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EU Masters 2018 Summer
postet by Admin | 2018-09-25 | League of Legends

It’s that time of the year again; the European Masters is back! This year’s European Masters takes place in Poland-Katovice. It is the event where 20 best regional teams from across Europe will get into a watch-worthy fight for EU dominance on the esports scene. Let the online battles begin!

It all takes place this September, so get ready for pure excitement, fair game and most of all, a thrilling overall event. Teams from all over Europe will find themselves in the ESL Arena in Katowice, where they will fight for the opportunity to prove which region has the best League of Legends players. The best team will win the title of European Masters, as well as get the privilege to share an overall of 150 000 EUR of the prize money.
The main goal is to expand the overall esports scene in Europe. That being said; it is done by partnering with different competitions which thus bring some of the most popular esports to every part of the continent. Thanks to our newest additions, every European player now has the opportunity to access a local competition that accordingly grants slots into the European Masters. As a result, slots for Open Qualifiers are no longer being awarded. By doing that, we’re making the EU Masters a fully regional, ERL-based competition. According to these changes and more ERLs on board than ever before, it becomes clear that the format of the European Masters needs to evolve as well, in order to keep up with the changes in question.

This year, there will be the top team representing each of the 13 regions. The champion team gets the direct qualification to the group stage, while the Play-In stage will be a sort of a second chance, or better said a redemption round for the runner-ups of 7 of the 13 regional leagues.

The start of the European Masters is set for September 10th, with the Play-In stage, where 2nd seed teams from European Regional Leagues will compete in a round robin phase, to claim one of the three remaining spots in the Group Stage.
The three winning teams from the play-ins will then come to the group stage with the 13 1st place seeds from every European Regional League. These 16 teams will thus be divided into four groups consisting of four teams and will compete in a round robin tournament. During that phase, the best eight teams will accordingly proceed to the next phase; the Knockout Stage.
The 8 teams being a part of the Knockout Stage will battle in a single elimination bracket.
As you can now assume; only the top 4 teams will then be traveling to Katowice Arena for the live Finals, which will take place on September 29th-30th.

When talking about the main contenders for this year’s European Masters Title, we must mention the kings of the EBL. Definitely the strongest League of Legends team from Balkan. You surely know we’re talking about Asus Rog Elite. Asus is one of the oldest organizations present in this world. Throughout the years this team has gained enough experience and fought many battles. Thus gave them the opportunity to come where they are now and have been for quite some time-the top of the Balkan Esports League. However, their appetite is a lot bigger, which is not a surprise at all, considering the results they’ve achieved so far. They want to prove themselves worldwide.that’s why they see this competition as their perfect chance. Moreover, that is not the only competition they’re hoping to win. Vip Adria League is another one, the one where they intend to prove their expertise and superiority in the Balkan region. From what we’ve seen and heard so far, the conclusion is the same for both tournaments- They really have something to hope for.

That being said, the fair play and equal chances are above everything else, as you might have concluded from the article. Thus we can’t exclude the possibility of a surprise when it comes to this year’s EU Masters winner. In sports, everything is possible, and there’s no room for surrender.

The big and the small names all come in with equal chances, and all we can do is wish them all the best on their way towards the first place. May the best team win!

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