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Discord Game Store – a new gaming treat on the market
postet by Admin | 2018-10-15 | Gamers

Great news for all the fellow gamers! Yes, you’re guessing right! The Discord game store that opened last August, but was until now available to Canadian market only; is now available to everyone, since the global beta of the store as well as the Nitro subscription service got worldwide accessible today. We must mention that the initial offer of the gams you’ll be able to purchase is, a well-curated selection of titles among which the Frostpunk, Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-Stered, Subnautica, plus a good amount of “First on Discord” games that therefore can’t be bought on other platforms.

Discord’s main goal has always been to bring people together around games and gaming world in general. That being said, they are now the ones bringing the games to the people; thanks to their amazing game store as well as the Nitro game subscription service. The Discord’s ultimate wish is to help ambitious hard working developers get their games out, and present them on the market; as well as help players find great and fun fresh content.
The combination of a multi-function chat platform with an online store is a great option for your full purchase experience, and the store pages themselves are laid out in a simple and what’s most important, clear way, with the usual information needed. We’re talking about a detailed description, a clear breakdown of features, system requirements and so on. In addition, there are some nice extras as well,  like a “why you might like it” section, that helps you get the idea of what you’re going to encounter; and a “Staff Pick” quote which is actually a nice staff recommendation.

As for the games, the initial selection is quite small, but on the plus side, you won’t be obliged to go through a bunch of games that are not of your interest. They are thus giving you more time and space to concentrate on the things you truly like and enjoy, which is actually a great thing.

Another important thing to accentuate is the fact that the Discord’s Nitro program will work in the following way: For $10 a month, more than 60 games will be available to the subscribers on demand. Moreover, new games will be added on regular bases, in order to keep the library and the overall site fresh and interesting to the gamers.  It is important to say as well, that some of the games might be no longer available after the expiry of the contract; but on the other hand, you’ll always have the cloud save data at your disposal.  Moreover, there is a Nitro Classic option, including animated avatars, larger file upload limit, selectable tags, and other great features. To be more clear, at a price of 5$ a month, you can have everything but the games, so if that’s what you’re looking for; than a Nitro Classic is your perfect choice for sure.

However, there is one slightly unusual thing regarding Nitro. We’re talking about the fact that the majority of the games available through the service are somehow not available for purchase through the Discord store. We’ll see what they’ll do to sort that out in the future.

When talking about Discord, we must mention that they also launched the universal game-launcher tab; which was announced the same day as the store. We’ll see if that will be as popular and as wanted as the store itself.

At the end we must say that the overall excitement regarding the Discord store is more than obvious, we hope it will live up to the expectations.

As the last thing, we’d like you to invite you to join our discord channel and enjoy your game to the fullest.

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