1080, powerful and probably the best graphics card on the market which is also expensive. In the same money range as Vega, this graphics card is not helping an average gamer without a big budget for a gaming computer to play games at 4K resolution. And the prices for graphics cards will just rise because of the crypto mining. Crypto Mining already pushed the prices to the top. For example, a decent card that is also capable of 4K gaming but at 30 FPS is AMD Radeon RX 580, but the price is pumped for an additional 100$, and yet these cards are hardly found in the stores because crypto miners bought them all.

Other components needed for 4K gaming on PC are the power supply and decent processor. Maybe the processor is not such a big deal. An average processor from Intel or AMD would do the job, but the power supply is crucial especially if you decide to go with Vega. For RX Vega you will need a 1000W power supply, yes you read it right, the Vega is consuming enormous power and because of that requires this incredibly huge and expensive power supply. 1000W power supplies go from 150$ to up to 300$ depending on the quality and the brand you choose.

Did I forget to mention that for 4K gaming you would need a particular monitor that is capable of running 4K resolution? You will need at least 28-inch monitor with 4K UHD resolution and preferably HDR support. The price for those screens goes from 350$ to up to 1000$ if HDR support is included.

In other words, PC gaming in 4K resolution is for rich people who can afford premium PC hardware.

Is the Console Enough for 4k?

After reading the numbers on 4K PC gaming, you are asking yourself if the console is really affordable? Will the spending just 500$ for a console be enough to enjoy 4K resolution? And the answer is YES! But only if you have a TV that supports 4K UHD resolution. If not then your situation is getting worse. You will need to buy a TV with 4K resolution. Price for such TV is from 1000$ up to 5000$ depending on the brand and all the other premium fancy features you choose. And when picking the 4K TV, you need to aim for the biggest possible screen size because of the larger the screen, the bigger the details on the 4K resolution.

And now we are back to the start, PC 4K gaming does not look so much expensive if you need to buy a special TV for your 4K console.

Do you really need 4K gaming?

4K technology is getting affordable, and many people can afford TV and console to run 4K content. But do you really need to spend all that money to enjoy in big resolution and all the high details it gives?

The difference between 1080P resolution and 4K resolution is huge. 4k is actually the twice resolution of 1080P. But to tell you the truth when you are watching this two resolutions at work you can not see such a big difference. In fact the smaller the screen size, the smaller the resolution difference. In other words, if you have a small monitor or small TV screen then the difference will not be so noticeable. But if you buy 77-inch TV or have 32-inch monitor the difference can be seen with a naked eye.

For real pro gamers that live stream their gameplay, the PC 4K gaming is needed and the latest Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 or AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 are suggested. For power gamers that love nice games on big screen, console gaming is recommended. If you are spending more than 1 hour daily on the games, it is wise to spend some money and buy the latest console Xbox One X and play at the true 4K UHD resolution.

For mediocre players who can not afford big budget to upgrade their gaming gear, there is good news. Prices for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S will go down. Xbox One S you can already get at 250$ on the market, and that is a fantastic deal. Xbox One S is not capable of true native 4K gaming, but it has options to upscale the game to the 4K resolution. To the naked eye that is not such a big difference. Maybe the frames per seconds would not be great, but still, you will be able to enjoy high screen resolution at extremely affordable price. Many pro gamers will go after the latest hardware which only means that the old consoles PS4 and Xbox One S will be sold for low price over at eBay or Amazon. As well the good news is for PC gamers who don’t need 4K gaming and want to stick to 1080P gaming, some graphics cards are cheap. Maybe you will not get the best graphics card because of crypto mining business and the outage of that graphics cards. But still, there are some decent cheap graphics cards for as low as 200$ on the market that can help you enjoy the games in HD resolution.


Hardware moves forward, and the prices for it go down. What was expensive yesterday, today is affordable. Full HDwas a big deal a year ago; nowadays everyone is looking at 4K resolution screens. With time and I’m talking about a year there will be no more production of 1080P TVs and monitors. Everything will be at minimum 4K UHD resolution. And the new even bigger resolutions than 4K will be affordable and available to the public.

There are rumors that in 2018 PlayStation 5 may be released. It is a bit early because just recently PlayStation 4 Pro was launched. But like I said, technology is moving forward, and the coming soon release of the Xbox One X will just push the Sony to release their new console earlier than expected, and maybe the new console from Sony will give us an even higher resolution than 4K.

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