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Partnership announcement Fantastic Esports & White Shark
postet by Admin | 2018-10-07 | Fantastic Esports

Fantastic Esports team is proud to announce the start of a hopefully successful partnership with White Shark; a fairly new yet ambitious gaming brand which boasts with good quality products and respect regarding their partners.

For Fantastic Esports team, gaming is much more than just a passing time; it’s a true passion. A passion so big and pure we’ve decided to make something great out of it. This step is just the beginning of the journey.

As it has been proven many times before; everything is easier when you have someone watching your back, supporting you on your path towards greatness. That’s exactly why we’ve chosen the White Shark brand to be our global Partner. Together, we can make it happen, there’s no doubt about it.

White Shark understands and shares our passion for gaming and top-level performance. We are glad that White Shark shares our vision, understands our needs as players, and isn’t afraid of progress and innovations when it comes to moving the boundaries in the gaming world. We are honored, proud, and grateful that White Shark recognized our desire to progress, improve and succeed; and decided to walk beside us on that demanding yet exciting path.

We are particularly excited to participate in the upcoming tournaments using the new White Shark gaming products and making the most out of the experience. We are sure that the outstanding White Shark equipment will provide us with exactly what we need to be the best of the best.

Other than using the already existing technology offered by our gaming partner; Fantastic Esports players will have the privilege to test the upcoming products, confirm their quality and give an honest as well as grounded and professional  feedback to all the other players out there; thus promoting the name and the quality of the White Shark brand.

Fantastic Esports is a fairly new team composed of quite experienced individuals; who have decided to pair up with one of the most exciting new gaming brands on the market. Passion, hunger for success and improvement paired with experience and new blood on the market is the perfect formula. The time will show it-prepare to be amazed.

About White Shark          

White Shark is a young and fresh gaming brand, founded in 2015. They boast with innovative and great quality products; such as mouse pads, keyboards, headsets, gamepads, speakers, backpacks and chairs. Just about everything you might need for a complete and satisfying gaming experience. Their passion is outstanding and pure, which is clearly shown through each of their products; no wonder we chose them as our global partner.
Thank you again for your trust!

We are Esports lover, gamers and enthusiasts who through the years have acquired enough knowledge by competing in various competitions; to now be able to create a successful Esports organization and a good quality team.