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Life in Jungle – Season 8
postet by Admin | 2018-04-11 | League of Legends

Starting in jungle

At the beginning of jungle, you’re buying Hunter’s Machete and 3 health potions or Refillable potion. On the blue side, first of all, you start at Red buff where bot lane leashes it for you a bit before the minions hit the lane. While attacking the red you shouldn’t be standing and face-tanking the buff, you should keep on moving backwards and slightly kite the buff where you’re able to cancel its basic attacks. You don’t have to smite it. Of course, when you are at half health you use your health potion’s or refillable. After you kill the Red buff you proceed towards the wolves. Everything is the same, kite as much as possible to avoid losing Health. After the wolves you direct yourself towards the blue, at that point you might be at low hp and you should pay extra attention to your kiting skills. When the blue falls down to your smite range damage you smite it down. After that, you can proceed to frog or crab and get it. The same route is for red side but there you start first at Blue buff then go to wolves and finish at Red buff.

Ganking and communicating with teammates

After you do the jungle clear at the start, you should start considering to gank if you’re not on low hp. At the end of the clear you’ll end up at the top side of jungle no matter what side you are. At that point, you can choose to gank either Top or Mid lane. Check up on the minions position, if enemy is pushing your Top laner for example and Mid is “ Stable “ you should help your top laner and gank. Of course you should watch out because there’s a big chance that their enemy jungler might cover him without you knowing it. He might be hiding in the lane bushes or he’s on the way to top. While ganking you should communicate with your teammates, telling them to bait for you, to wait for you until you walk to their lane etc. The big factor at the gank or in a lane is that both you and your teammate should pay attention if the enemy used their summoners. For example, if the enemy flashed away and he doesn’t have any escape without that flash, you should consider yourself “ camping “ that lane and destroying it which will end up with your top lane fed and even be able to carry the game out. If you get that kill on the first gank you can go back to jungle do 1 or 2 camps and recall.

Sensing Enemy’s jungler and being ahead from him

“Sensing Enemy’s jungler “ might be very difficult for the beginners in jungle since you don’t quiet understand the “ pathing “ in jungle or jungle routine however you want to call it. That means that you’re predicting where their enemy jungler where he might be. At that point you should be familiar with champions they play, does it have fast clear, what camps they might do next, where they might be headed. If you’re “ ahead “ and you’re predicting your enemy jungler you’ll always be one step ahead and he’ll be in your shadow which will result in you “ leading “ the game and controlling it.

Mid Game / Late Game

When you reach Mid game / Late game you should start helping your support with wards. Cleaning them, placing them on the map. Getting that vision on the map is very important because at that point if you have enough of vision placed down on the map you already know where the enemies are, you don’t need to predict too much since vision will tell you everything. After knowing where they might be, you should run around the jungle and attempt to get that catch and secure that kill without any victims made by your team. It will result in a 5vs4 fight where you could force it and make the best outcome out of it which is winning the fight and getting the objectives. At the teamfights, jungler should “ soak “ down the damage which allows your carries to do the rest, if you can’t soak down the damage and you’re getting killed back off and peel for your AD carry or AP carry.

Jungle champions that are in meta now

Kha’zix is the best champion for grinding SoloQ elo. He has a relatively weak clear but he doesn’t deviate from the classic route in the current meta. After the clear, you gank the lane. You should keep in mind that you might be very low after the jungle clear. You can either counter gank or counter jungle. At counter jungling you should avoid Lee Sin / Rengar / Olaf which are the champions that can easily kill you in 1v1 situations. For his ultimate the first evolution you should take is ultimate at all times, the second evolution depends if you’re ahead or behind since W is most useful for poking and wave clearing when you’re behind and can’t pick off enemies in the jungle and 1v1 opponents. The last evolution should be your Q or W depending which is left. You should take in the consideration that if the opponent has a high mobility comp and champions with lots of escapes the third evolution can be your jump ( E ) so you can catch them up.

Kha’Zix’s combo after level six: Prepare your passive empowered autoattack which slows by entering a bush prior to a gank, basic, Q, ult, basic and if enemy is running away use your jump as a gap closer to catch him.
When jungling as Kha’Zix you should spend more time in jungle since your evolved ultimate allows you to be invisible while entering the bush. At that point, you can run around the jungle without enemies noticing you.
He’s a snowball champion if you really get ahead, but at the moment there are also other meta champions like Skarner/Zac/Sejuani. Since those champions are tanks with relatively slow clears and bad dueling potential, more and more people are starting to counter them with champions like Olaf and Trundle. Olaf, because he’s the fastest clearer in the game and extremely strong early at dueling and on the other hand Trundle who’s ultimate ability depletes tank’s stats



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