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How to Improve your ADC Skills – Season 8
postet by Admin | 2018-04-16 | League of Legends

Hello there League of Legends fellow. I’ve been thinking about explaining a little bit about how you should improve your ADC skills if you’re not so good at it. I’ll do it in several steps, using the most “frequent” scenarios.

Laning phase and having advantage

First and most important thing as an ADC is focusing on your CSing (killing creeps) and not missing too many of them, if possible last hitting them during the laning phase. The best way for the early phase of lane is to try and rush for level 2. After rushing level 2 before your enemies, you’re more likely to be in a big advantage, considering that leveling up puts you and your support in a better position to engage and get that first blood. After every kill in lane, you should push out the lane and back out, because doing that, makes your enemy lose wave of creeps and when you’re returning back to lane, the wave would have reset, meaning that the creeps in 80% chances would be like in the beginning of the game (starting position creeps at the ” middle ” of the lane). After getting that lead, you should punish your enemies more and more, pay attention on their level, items, how many CS have they killed so you can predict your possibilities about striking them. There’s a little ” funny ” thing that I like to do and that you should try it and that’s when your Creeps get at low hp and you know that enemy is trying to last hit them, during their basic at your creep, try and basic them so therefore they’re losing slowly but surely trade in future actions/fights. That is how simple thing can make your enemy lose their hp playing smart.

Playing safer when one step behind enemies

Of course, if you fail that engage or your enemies get that level 2 faster than you, at that point you might end up dying so therefore you’re in disadvantage and you should play more safer. At that point if enemies have advantage of you and got more lane pressure than you do, push back, play more near your turret, last hit creeps and avoid fights and engages. That is called ” Freezing the lane “. Freezing the lane means that enemy creeps are pushed against your turret and you’re safely farming them and zoning your enemies by throwing basic attacks couple of times at them knowing that they might not be able to dive you, so therefore you’re in slight advantage if you consider CSing.

What to do when the laning phase is over

If you win the lane and you’re ahead, obviously, you should forget about the bottom lane, and start rotating over the map, mostly around mid and help your mid laner to get that first turret, but of course don’t forget bottom lane that much, get back on it sometimes to CS if your and their mid laners are playing safe and if it’s not that quite easy to push out that first turret. If you’re really fed and you know that you’re pretty strong and are able to carry out that fight, at that point you should start grouping with your team and seek for 5v5 fights if possible. ADC SHOULDN’T and I repeat SHOULDN’T ever engage, you should stay back behind your team and let them cover you. In that scenario they should play “around” you, so you can do more damage and carry out the fight. Of course that is not only your responsibility, you also have to tell that to your teammates.

Tips on improving ADC movement and fights

The most important thing about ADC is kiting. Kiting is ” Ability ” how I like to call it that lets you throw basic and move in the same time. For example, throwing basic, running back, throwing back and repeating that over and over again so that way you keep distance from melee champions that are about to kill you. How to kite? You should bind your attack move bind, on default it’s most likely on A. To do the kiting system, you need to press A and press left mouse button somewhere to perform attack, it’s attacking the closest champion/creep/champion unless you click right onto it. Of course when you press A it’s showing your champion’s auto attack range which in some scenarios some ADC’s got longer ranges than others which results in more effective kiting even more effective and safer attacking during the laning phase.

So that would be it, I hope I’ve helped you and keep improving your ADC skills day by day  



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