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League of Legends 2019 New Placements and Ranks
postet by Admin | 2018-12-29 | League of Legends

Riot Games has come out with exciting news regarding placement and ranking system. Some changes will be present in the League of Legends of 2019.

The announcement of the mentioned changes to the game was made in a video posted on the official youtube channel.

In the video, the Riot developers explain the why and how of the changes that will take place in the near future.Among other things, it was said that with this new change; the player will have a chance to obtain a ranking right after their first game. However, during the initial period, the only one who could see the actual rank would be the player himself; and the rank is subject to change during that entire period; according to the wins and losses of the player.

As for the tiers and divisions that separate players in the game, many different changes to the current system were announced as well. That being said; Iron and Grandmaster, are the two new tires that will become a part of the game.

As it is being said, the Iron will be below Bronze in the ranked ladder. On the other hand, the new Grandmaster tire will find his place just over the current Master tier. Moreover, while Iron will work just like any other rank, as far as the Grandmaster goes; the principle of its work is still a bit unclear; as well as his possible relationship to the Challenger. As we could conclude from the announcement, the players who are currently at the top of the Masters would become a part of the Grandmasters during the following year.

Another thing that is changing along with the ranked system;  is the number of divisions belonging to each rank. In other words; rather than the current five; the reduction in ranks will cause the division number to fall to four in the next year. As it is explained by Riot developers; there are two reasons for this action. The first one is to, hopefully, have a better differentiation between tiers within a rank; while the second one is to reduce the omnipresent grind of the ranked climb.

While all of these changes might sound somewhat big; they probably won’t have a too huge impact on the ranked system as a unit.

That being said;  what you will probably feel next season is the sensation that you are able to make it through the ranks a little quicker, as you will now have to move through one division less than in the previous years.

Although the information regarding all of these changes has yet to be more detailed; we can already see that it is going to be a truly exciting new season for all the League of Legends fans.

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