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Fantastic Esports in Vip Adria League Season2
postet by Admin | 2018-10-13 | Fantastic Esports

Vip Adria league is a unique kind of proving ground and professional esports environment for teams and players of the Adriatic region. Created in order to allow the teams from Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania. To show their skills and get the necessary experience along the way. The Vip Adria league invites the best League of Legends and Counter-Strike teams, as well as Hearthstone and Clash Royale individuals; to compete for the title of the Vip Adria League champion; as well as the total of 20 000 Euro; that is the prize money. Why would we create such an event? Well, our main goal is to let the gamers show their skills, knowledge and learn to form each other.

With the somewhat unexpected growth of esports globally, and the inspiring number of talented gamers the region has to offer, Vip Adria League is here to make their growth and development as unique and as valuable as possible; so they could one day conquer some of the biggest esports competitions.

After the amazing success of the season 1, Vip Adria League season 2 offers some changes, all with the wish to improve the overall experience of the competition. When it comes to changes; the most important one is the number of teams from each game that will be invited to the main event. That number has been halved, and is now two teams per game, instead of the last year’s four. That is the way to give a bigger opportunity to smaller, somewhat anonymous teams, that will try to fight their way into the main event through qualifications.

After the invitation of the selected two teams for each game; the open qualifications will begin. That is the part where 16 teams will be divided into 4 double elimination group. Furthermore; the month of June brings additional qualifications for all teams.
Finally, the groups will be made of two invited teams, four best teams coming from the double elimination round; as well as the two teams from the additional round of qualifications.

When talking about anonymous, smaller teams participating in this Year’s event, we are one of these teams. Fantastic Esports is a newly gathered team from Croatia; composed of gamers and enthusiasts with some previous experience. Therefore, we have decided to all join one team and show what we can do. As you can imagine, our hopes for this year’s event are high but realistic. We are here to fight and learn as much as we can in the process.

We would like to stress our anonymity as one of our strong points; as we believe that fact will bring less pressure, and give us a true chance to prove ourselves on the scene, and start what we hope will be a successful path towards becoming a well-known brand in the esports world.
When it comes to LAN finals, its needed to say this year’s LAN will be held in November as well as last year; as a part of the Reboot  InfoGamer.
 At the end, we hope this year’s event will be even better than the last year’s one, and offer as much, if not even more excitement and fun!

We are Esports lover, gamers and enthusiasts who through the years have acquired enough knowledge by competing in various competitions; to now be able to create a successful Esports organization and a good quality team.