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Fortnite Begginer’s Guide
postet by Admin | 2018-03-08 | Fortnite

Basic Tips and General Idea

Fortnite: Battle Royale is another survival game that shares the mechanics of a classic Battle Royale game. It is currently one of the most popular and well-designed games of the year.

Although its PvE mode is quite beautiful, most players prefer the battle royale version, not only because it is free, but for the fantastic game-play as well. If you want to make your first steps in the game you can download the Epic Games Launcher from here and then the game through it. The game is 100% free to play with beautiful skins and banners in order to customize your in-game style. These things are just cosmetics and do not give any advantage in the game. Also, do not forget to create an account on Epic Games in order to sign in to the game.
Before you even hit the play button, make sure that you have already adjusted your settings in order to have a smooth gaming experience. You can play Battle Royale as solo, duo or squad (team of four). After you start a game, you receive a random character that does not affect the game in any way because this element is only cosmetic. After you have selected the game mode, you will travel to the starting isle alongside ninety-nine other players who will be waiting for the Battle-Bus, which is a means of transport to the actual arena. Sit back, fasten your sit belt and have a pleasant flight!

From the very beginning, you will have access to a huge map which will provide you with your first gear, mostly a weapon. That will help you continue the exploration to upgrade your gear. It’s essential to get familiar with the map and where you can find loot chests (the ones with the orange glow and unique sound). Remember that the other players can hear it too so you might need to fight for it. Opening loot chests will provide you with a lot of various weaponry and healing items.

After you gear up with weapons and heals you are ready to face the incoming storm. Specifically, the storm is a circle appearing on the map within certain time intervals.
Don’t always drop a weapon if you find another that’s rarer. Sometimes it’s worth keeping hold of a common assault rifle over a blue SMG. Take into account your own play style before making a decision. Also, there is an unofficial standard gear to have. (a rifle, a scope, an explosive, a shotgun or a sub machine gun and a healing item)

Let’s take a closer look on the weapons that the game provides

•    Rifles are ideal mostly for mid range battles but they are very effective for long range battles as well. You can obtain Assault Rifle, Assault Rifle with Scope and Burst Assault Rifle.

•    Shotguns are extremely good for close range battles and most gunfights end up with a shotgun elimination. There are two kinds of shotguns, the Pump Shotgun and the Tactical Shotgun.
•    Sniper Rifles are the best way to eliminate or knock people from a very long distance using the scope effectively. Three kinds of snipers may appear in a game. Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle,  Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle and Hunting Rifle.
•    Explosives are usually responsible for the structure damage and for the huge AoE (area of effect) damage they have. There are three types of explosive weapons. Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher and Frag Grenades. Boogie Bombs and Impulse              grenades deal no damage to a player. Although, they have a more strategic usage.

•    SMGs are an alternative way to eliminate your opponents in a close combat battle if you are in lack of a shotgun. You can obtain Suppressed Sub-machine Gun (also known as silenced smg),Tactical Sub-machine Gun and Minigun.

•    Pistols are good for both mid and close range battles as well. There are four types of pistols.
•    Hand Cannon, regular Pistol, Revolver and Suppressed Pistol (also known as silenced pistol).
•    Crossbow is an effective way to scope and eliminate enemies if you don’t have a sniper.

Harvesting Materials

There are three kinds of materials: Wood, stone and iron and both of them have different characteristics as building time and durability. You can harvest wood from trees, stone from rocks and iron from trucks, vehicles etc. In order to harvest materials use your pickaxe (all players have one by default).

•    Bush: Turning you into a walking piece of foliage, this can be great in the early-mid game for sneaking. That said, come the late game, a walking bush is an easy target.
•    Launch pad: This is one of the most sought after and hilarious items in the game. Launch yourself into the air and redeploy your glider to land on top of unsuspecting players or escape the storm.
•    Spiked Traps: You can place these on walls, floors, and ceilings to bait aggressive players or trick sneaky ones.
•    CampFire: This trap item lasts for a total of 25 seconds and heals up to 2 HP per second, meaning that your teammates can all receive up to 50HP from the full campfires use.

Now let’s be a bit more specific about some aspects of the game

First of all, don’t forget to drop from the Battle Bus, hitting the Space button before you reach the end of the course or else Battle Bus will drop you itself. I suggest that you should avoid big towns such as Tilted Towers, Retail Row and Pleasant Park, because that will make your first experience painful and will lead you to an unreasonable death. That said, try to move on to the extremes of the map. Hopefully you will be landing alone. Take advantage of it and find loot inside buildings or huts, harvest some materials and start experimenting with the building elements. Find yourself a convenient keyboard layout in order to build easy and fast. Furthermore, use some weapons to check their functionality (dispersion, recoil, etc). Try to understand your character’s movement, press the Shift button (you can toggle it through the settings) to run faster and Space button to jump while you run. Try to stay inside the circle and avoid the storm which inflicts you damage over time. Pay attention to the storm warning timers and use your map to organise your path.

Wrapping up the above, your first game might have one of the following endings:

•    Death from fall damage
•    Death from the Storm
•    Death from a player who spotted you first and you didn’t even notice from where
It takes time to become familiar with your surroundings so don’t get

While you are inside the storm, you take damage over time. First, damage you will be taking from storms is low, this is why you will survive, even if you do not make it into the circle in time. After a while, damage taken will increase up to 5hp/sec so make sure you will make it to the circle in due time. Storm circles will be getting smaller and smaller, up to the moment when there is the last man standing.


Weapons have different rarities.
Grey weapons are common, greens are uncommon, blues are rare, purples are epic and golden are legendary.
The more rare, the better! (more damage, lower recoil etc.)

A few other notes on what you should look to loot and definitely keep hold of:

•    Anything with a scope is incredible in the game, as it allows you to damage from distance – an advantage in every single game of this kind. Most engagements take place at medium to far range, so a scope is just awesome.
•    Keep getting ammo wherever you can. Seriously, you do not want to run out of sniper bullets just as you’ve got the perfect kill in your sights.
•    If a higher rarity of your current weapon shows up, swap it out. This is a no-brainer and provides an instant upgrade on whatever you happen to be packing at the time.

How to recover health

It’s possible to recover health – or prevent taking damage in the first place – by making use of three different mechanics in the game:

•    Bandage: These drop in stacks of five and restore 15 points of health each. Try to have a few of these on you at all times, but bear in mind that these cannot heal you to maximum health – only to 75. Be careful not to waste these precious resources, but at the same time don’t play too loose with your precious health if a fight is imminent!
•    Med kit: These suckers heal you up for 100 health. Note that you can only have three of these on you at any given time.
•    Mini Shield Potions: These are thin, blue tubes of juice that’ll grant you 25 armor each. As they’re smaller you can horde quite a number of them too, so make sure you keep a few in your inventory to top yourself up here and there.
•    Large Shield Potions: These are arguably the most important pick-ups in the game. These add a 50-point shield to your health bar. There’s no damage-mitigation effect here, just an extra buffer to your standard health.
•    Slurp Juice: These are epic rarity equivalents of 1 Mini Shield Potion + 1 Bandage, except they restore 25 armor and health over a period of 25 seconds. Great for chugging just before a fight!
•    Chug-jug: These enormous kegs of juice take 15 seconds to down but restore both your health and shields to maximum.



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