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First look at Rastakhan’s Rumble
postet by Admin | 2018-12-06 | Hearthstone

It’s that exciting time of the year again, Blizzard is releasing the latest Hearthstone expansion. This time we’re moving to Gurubashi Arena where trolls measure their strengths in front of the mighty King Rastakhan.

With Rastakhan’s Rumble, we’re concluding the expansions set to release in the year of the Raven. This is both interesting and fun time because it’s the time of the year with the biggest number of cards in standard mode since with the release of the next expansion in 2019 older sets like Journey to Un’goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne and Kobolds and Catacombs rotate into wild. With all that said we’re very excited with what kind of deck ideas people are going to brew in the coming times.

One major thing in the theme of the expansion are godlike figures named Loa who are presented as Legendary minions in the game, they are class specific and every class got its respective one.
Alongside the Loa, each class also got a Spirit card. Every one of those is 0/3 in stats and has stealth for one turn with a relatively powerful effect alongside it. These cards aren’t legendary which means you can add two copies to your deck.

Blizzard is also introducing a new keyword in the means of Overkill. If you’re a Hearthstone player you must know that it usually feels bad to deal excessive amounts of damage to clear a unit. With this new keyword killing a unit by dealing damage that is greater than their life total is rewarded with a specific effect. An example of an Overkill card is the 5 mana Hunter card “Baited Arrow” that deals 3 damage and summons a 5/5 Devilsaur if the Overkill effect is triggered. All in all these cards seem a bit weak in the base numbers, but if Overkill is triggered they tend to be pretty powerful.

There will also be a new single player mode named “Rumble Run” which will be available starting December 13th.

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