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Xbox One S review
postet by Admin | 2018-01-15 | Console

Xbox One S was released three years after the original Xbox One come to the market. Reason for its release was needed. The original Xbox One from 2013 just didn’t follow the trend. New TVs have come out, and Microsoft just needed to adjust and release an upgraded version of Xbox One that will be able to use the hardware of new TVs and provide a high-quality picture in high resolution.

Features of Xbox One S

Powerful GPU with 4K Resolution

Xbox One S is the same console as the one from 2013, the hardware inside is almost the same, but the difference is in GPU and the capabilities of the new console. One S is just stronger than original. But what is most important is the excellent UHD 4K resolution. One S can stream movies in the highest possible resolution which is four times greater than the regular HD 1080P resolution. This feature means that your videos will be of the highest quality. Unfortunately, the games upscaling to 4K resolution is not done at its best and some gamers with large TVs capable of showing 4K resolution complained about it. One S just don’t deliver games in native 4K resolution. One S just has the technology that allows the TV to upscale the game to the 4K Resolution. On smaller TVs, the quality will not be noticed by the human eye, but on a large TV screen, the quality may get noticeable.

It is also worth to mention that the new console has the HDR10 which will just boost the content on display to the maximum standards.

Smaller Than its Predecessor

One S also comes in a new design. The whole console is redesigned, and it is much smaller than the original. The trend in the market is that devices become stronger but as well smaller. And Microsoft just followed that trend, and they were not wrong with releasing the One S in this smaller than previous console shape. But maybe this small design has some drawbacks. The port for Kinect is missing. I am not sure if the small design was the reason for that or what did they think over at Microsoft, but the gamers who like to use their voice will need to install adapter for the Kinect feature. The good thing is that Microsoft will provide this adapter for free, you just need to ask for it.

Another interesting feature of this fresh, modern new design is the capability of the console to be placed in vertical position. So you no longer need to place it flat on the table, you can put it in a vertical position, and in that position, console look cool and will save the space in the room.

Most Affordable UHD Blu-Ray Player

Movie fans can get 4K UHD player for the extremely reasonable price. Blu-Ray players with the maximum 4K UHD resolution are sold for as much as twice the money that is the current price for the Xbox One S. That why many websites put the Xbox One S console just right at the side of that famous expensive Blu-Ray players. Xbox One S as a Blu-Ray player is good just like the Samsung, Panasonic or Sony Blu-Ray players. But what those Blu-Ray players lack is the capability of playing video games on TV.

The console also has access to Netflix. In other words, this means that if you are Netflix customer, you can watch Netflix movies in 4K UHD resolution through the Xbox One S console.

New Version of Controller

The controller is also redesigned, and it is made from a high-quality material. The buttons are well placed and will stand a manic clicking when you battle the villains, and you just need to press those buttons in a manic crazy speed. Microsoft made sure the controller will withstand the pressure of that kind of clicking.

The controller is powered by AA batteries, so there is no charger and adapter to power your controller. Some gamers find this a good thing while others love to charge the controller through the adapter. But with AA replaceable batteries you are sure that your controller will last for a long time, because the controllers with built-in batteries may have a weak battery and then you will need to replace a whole controller.

The controller also has a Bluetooth technology, finally. This feature is not a big deal for Xbox gamers, but many PC gamers are looking for a cool and functional gaming controller, and now with the Bluetooth technology they can easily use Xbox One S controller on their PCs.

Advantages of Xbox One S

– 40% smaller than the previous model
– 4K resolution at streaming movies
– 4K resolution upscaling for the games
– High Dynamic Range
– Powerful hardware
– High-Quality Controller

Disadvantages of Xbox One S

– Microsoft removed Kinect port, but maybe this just means that in the near future they will provide something better.
– One S has 4K resolution upscaling, which means that your TV will need to scale the picture. In other words, it is not native 4K UHD resolution for games, movies are streamed in real 4K UHD resolution, but games are not.


Without a doubt, Xbox One S is better than its predecessor. It has more powerful engine, more features and it looks much better. But do you really need to upgrade your old Xbox One model? The answer to this question can only be provided by you. If you have money and you want to watch movies at the maximum possible quality or if you love games that look much better on big screens that allow 4K UHD resolution then Xbox One S is a right choice. But if you are just playing games here and there and screen on your wall is only 1080P HD ready then don’t buy the new console because you will not see any significant difference in a picture quality. First, you should upgrade your TV. As well keep in mind that in a couple of months Microsoft will release the new model: Xbox One X which will be capable of running games in native 4K UHD resolution!

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