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Fantastic Esports Fortnite Team
postet by Admin | 2018-10-23 | Fantastic Esports

We are proud to announce new members of our family; SabyG and sweet_- are one of most famous duo in Hungary and one of best in Europe.

He’s a 21 years old working guy, who wants to be a professional gamer. Back in time, he was a football lover little boy, played in his home town’s football team in the Hungarian secondary league, but wasn’t good enough to reach his goals, so now following the other dream, to become a gamer. He has been playing League of Legends for 5 years, and back in season 2 had reached the Diamond rank. Played FPS games too, but not that much. He started playing Fortnite on PS4 because his friends told him that it’s fun, loved it and bought a Gamer notebook to play it more seriously. Once a casual player, but about 3-4 months ago, felt like he can be more, being more skilled, so why not, he’s using most of the free time for improving himself, becoming better and better.

Results: top 15 by 160 duos.
Results with sweet_– : 5th placement by 120 duos on Hungarian duo cup.
FN player league top 100 by 1500.

An 18 years old, High school graduate. He played football for 9 years, but stopped it for some reasons and got into fps games with CoD2 when he was 10, and later played CS: Go for 4600 hrs. Registered Fortnite in the earlyOctoberr of 2017, but playing it competitively since March. He was the hungarian solo vs squad kill record holder in June. In July after 1 week of practicing they managed to get into the hungarian duo tournament finals and reach 5th place, with a very unlucky finals. In september out of 1500 duos (including some pros) we placed top 100, and got placed into FN Pro league’s Champions league, 1 step away from the Pro league. We recently we got invited to StarLadder Fortnite Eastern Clash duo tournament .Their goals in Fortnite is to compete on the highest level and achieve everything they can.

Can we play Fortnite Pro League next year depends on you guys.

We trust in You!



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