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PS4 Pro Review of the 4K Gaming Console
postet by Admin | 2018-01-16 | Console

PlayStation 4 Pro is officially the best console on the market and the only console capable of giving 4k UHD resolution at the moment. PlayStation 4 was released in late 2013, and already then it was the best console on the market. But with the new technology that was rapidly pushing towards 4K resolution, Sony needed to release a console that can give the best possible picture in the biggest possible resolution, 4k. PlayStation 4 Pro was released in late 2016, and it is already one year old and still the best console on the market. PlayStation 4 Pro just beat the competitors, and Xbox One S was not even close to competing with the powerful Sony console

PlayStation 4 Pro is an Upgraded Version of PS4

Sony just upgraded the old machine and make it bigger and more powerful but at the same time capable of HDR and 4K resolution. 4K and HDR are the most significant differences between old PS4 and new PS4 Pro model. But hardware under the hood is also slightly different. PS4 Pro has more memory, extra 1GB DDR3 RAM. Of course, to be able to run high-resolution games in 4K it requires better GPU performance. GPU performance boost is huge; the older model has 1.84 TFLOP GPU while the new Pro model has 4.2 TFLOP GPU. As well the new PlayStation has WiFi 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.0 for wireless gaming controllers. Pro has an additional USB drive. CPU is AMD Jaguar with 2.1 GHz instead of 1.6GHz.

Unfortunately, neither PS4 has 4K Blu-Ray player, for that feature you will need to buy Xbox One S. All the games require extra Pro patch to be downloaded to unlock the high frame and 4K resolution gameplay.

Many PlayStation gamers didn’t upgrade to Pro simply because they didn’t own 4K TV to be able to play at the most highest resolution. But nowadays the TVs capable of 4K resolution are not expensive, and PS4 Pro is again a wanted gear.

Design and Size

The size of the Pro is bigger because it needs space to put all that powerful hardware in place. As well the new console is heavy. By design, you can see that the device is screaming hi-tech. LED lights on black design in the dark are letting everyone in the room know that there under the TV is the new most powerful console. People that come over will poke you to turn that thing on and start the gameplay.

Games on new PS4 Pro Console

All the games that were playable on PS4 are also playable on PS4 Pro. Many games got patches from developers who just coded the new software to get more performance from the console and by that boost the game details and frames per second to the maximum possible number. The games that did not receive patch by the developers, Sony team made sure that those games will get a performance boost as well through the Sony Performance Boost patch. 4k gaming is not yet capable of being run at the high frame rates per seconds unless you think 30 FPS is high. But you can play in 1080P with maximum details and the game will run at 60 FPS. And I am talking about games like GTA V or Witcher 3 which are one of the most demanding games on the market.

PlayStation 4 Pro Controllers

You can choose from many available controllers. Official Dualshock 4 controller is good, and many gamers love it because it is made of high-quality material and buttons are durable and responsive. Maybe the problem is the battery that is not replaceable, and once the battery dies, you need to search for a new controller or send the controller to the service to change the battery. Not sure which solution is cheaper.

One thing that makes the PlayStation 4 Pro different is the various types of controllers available on the market. My favorite controller is Razer Raiju Pro. It has extremely responsive joysticks and high-quality buttons. But what makes it perfect is the custom profile buttons. With a simple click, you can choose the particular profile that you set for different games.

Advantages of PlayStation 4 Pro

– Price is one of the biggest advantages of the Sony console. At the low price, this console is the best on the market as well as the cheapest. It is the best buy console at the moment and maybe it will even stay the best buy console even after the new Xbox One X is released. We will need to wait to see what really will Xbox One X bring to the market.

– 4K gaming with HDR support – this two features is all that an average gamer needs. With a decent TV that is capable of 4K UHD resolution, you can enjoy the games at the most beautiful details.
– Powerful hardware makes sure the Sony PlayStation 4 Pro will stay a decent competitor on the market for the next following years.
– Dualshock 4 controller is ranked as the number one controller on the market. It is a fantastic piece of hardware that lots of gamers use not only on the PS4 Pro but as well on the personal computers.

Disadvantages of PlayStation 4 Pro

– 60FPS is not available for 4K gaming. And that is the only reason why the top gamers that are looking for the best possible performance and details will buy Xbox One X instead of PlayStation 4 Pro. But the rest of the players will probably go with the other consoles.


In 2016 PlayStation 4 Pro was without a doubt first choice when buying a console. And officially it is still the best console on the market. But even in 2016 many PlayStation 4 owners didn’t upgrade because there was no need for 4K gaming since 4K TVs were very expensive. Now technology has moved forward, prices for 4K TVs have dropped, and PlayStation 4 Pro is hitting the market hard. But many gamers are waiting for the new release of the Xbox One X in the November 2017. For extra few dollars, you can get an even more powerful console that will be available for running games in native 4K resolution with 60 FPS. A gamers paradise!

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