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Best Gaming Laptops under 1000$ of 2018
postet by Admin | 2018-03-11 | Laptop

Buying a personal computer for gaming is the best solution for gamers because PC gaming is the oldest way of the gaming and one of the most used all over the world. But laptops are getting more powerful, and many gamers travel and they would like to get their games with them. And the best way to play games everywhere you go is to buy a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops are much more expensive than the laptops used for work. If you compare gaming laptop and gaming PC, then you can see that you will need to throw in a double money to get a decent gaming laptop.

Here are top 5 gaming laptops right now on the market:

HP OMEN 2017

Hewlett and Packard are one of the most known laptop manufacturers. Their laptops are made of high-quality material and use the best components on the market. And in gaming laptops, they do care what they put in.

This high-performance laptop is capable of playing all modern games on high-quality details. The processor is extremely strong, i7 7700HQ is one of the best processors on the market at the moment. The processor is capable of running at 3.8GHz. But the main thing in every gaming equipment is the graphics card. Maybe the graphics card is not the best one on the market, but GTX 1050 with 4GB RAM will do the heavy lifting very good even when you play the most intense games like Witcher 3 or GTA V.

The screen is top quality with IPS and capability of full HD resolution, so that is not the problem when you want to play the games in the most beautiful picture. But maybe 15.6″ LCD will be small for some gamers. Some games just ask to be played on wider screens. There is a fix for that too; you can use cable and connect laptop to the bigger monitor or even connect it to the TV. And that is the beauty of using the laptop for gaming. You can enjoy it everywhere, and you can connect it to various other screens.

Unfortunately, HP Omen has HDD instead of SSD, but because of that little part laptop is under 1000$. RAM is large enough to keep everything in smooth running. 8GB of RAM is today more than enough. If you have or you will buy virtual reality headset, then you can use this laptop with it, because the laptop is VR ready and all you need to do is plug in VR.


– Affordable Price
– High-Quality LCD
– HP Guarantees Quality
– Decent Graphic Card
– Strong Processor
– No SSD
– Maybe Screen Could be 17″

Lenovo Legion Y520 Gaming Laptop

Maybe Lenovo is not building most beautiful laptops on the market, but their laptops are incredibly durable. And this gaming laptop has impressive performances and is capable of running even the most latest games in high-quality details. Thanks to the stable processor i7 7700HQ processing power will be top. Intel i7 7700HQ is a very popular processor in laptops, and in the gaming laptop, it fits perfectly.

Graphics card in Lenovo Legion gaming laptop is better than in HP Omen because it is GTX 1050Ti and that two letters at the end make a significant difference in GPU performance. Lenovo LCD is of the same size as the LCD in HP Omen, but few differences make Lenovo a better choice. For first Lenovo Legion has 256GB SSD and enormous 2TB HDD. SSD is perfect for fast starting of windows and restarting, and everything that is stored on SSD runs faster. And 2TB HDD just guarantees that you can store many games on your gaming laptop.

Lenovo also gives more RAM. They have put double the RAM than we see in HP Omen, 16GB is a guarantee that you will never run out of memory. The keyboard fits perfectly in this setup because it has backlighting. That keyboard feature is perfect for the gamers that love to play games at night in the dark. Those that hate backlit in the keyboard can turn it off quickly.

Lenovo Legion Y520 by performance and setup is a better choice, but if you are looking for high-quality design and material, then HP has an advantage even if it is not in the Lenovo Legion range by the performance.

– Lots of Memory
– 256 SSD is More Than Enough
– Large HDD Disk
– Powerful i7 Processor
– Keyboard Backlit
– Strong GPU
– Small Screen

Acer Aspire VX Gaming Laptop

At first sight, you will notice that this laptop is gaming laptop with a very powerful hardware. Same as the other decent gaming laptops Acer also put popular i7 7700HQ with 3.80GHZ. The LCD screen is also the standard 15.6″ with IPS. Graphics card is popular GTX 1050Ti capable of running games at high performance even if you decide to use an external monitor and use Full HD resolution with high-quality details.

The design makes the Acer Aspire VX stand out; it is designed for the gamers. The backlit keyboard is what gamers who are pro players need. They just need to be able to play at night without having the lights on.

Audio is produced by a high-quality sound card and will make your games enjoyable even if you are not using headphones. But for better quality, I suggest using headphones.

16GB RAM is more than enough, and with so much RAM you are thinking about the future games that may need more than 8GB of RAM which is at the moment the standard amount of the RAM. Every game released until now will work on 8GB of RAM.

Acer Aspire VX follows the modern technology, and they have put 256GB SSD in their gaming model. But they also left a space for HDD of your own choice. You can buy whatever size HDD you like and upgrade your gaming laptop.
– Cool Gaming Design
– Keyboard Backlit for Night Playing
– 256GB SSD
– More Than Enough RAM
– Strong Graphics Card
– 7th Generation Intel Processor
– Small Screen





ASUS ROG is just standing out front the pack with the grand gaming design that will leave every gamer breathless. Under the hood, there are few differences. First of all ASUS ROG does not have the popular 7700HQ, instead of that he has 6700HQ. The difference between the two processors is not huge, but there is a vast difference in the graphics cards. And as you already know the graphics card is most important part of a gaming computer. ASUS ROG uses GTX 980M which is much better than the GTX 1050Ti. That just means that the games will work even more smoother and with even better performance than the games on the laptops with GTX 1050Ti.

But the biggest and also most important fact is the screen. ASUS knows that the screen is necessary, that everyone is looking to play games on a widescreen as possible. That why they use 17″ screen IPS Full HD.

ASUS did not think about using little memory, they have stick 32GB of RAM and to be honest I don’t know why they put such a huge amount of RAM. Maybe they think that gamers that live stream will use their laptop for streaming, which is possible because this machine has the capabilities and power to run streaming software while running the game.

SSD is included with a maximum capacity of 256GB, HDD  also  is not included and to store all your favorite games you would need to buy HDD and upgrade your gaming laptop.

The keyboard is also made with gamers in mind. The keyboard has backlit and anti-ghosting with a possibility of 30 key bindings for more accessible command and control in the battles.

By choosing ASUS ROG you will get one year warranty on accidents. Accidents like liquid spills, electrical surges, and even drops. ASUS just trust their product so much that they also go with this crazy warranty.


– Extremely Powerful Graphics Card
– 17″ Screen
– Warranty
– Gaming Design
– Top Quality Hardware
– Gaming Keyboard
– Price is Too High For Everyone

Acer Nitro 5


Nitro 5 is most affordable gaming laptop that is capable of running all the modern games in high resolution and high details. Thanks to the 7th generation Intel processor (i5-7300HQ) games will be run smoothly. You probably noticed that this laptop is the only one on the list that uses the i5 processor.

Intel i5 is less powerful than i7, there is no doubt in that, but in the gaming computers, the graphics card is the key. And even with a less powerful processor, you can still be able to play games at highest possible performance and details. And the graphics card in Nitro 5 is powerful, GTX 1050 Ti is the same as in the previously mentioned models, and all the games that are run on the previous model will be run on Acer Nitro 5 without a problem. Also, the graphics card will make sure 15.6″ full HD ISP screen is put to good use and give you a perfect crystal clear picture when playing your favorite games. Laptop has 16GB RAM and 256GB of SSD. For extra storage, you would need to add few more bucks.

Audio on Acer laptop is always great, and you can play games without headphones, but I highly suggest to use a high quality headset for best enjoyment in the game.

Design of Nitro 5 is a definite gaming design with red details and keyboard backlit. For the gamers on the budget Acer Aspire Nitro 5 is a perfect choice. Under 900$ you can get a machine that is mobile and capable of running all latest games without any problems.



– Extremely Affordable Price
– Decent Hardware
– 16Gb RAM
– 256Gb SSD
– Beautiful gaming Design
– Keyboard Backlit
– The processor is not i7, but that is not the most crucial part of a gaming computer.

Final Verdict:

This best list of gaming laptops for 2017 contains everything for everyone. People who have unlimited budget can easily get ASUS ROG and enjoy the powers of the mighty gaming machine. As well gamers on the budget can get a decent gaming laptop under 900 dollars by buying Acer Nitro 5, which is not having the most recent hardware capable of maximum possible performance, but still, with Nitro 5 you will be able to run all games and enjoy the play just like with other laptops. ASUS and HP are on higher level than the competition because they are manufacturing laptops and gaming equipment for a long time. HP just guarantees the quality. But that does not mean that other brands do not have quality products.




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