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Professional Game Playing and how to become Professional Gamer
postet by Admin | 2018-01-27 | Gamers

Since the first games come out, there was gaming competition, and some players were better than others. But in modern times in 21 century, the competition in video gaming is enormous. There is massive interest in video gaming, not only for the players that want to play but also the people that just watch other gamers in action. How to become one of the pro gamers is the goal and a dream of many players. I must tell you right now that the path to the professional gamer title is not an easy task.

How To Become Pro Gamer

First of all, we need to put down on paper what means to be a professional gamer. The professional player is the person that make money playing games. Professional gamer job is only that, and he pays for the living by playing games. You can play competitive games and make money from attending tournaments all over the world, or you can become a game streamer. Whatever path you choose you will need to have some qualities and work on some skills. This article is focused mostly on the professional gamers that are playing tournaments and other gaming leagues for the money.

Step by Step Guide to Professional Gaming

– Pick the Game

At the start, you should pick a game. It sounds easy, but it is really one of the hardest things. The game needs to be reasonably popular or needs to have some potential of becoming popular. Most popular games today are League of Legends, DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Heroes of the Storm, Overwatch, Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft and StarCraft II. These are the most competitive games at the moment and picking one of them may be a good idea. But also you can watch the new games that are still in beta or will be released soon. It is a smart move to become good at a game that has the potential one day becoming an eSports title. that way you may start practicing gaming skills while the game is still in closed beta and once it gets released you have all the advantage over the people that are the first time playing the game.

- Practice

Practice makes perfect, at least that’s what people say. And there is no difference at becoming a professional gamer. But practice playing games maybe sound funny and exciting to casual players, but the reality is different. You will spend lots of hours repeating the same plays. To make good in some situations, you will need to repeat those situations more than thousand times to make it your game playing skill. Just like practice in sport requires 1000 repetitions to become a skill, the same is with the game playing. Repeating a game 1000 times and play it, in the same way, sounds boring. Because players can get bored too fast, you need to choose the game you love playing. And that is a hard thing to do because there are so many games and you want to play them all, but professional gamers focus only on one game. They want to become masters in a single game rather than an average game player in all of them.

– Research the Game

You will need to spend lots of hours researching the game, how to play in some situations and what to do. Most of the time you be watching other people play, you will observe YouTube videos and live game streams. Sometimes researching a situation in a game will take you several days and there are many situations in every game. But only with a proper research you can learn and bring your gaming skill to a higher level. To beat your competition, you need to know how they play. Many of them put their game playing videos on YouTube or Twitch and that are the best places to start looking for a teaching material. You need to know your enemy and what are his weaknesses and at what part of the game they are good. If you know your enemy, you will win.

– Team Practice

There are not many solo games on the market that are competitive and in which you can become a pro player. All of the games are nowadays focused on a team play. Team playing is what makes people getting excited about game playing. Sometimes your team member will play wrong, and you will lose because of him, and sometimes you will be the weakest chain in the team. In both cases, your team needs to train together. Many professional groups live together, that not only helps them play along most of the time, but they are also bonding when not playing the games. So if you are just starting your gaming career, you will be behind the teams that live together, unless you have an unlimited talent for the game.

– You Need to Have Talent

Talent is necessary, but it is not crucial. To get a gaming skill to a highest possible level, you need to practice, and you need to be talented. But to be the number one player you need 80% practice and 20% talent. Talent may bring you to the average level of gameplay, but you will not move far away from that without a good dedicated practice.

– Tilting While Playing

If you are the person that can easily get tilted then maybe you should think of different profession. Gamers often rage quit the game, and many of them never come back and play the game. If your nerves are low and you don’t know how to take defeat, then competitive gaming is not for you. You will only lose your nerves and quit the game and if you don’t quit the stress may even get you health problems.

– Hardware Equipment

Playing some latest game titles requires a decent hardware. You need a computer that is able to run the game at the best performance. The quality of the picture is not so important, but the performance that gives you an option for fast response is crucial in some of the situations. Games may need lots of hardware resources if there are lots of things going on the screen. Lag, freeze or even crash may cost you a battle, and this kind of situation may put you even on a more prominent rage. Because of that, you should buy a proper gaming equipment that will not let you down in most important situations. But because you are starting you should not invest all your budget in the hardware equipment. You will need that money for the next few months maybe even years because you don’t become a professional gamer over the night. The process takes some time, and your income will be none existent or low in the first days of your gaming career. Many current pro gamers started their career on lousy equipment, and as they skill grow up and bring cash to the table, they invested into a new and better equipment.

What Headset do Professional Gamers Use


Headset in some games is not so important because all the action is on the screen and the game requires more focus on other senses. Card playing games do not need a headset at all. But some games can give you an additional advantage in the game. For example, in the Counter-Strike you can hear enemies coming even if you don’t see them. You can prepare your sniper rifle and point it in a proper direction just by listening to the enemy. In that case, you need to get the high-quality headset. Professional gamer takes all the advantage in the game. And having a good sound is one of them.

What Mouse do Professional Gamers Use


Gamers use a different type of mouse. Many of them look for high DPI and fast respond. The market is full of gaming mouses, and you will need to pick one by your self. If you are MOBA gamer, then you will probably need to look for a decent mouse with lots of buttons so that you can bind some of the spells or potions on the mouse buttons. If you are the first-person shooter fan, you will need to look at a mouse with high DPI and precise pointing. That will give you an advantage in situations where you need to react extremely fast. Logitech, Genius, Corsair and other mouse developers have a different type of mouse for a different type of games, so maybe first you should look there.

What Keyboard do Professional Gamers Use


Nobody pays so much attention to the keyboard as the gamers do. Many casual players think that the keyboard is just there to push the buttons. But there is an enormous difference between a high-quality keyboard and cheap one. Cheap one uses membrane technology while the expensive ones are mechanical. And the difference between them is considerable. Majority of professional gamers use a mechanical keyboard. A mechanical keyboard has many advantages, it records clicking faster, and you don’t even need to push the button all the way. That is extremely useful in games that require lots of keyboard clicking. Most popular games that require a reliable keyboard are MOBA games like LOL or DOTA 2, but the most important game that requires an expensive mechanical keyboard is Starcraft 2. I just don’t think that you can be the number one Starcraft 2 player without a mechanical keyboard. If you don’t know what I am talking about, then go to YouTube and search for a Starcraft 2 videos and see the pro gamers in action. By the sound, you will hear that these guys are clicking on the keyboard like they are going insane.

- Play Tournaments

To get noticed and make some cash you will need to play tournaments. There is the other way to make a living from playing games, and that is game streaming. About that, I talk in another article, and you can go read how to become professional game streamer post.

Playing the tournaments and winning them are two different tasks. Everyone can pay the fee and play the tournament, but win it is extremely hard. You will compete with other professionals who put their hard work to get to the highest possible gaming level they can get, and if you didn’t put a good work in your gameplay, then I am afraid you will not win many tournaments. Winning just one of the tournaments may make you good money for a year.LOL and DOTA 2 gamers that won international competitions put millions in their pockets. If you look at them, you will see that being a professional gamer pays off in the end, but the road to success is not easy.

- Gaming Sponsorship

Winning tournaments is an excellent way to get money, but nobody guarantees that you and your team will finish first and get the prize. Because of that big problem, you can’t really rely on the tournaments. Yes, one big win may set you good for a long time, but you need to look at the stable income. And one of the best ways to get money playing video games is being sponsored by a company.

To get sponsors you need to be good at the game, need to have fans and need to be recognizable in the gaming community. The company that sponsors you or your team will give you a monthly salary and pay for all the costs when you travel to the tournaments. For return you will wear cloth with their names on or even your team name will be changed and add the company name.

Best Gamer in the World

Who is the best is hard to tell. If I would be talking about top 10 gamers, then this list will be filled with three games, DOTA 2, LOL and Starcraft 2. These games have given the most money to the pro gamers, and these pro gamers took it all. So let talk about best players per game.

Top 3 Dota 2 eSports Gamers in 2017

Name Nick Country Earnings
Kuro Takhasomi KuroKy Germany $2,350,067.40
Amer Barqawi Miracle Jordan $2,334,878.03
Ivan Ivanov MinD_ContRoL Bulgaria $2,350,067.40

Top 3 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Gamers in 2017 

Name Nick Country Earnings
Kenny Schrub kennyS France $270,500.00
Dan Madesclaire apEX France $263,000.00
Nathan Schmitt NBK France $260,500.00

Top 3 League of Legends Gamers in 2017

Name Nick Country Earnings
Han, Wang Ho Peanut South Korea $163,522.75
Lee, Sang Hyeok Faker South Korea $159,044.20
Lee, Jae Wan Wolf South Korea $159,044.20


Top 3 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Gamers in 2017

Name Nick Country Earnings
Matthew Piper FormaL United States $285,300.00
Damon Barlow Karma Canada $260,250.00
Ian Porter Crimsix United States $260,500.00

New Potential esports Games

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

One of the games with the most significant potential is PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. In this game, you are a survivor put on the island where you need to fight the other 100 survivors and be the last man standing. The game is played in the first person shooter mode, and you will need to use various items through the match. The game has significant potential because it is a first solo competitive game that can become quite popular. The game is not yet released to the public, but you can already play it on the Steam.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

In 2018 the game will be released to the public. If you love fighting games, have the talent for them, then mark the February 2018 as the time for this game to come out. If you start early with the practice and your professional career, then you may make it to the top fighters faster

Quake Champions

Quake Champions started with eSports in mind. That means that game will be mostly focused on competition. Quake has a long history as a game, and this new release may bring back the glory to the series. But competition is hard, and there are rumors that Unreal Tournament will be released soon. With that in mind, it is hard to say which game will be more popular Quake Champions or Unreal tournament. And if you are looking for a game to start practicing you may be starting with a wrong game if you choose the less popular one.

Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

If you love movies and games, then you will enjoy this game. The game has an enormous potential because the heroes used in the game are well known to the masses, and this game may be a good choice to enter your gaming career.

Professional Gamers Salary

When you become a professional gamer you will make good money; there is no doubt in that. But what is the average pro gamers salary is not known. What we do know is that some of the best pro gamers are making millions of dollars per year. You can check the top competitive players and what they make per year from winning tournaments, but behind that, there is, even more, money they made. If they live stream or upload videos of them playing on YouTube, they are probably making even more than the money they got from tournaments. Then there are sponsors, who know what kind of sponsorship they have and they may be making big dollars just for being sponsored.

The biggest and most popular gamer and the streamer is PewDiePie from Sweden. He has many subscribers, over billion of subscribers and he makes over 5 million per year.


The gamers career is not an easy path. You will need to spend lots of hours practicing and repeating. Lots of watching the videos and other people playing. And if you go with a team based games then you will need to practice with the team. You will be one part of the team, and you will need to adjust to other team members, and they play style. In the end, everything may pay off, and you can make serious money playing games. You can become famous and idol to the new gamers. Good luck and hopefully you will make it. If this article helps you in your gaming career or made you start one, don’t forget to come back and say how you did it.

We are Esports lover, gamers and enthusiasts who through the years have acquired enough knowledge by competing in various competitions; to now be able to create a successful Esports organization and a good quality team.