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PlayStation Plus Membership Benefits
postet by Admin | 2018-01-14 | Console

PlayStation Plus is a unique membership service offered by Sony for the gamers that want to get more from their PlayStation device. PlayStation Plus offers them to play online games with friends. You can connect with the other players, team up and play your favorite games with them.

PlayStation Plus will work on any PlayStation device, so you create the account once and then later you can use that same account on any other PlayStation. In other words, when the next PlayStation is released you will not need to buy a new account, you can use your existing account, and all the games will be playable on the new device if the game has support for the new console. All the games you buy or download are yours and ready to be played instantly, but once the subscription expires your downloads are taken away, but as soon as you pay for next month everything is given back, and you can start enjoying the play.


PlayStation Plus Benefits and Features

Discounts are what makes this membership worth the money. Discount on new games is sometimes so high that you will get your money back if you are thinking to buy lots of games per year.

PlayStation Plus also gives free games. Every month you will receive free games. You will never get bored of PlayStation because every month you can get some big game and have lots of fun playing it. As long as you have membership access, you are able to play all the free games you got.

Exclusive access is also important to many gamers, in particular for the players that write game reviews. You can get early access to the most upcoming popular games; you can play the closed beta or even demos for the games that yet didn’t get in development. If you love to play early access games and prepare your gaming skills once the game gets released then this feature is the reason why you should get PlayStation Plus membership.

PlayStation Plus will also give you 1GB cloud storage. You can save your games or saves in the games and keep them stored in a secure place.

Should You Get PlayStation Plus Membership

It all depends on how you use your PlayStation. If you are a casual gamer that plays for few minutes every other day and then gets frustrated because the game is too hard, then you should not get membership access because online players you will meet on the server will demolish you.

If you are a competitive guy who likes to play versus others, like to train his gaming skills to the ultimate levels, then you need to have membership access because there is no other place to show your gaming skills than the multiplayer mode.

– 1 Month: 9.99 dollars 

– 3 Months: 24,99 dollars 
– 1 Year: 59,99 dollars

If the above reasons are not enough to get PlayStation Plus, then you need to know that for 59.99$ you will get over 1000$ worth of free games and that alone is a good reason to become the subscriber.

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