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Xbox One vs. Xbox One S vs. Xbox One X
postet by Admin | 2018-01-14 | Console

Which one to choose from these three Microsoft Xbox One models is the primary concern for most of the console players. Many gamers are asking them self if the new Xbox One X is really worth the money and what it brings to table. I will try to dig deep and try to help you make a right choice.

Xbox One

Xbox One is the oldest Microsoft Xbox One console model. Released back in 2013 Xbox One was quite popular among the gamers. This model was praised for innovative design, quiet running, and reliability which is the most important factor to the user. Many games were released for this console and gamers were happy, but not long after the publication of the Xbox One, it was noticed that the games were run on the lower graphical level than on the PlayStation 4. That was a major blow to the Microsoft and only after three years after Xbox One was released, they relaunched a new Xbox One model under a code name Xbox One S.

Xbox One S

Xbox One S was a smaller console by design, but it was supporting the new UHD 4K resolution. Visual improvements were drastic if we compare it to the Xbox One original model. External power was also removed and that just added to the popularity of the new console. With new fast memory and stronger graphics, the Xbox One S overtake the most popular console place from the Xbox One.

Xbox One X

Xbox One X will be released to the public somewhere in November 2017. But we already know what will this new console bring to the table. One X will be a stronger, powerful new console capable of running games in a high 4K native resolution which is four times greater resolution than the standard 1080P resolution used on the original Xbox One model. One X will come almost in the same design, but under that same hud will be a different machine. A machine with more RAM, better GPU, stronger CPU and better in any other way than its predecessors.

Difference between Xbox One and Xbox One S

There is no big difference between Xbox One, and Xbox One S or we may say it is big, it depends on what you expected and how you look at the things. Xbox One S is more powerful than Xbox One, that is not the doubt. It has a stronger GPU and faster memory. And most importantly it has a 4K support as well as HDR10 support which Xbox One original does not have. Only that changes are enough to make this decision easy. If you are buying Xbox One console then choose One S. Not only it has more powerful specifications than the Xbox One, but the price for the One S is more affordable than Xbox One. For just a few bucks more you will get a more powerful console. In other words, we may say that with the release of Xbox One S, the Xbox One died. But that is not really a true because there is a catch. If your TV is not supporting UHD 4K resolution then you really don’t need the Xbox One S. You will not see any significant difference because all the games, movies, videos will be played at 1080P which is also supported by the Xbox One.

Is the New Xbox One X  Better Than Xbox One S?

I am afraid that the right answer we will need to wait until the new model is released this year in November. But on the paper things are looking to be in favor of the new model. Xbox One X is like a console on the steroids. It has enormous CPU power. 8 Core x86 CPU is working on 2.3GHz. Previous models were running on 1.75GHz, that is a massive increase in favor of Xbox One X. This stronger CPU will make sure the games are running faster than before, that whole system is running smoothly even on high demands. GPU is the biggest change in the new model. The new GPU used in the Xbox One X will make sure that the maximum possible resolution is used with a high FPS. It allows support for the HDR10 and 4k UHD resolution.

With 12 GB GDDR RAM Xbox One X is making sure that everything loads fast and without problems. This are four more RAMs than the predecessor One S has. And not only there is more RAM, but the memory is faster which will make things run even more quickly. This fast memory will also help in rendering the content of that high resolution and help additionally to bring the FPS up. There are rumors that the games will be played at maximum resolution with a 60 FPS ratio which would be excellent. Some of the popular games that are capable of this high standards are Assasin Creeds Origins, Dishonored 2, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and much more other popular games. The list grows every day and until the release probably all decent games will be covered.

If we compare the Xbox One X graphics with the Nvidia or AMD, we may place it somewhere between GTX 1070 and RX 480. But the graphics on Xbox One X is almost five times better than on the original Xbox One console from 2013.

The only thing that is not in favor of the new console is the price. Price will be as twice as much as the Xbox One S. And that big difference in the price is making the Xbox One S still attractive to the gamers. Xbox One S price dropped to an extremely affordable level because of the new model soon release. And if you are buying the console now and you don’t need to play all the games at high FPS and ultra crazy great details maybe the One S is not a bad choice then. But if you are looking for a top performance system then the Xbox One X is the choice.

Considering the price, I think is not the best thing to get a new model. It has all the specifications better than the old model, but the price for me is just too high. If money is no concern for you, then go ahead, I am sure you will not regret the choice because after all Xbox One X will be the best console on the market.


Without a reasonable doubt, we can say that the original Xbox One is dead. Even Microsoft stopped production of the original model, and everything is turned to the Xbox One S and Xbox One X.

On one side you have a new modern latest technology machine capable of running games or videos at maximum resolution and high frames per second ratio. And on the other hand is the One S with the weaker performance but still capable of playing the games and videos at remarkably high resolution, just not as high as the Xbox One X.
But when you take the money you need to pay for each of the consoles into the consideration to choose the right console is not an easy task. Maybe the best thing to do is wait and see what Xbox One X will actually bring to the table. Will the difference of the graphics be visible to the human eye or is all in the paper. After all how big is the difference between 30 FPS ratio and 60 FPS ratio? In watching the movie, I doubt there is any difference, and even at playing the games I doubt that many people will see the difference.

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