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League of Legends World Championship 2018- The Year of Surprises
postet by Admin | 2018-11-05 | League of Legends

This year’s group stage of the League of Legends World Championship has surely been a wild ride since day one.

It included 16 teams divided into 4 groups consisting of 4 teams, while the matches were played between the members of a single group; as it was expected. Those were 8 more than exciting days of group clashes.

The group stage competition began on October 10th with the matches of groups A, B, and C. When it comes to day one, there were some expected wins like the ones of kt Rolster and Royal Never Give Up teams, while the biggest surprise was the defeat of the former champions, under the new logo; the Gen. G Esports, who lost to Team Vitality, in a what we could call a one way match.

Day 2 October 11th brought the matches of the groups A, B and D. Yet another day with a surprise. The surprise we’re talking about is once again related to group B and the former champions once named Samsung Galaxy, and now known as the Gen G. Esports team, who lost their second match against the always great, and last year ‘’bronze medalists’’ the Royal Never Give Up team. We were expecting an exciting match, which is what we got, but maybe with a slightly different outcome. As for the other matches of the day, we must accentuate the Fnatic team win against 100 Thieves in group D, a truly good match.

Day 3 was reserved for the B, C and D groups. The day of the first, and what will soon after turn out to be the only group stage win for the last year’s champions. Gen G. Esports team. Their victory against the Cloud 9 team gave us a glimpse of their last year’s brilliant performance in a great match. When it comes to other matches, we can single out the only group stage loss of the Fnatic team, against the Invictus Gaming. A pretty tie match that showed all the skills from both teams.

Day 4 was once again reserved for groups A, C and D. A day of great matches, where we’ve decided to single out the preeminent win of the Fnatic tam, in the clash with the G-rex team. A match in which the Fnatic team showed all their power. Another great victory was the one in group D where the Invictus Gaming team overpowered the 100 Thieves team, and sealed the win.

Day 5. We’ve gone through almost half of the group stage. Therefore, this is the day of surprises yet again. A day reserved for group B, where the Gen G. Esports team proved yet again that this definitely is not their year. With three losses, they have just underlined their bad performance at this year’s championship, and said goodbye to the knockout phase of the tournament. Yet another surprising thing was the defeat of the Royal never Give Up team in a clash against the Vitality team. An outcome not many of us would have predicted. However, they have recovered fast, and with another two wins during the day; sealed their place in the knockout stage.

Day 6 was the group A day. It was a day where the Afreeca Freecs team showed all their skills and competitiveness, and won all 3 of their group clashes, to proceed supremely into the knockout stage. The other team from the group who confirmed their presence in the next round that day was the G2 Esports team, with wins against the Flash Wolves, and Phong Vu Buffalo teams.

The day before the last day of the group stage competition was reserved for group C teams. It was a day where kt Rolster and Edward gaming teams confirmed their advancement into the next round with two wins each against their group opponents. This we can say was the most equal group of competitors, where the mentioned two teams showed they had what it takes to go one step further than the other two.

The last day of the group stage, brought the final untangling when it come to the knockout stage participants. It was a D group day. A group in which Fnatic team proved once again their ambition, skills and effort with the total of 4 out of 4 wins of the day. Another group D team that has obtained the place in the knockout stage is the Invictus Gaming team. Their 2 defeats of the day were precisely against the aforementioned Fnatic team. However, that was more than enough for them to come through to the next stage.

After this cross-section of the group stage. We can assure you the knockout stage is going to be no less interesting and exciting. We now have the eight teams who have found their place in the next round, and will participate in the knockout quarter finals tournament in Busan.

The aforementioned tournament will be held this weekend October 20th – October 21st.

Now it’s time to present these 8 knockout stage teams in more detail.


Let’s start with the Fnatic team. The team with most wins in this year’s group stage; 6 to be exact. Great group stage with numerous convincing wins brought them to where they are now. A team of 6 people, gaming enthusiasts, who have proved to be at the top of the game so to speak. They have demonstrated their skills and will to progress and be among the best of the best this year. Heir wins against the Invictus Gaming team have shown their true colors. This is their chance to surpass the last year’s result. We can’t wait to see if they will finally shine on the top.

The next of 8 teams is the kt Rolster. A team at the top of group C. This Korean professional gaming organization, came to this year’s World Championship with some of their best players. That being said, their quality has been proved, to say the least. They have won 5 and lost only 1 of the group stage matches; with the match against the Edward Gaming as the highlight of their group stage. Therefore, we hope to see their best of the best light at the knockout stage. As they weren’t able to qualify for the last year’s World Championship; this is their opportunity to prove their skills and ambition. We’re sure they are more than motivated.
The group B leader with 5 wins and only 2 defeats; is the Royal never Give Up team. Last year’s ‘’bronze medalists’’ who have proved their quality, skills and ambition yet again. This Chinese team of LOL professionals has already proved their worth during the last year’s competition; but that has made their appetite that much bigger. This year, they want to reach the top and win the tournament. According to their group stage performance, and some extremely convincing wins such as the ones against the last year’s champions gen G. Esports, and the Cloud 9 team, we can hope for some extraordinary matches on their part in the knockout stage.
The last leader of the groups is the A group leader, the Afreeca Freecs team. This South Korean professional LOL team, has proved to be hungry of success, at their first LOL World Championship appearance. Through the group stage, they were able to demonstrate their skills, ambition and will, that has helped them reach the knockout stage with the total of 4 wins and 2 defeats in the group competition. They have had some great matches, and we hope to see their best performances in the final stages. They want to prove themselves to the World, and this is their best chance for sure.

As for the 2nd placed teams of the groups, we’ll start with the group D second placed one.

It is the Invictus gaming team. They have obtained their position thanks to 5 wins and 2 defeats overall. That being said, they have had some amazing matches and have proved their professionalism as well as their skills and the desire to succeed. As they have failed to qualify for this competition last year, there’s no doubt they want to have it all this time. Let’s see what they can do in the final stages of the competition.

Group C second placed team is the Edward Gaming team. With the 4-2 of overall wins and defeats, they have managed to claim their spot in the knockout stage, where their plan is to show and prove their ambition, skills and knowledge to the World. This Chinese team surely wants to additionally improve their last season’s poor presentation at the World Championship, and this is their perfect chance. It’s up to them not to blow it.

We’ve come to the group B second placed team. The Cloud 9 team has had its fair share of luck when it comes to their qualification for the next round, taking into consideration their 4-3 wins/defeats rate. Even though they have had some great matches in the group stage, this is still a close call. However, they are here, and plan to show the World who they really are and what they can really achieve. This is their unique opportunity to stand out and shine; as well as to improve last year’s result at the Championship. Let us see what they can do.

The last but not least second placed team is the group A team; the well-known G2 Esports. With their overall 4-3 rate when it comes to won and lost matches; we can say the same as we did for the previous team. It was a close call, but they are here, and they have proved to be the best when things get tough. Considering their experience, ambition and well-known skills, we are sure they will give it all they have in the knockout stage; to prove they are worth the place in the finals. With this achievement, they have however surpassed their last year’s accomplishment, but we’re sure their plan is now that much bigger.

At the end we can assure you this will be a great knockout stage, the one with a lot of great clashes and a lot of excitement. Let’s wait and see which one of these teams will be the new World Champion.

We are Esports lover, gamers and enthusiasts who through the years have acquired enough knowledge by competing in various competitions; to now be able to create a successful Esports organization and a good quality team.