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Xbox One X – The Best Console on the Market
postet by Admin | 2017-12-28 | Console

Xbox One X will be released in late 2017. There is already massive hype about it because Microsoft advertises it as the best console on the market. What brings the new powerful gaming console to the market we already know because early this year “Project Scorpion” was introduced to the public and showed some of the capabilities of the new console.

Xbox One X Features

Native 4K UHD Resolution

Finally the console capable of giving you the native real 4K UHD resolution. The most latest maximum resolution for the TVs will not only be available for the Blu-Ray movies or videos that you can stream over the Netflix, but also the games will be finally played in real native 4K UHD resolution with HDR10 support. That just means that the picture on the TV will be crystal clear and will give you the deepness that you have never seen before. After all the games will be run on the best console on the market.

Microsoft also demonstrated the high frame rates per second under the maximum resolution. Gamers just love to play games at high frame rates; they hate when they lose frames because the hardware performance is lacking power. That why Microsoft made sure this will not happen with Xbox One X. 60 frame rates per second are demonstrated for most demanding games. And the developers are already working on releasing new patches and new game versions that will use the enormous power from the new console. Until the official release, most of the games will be capable of playing under native 4K UHD resolution.

Most Powerful Hardware in the Console

Without a doubt, Microsoft takes this title with this new Xbox One release. The Xbox One X is just too powerful for competition. CPU has the same number of cores as before models, but the frequency is lifted up to the 2.3GHz. The biggest difference is in the GPU, GPU has 40 compute units which is 28 more compute units than the previous models. RAM used in not yet released Xbox One model is the latest technology GDDR5 RAM. And to make sure the console don’t run out of the RAm there is 12GB of RAM. The RAM is needed, so the highest possible resolution is achieved without any performance problems. Overall the hardware is what makes all the people go crazy about the new Xbox One X.

New Model, New Design

I need to say that maybe Xbox One S had some high-quality designer on the project and just made it look too good. Because of that, I can only say that by looking at the design I like the older model. The white color of the old model just screams that it is a high-quality device in the room. But don’t get me wrong, Xbox One X is attractive, in dark gray color it really looks convincing. It is also for few inches smaller than the previous model.

Blu-Ray Player Put at the Top of the List

One of the best Blu-Ray players on the market so far you had Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic, but with this new Xbox One model, Microsoft just places to the top of the most popular Blu-Ray players. Reasons for that are many. Xbox One S was already extremely affordable and capable Blu-Ray player. It lacked the Dolby surround system. But now Microsoft delivers Xbox One X with Dolby Atmos which will not only make the surround sound better in the game, but also the movies will be more realistic.

You will enjoy all the games with a real-time sound. For example, if the enemy is coming behind you, you will hear the footsteps behind you. Or if the airplane is flying over your head you will hear the airplane sound above your head. This feature will bring more realism to the gameplay.

Advantages of Xbox One X

– Native 4K UHD Resolution
– Dolby Atmos Surround System
– Incredibly Powerful Hardware
– Modern Design
– Great Controller as in all models so far
– HDR10 Support
– Keyboard and Mouse are expected with New Console

Disadvantages os Xbox One X

– Price – The price is just too high. Recently Xbox One S price dropped to few hundreds of dollars, and the Xbox One X is now worth the double the price of Xbox One S. And the question reminds if it is worth to upgrade your old Xbox One S to the new model.
– Games are not yet ready for the new console. Many game titles are not yet capable of using all that power and delivering the higher quality than the previous Xbox One models.


As already stated in disadvantages section, the problem is with the price. Will the old owners get so many benefits from the new Xbox One X console to pay for the new console? The answer is not clear because it all depends on your needs. If you are a real gamer that wants to run games at the maximum performance, then you should go with the new console. You probably already own the new 4K UHD TV with HDR10 support included. But the rest of the gamers first need to check if their TV is capable of 4K UHD resolution. Then you should check if it supports HDR10 video. And only then you should be thinking to upgrade. If you don’t have a proper TV, then you better don’t buy the new console because you will not see any difference on the screen while playing games or watching movies.

If you consider upgrading just because of new Blu-Ray player, then think twice about that. The old Xbox One Sconsole is still the perfect Blu-Ray player, yes it does not support Dolby surround, but still, you can enjoy watching movies at the highest possible resolution, which is 4k UHD and only if you have a TV that supports that high resolutions.
The release date for the new Microsoft Xbox One X model is 7th November 2017.

Updated: 18.11.2017

After a long wait Xbox One X is finally released. Project Scorpio has come to live. Gaming fans can now go and buy Microsoft new console. All the Xbox fans can stay at rest because Microsoft is updating new games for the 4K resolution gaming every day. Their goal is to move all the gaming content to the new console that allows players to enjoy full native 4K Resolution.

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