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Best gaming Laptops in 2018 – Buying Guide
postet by Admin | 2019-03-12 | Laptop

A decade ago laptops or notebooks were used mainly by office people. Mobile computers were used to carry work with you from the office to home or any place you like. Ability to move your work and everything you need in a bag and hook that same work online from any location on planet earth that has an internet is what makes laptops popular.

Today people still use laptops for work, many of them use laptops for entertainment, and now we have more and more gamers using laptops. Years ago you would not be able to play most popular graphics demanding games on a laptop. It just didn’t work because a laptop has limited space. Technology back then was not yet so advanced to provide small chips capable of high performance. But technology is growing every day, and today you can play most of the games at the high resolution without a problem. Graphics cards are advancing, and thanks to the cryptocurrency mining demands, graphics cards are getting smaller and more powerful than ever before.

How to Choose Best Laptop Size

A woman says size does not matter, but it really does matter. The bigger the screen, the bigger the space for larger and more powerful components. So if you don’t require maximum mobility, you can go with the large laptop of 17″ or 18″. These sizes are actually the best gaming laptops. The screen is large enough to enjoy the game at a proper size, and there is enough room for a good graphics card and other important components that will make your gameplay for maximum enjoyment.

But if you need more mobility than the 17″ laptop can offer then you can pick a smaller laptop, 15″ and even lower in size. But it all depends on which games you play. If you are playing not very demanding games, then a smaller and affordable laptop is the best choice. But if you are looking to play first-person shooting games at high quality and high resolution then I am afraid you will need the best laptop out there.

What Graphics Card for Your Laptop

Unfortunately, I will need to say to go for the laptop with Nvidia graphics card. There are many reasons to do so.

Nvidia outperforms AMD graphics cards in all fields. But the most crucial area is the energy consumption and heating. Nvidia graphics cards are using less energy than AMD, and in that case, they are much cooler. And we know that laptops have problems with performance when they get too hot. Because of that, choose Nvidia graphics card.

There are many models of Nvidia GPUs, and your choice will be made by the game you play.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            GTX 1060 and GTX 1050 are ideal for casual gamers who play demanding games, but they are not really looking for the best possible quality of the screen. A small portion of the details is sacrificed for the performance when using these cards. Majority of the casual gamers will not even notice that. These GPUs are best for full HD gaming, and you can play some demanding games without a problem. PUBG is playable, and you will not see significant differences in the picture quality. Low demanding games like DOTA 2, LOL and other multiplayers games that are not GPU demanding can be played on these cards without a single problem

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    If you have few dollars extra and you wish to play on higher details and possibly use 4k UHD resolution, than GTX 1070 is an ideal choice. With this graphics card, you can without a problem enjoy all the games in maximum possible resolutions.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080

If money is not your problem, then this card is must have. It is most powerful GPU on the market, and with this GPU you can play all games at maximum resolution and performance. You can enjoy 4K games at maximum performanceand as well experience the virtual reality. But be ready to pay extra dollars because this graphics card is pretty expensive.

What Screen to Choose

The only advice here is that your screen needs to follow you GPU. If you have a high-quality GPU, then you need to have a screen that can use all that quality and put it to work. Make sure your resolution is high enough. Modern laptops all come with 1080P resolution, but some graphics cards can use 4k resolutions, and if you like to enjoy the 4K resolution content then you need to look for a laptop with a screen that is capable of showing 4K content. Touch screens are no go. Don’t buy touchscreen laptop as your gaming laptop system. It just consumes too much energy, produces heat and what game will you play on the touchscreen? The touchscreen is just not for the real gamers.

Keyboard is Very Important for Serious Gamers

When picking a right laptop you may miss the most important fact and that is the keyboard. The keyboard is very important because all games are played with a keyboard. You need to pick a high quality and responsive keyboard, mainly if you play MOBA games like DOTA 2 or LOL. These games require non stop clicking the keys and many times you need to click several keys simultaneously. Because of that, you should look for a keyboard with an anti-ghosting ability which means that if you press several keys simultaneously all of them will be registered. Just think, how many times you were in a battle and you were clicking all that keys, but nothing went through. That’s most probably because of lousy keyboard or lag. You can’t do much about the delay, but about the keyboard, you can do. Thankfully laptop manufacturers know that, and most of them use anti-ghosting keyboards in a gaming laptop. But that is the reason why you need to choose a gaming laptop to play games instead of a regular laptop.

CPU Selection

It is really not a selection because there are only two CPU manufacturers and in a gaming laptop you need to choose Intel. Reasons are simple, AMD is using more energy than Intel and because of that produce more heat than Intel. And when you play games the heat is the main problem. You will put your system on stress, and the system will use more energy and produce more heat. Because of that, you don’t use AMD processors because they may generate too much heat and then your game performance may suffer.

Intel has many CPU models. They have CPUs with a small price which you can often see in regular laptops that are incredibly affordable. But for a gaming laptop, you need to choose CPU that is at least from the i5 series. But I highly recommend using i7 series because that CPUs are at the moment best CPUs on the market.


You can’t go wrong here unless you take 4GB RAM laptop, but I am not sure if there are latest gaming laptops with less than 8GB RAM. 8GB RAM is enough for all games, but if you like to be on safe side, you can go with 16GB and feel safe for upcoming games that may require additional RAM.


Do we even need to ask this question? Everyone knows that SSD is a way to go. It is much faster than HDD and because of that games will load faster, and there will be no glitches in the game because of slow HDD. If you can not afford large SSD, you can have two disks. HDD and SSD. You can use SSD for games, OS, and stuff that require fast loading and file transfer and keep all other files like movies, saved data and videos on the HDD.

What Brand to Choose

Many companies are making laptops, and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Hewlett & Packard

HP is one of the famous companies in the laptop industry. The primary focus of the firm is expensive well-designed business laptops. But HP has their own gaming laptop series under the codename Omen. Omen series has many different models for all kind of gamers. Hewlett & Packard offers one year warranty.


The ASUS also offers one year warranty. ASUS is known for the use of the highest quality components, and their product always comes with a nice well-designed touch. Durable laptops are what this company is known about.


Acer is one of those companies that delivers an excellent decent laptop at an extremely affordable price. Their most known laptops series are Predator and Aspire. They also offer one year warranty to their customers.


If a gaming design with futuristic touch is what you are looking for, then the best laptops for you are from the Alienware company. They offer one year warranty, and their laptops have the unique design.


When you get gaming laptop from Lenovo, you notice that it is not a nicely done laptop. The folks from Lenovo don’t care about design, but their laptops are one of the highest durability. And without a doubt, Lenovo uses a high-quality material to build them.


Aorus offers some of the best gaming laptops on the market. There are various models you can choose, and all of them have an Aorus sign which means quality. Aorus laptops all have two years warranty so keep that as well in your mind when you are choosing a brand.


Razer builds magnificent gaming laptops. Razer is not offering their product in all countries, but you can order them online. I am sure you will not regret if you choose Razer for your gaming laptop.


The team from OriginPC can build custom-made gaming laptop for you. You can choose whatever you want and as long as you are willing to pay for extra stuff they will keep on offering. Very good choice if you need a custom made laptop. If you choose them, you will have lifetime tech support.


MSI is starting to knock on all doors of high technology. They produce GPU, PSU, mouse, keyboard, and many other computer related products. They also have a very good high-quality gaming laptops. And MSI will give you two years warranty.

Fantastic Esports  Best Gaming Laptops for 2018

Razer Blade Pro Gaming Laptop

Razer Blade Pro has it all. It has the high-performance machine under the hood. It has good looking design and lots of gaming features that gamers just love to see on the laptop. One of that features is backlit with a huge amount of colors. Each key is one color. The anti-ghosting keyboard is standard in Razer Blade Pro gaming build.

GPU in this machine is GTX 1060 which is enough for running most games in full HD resolution, and since the laptop has full HD screen, then you really don’t need extra expensive GPU and higher resolutions than that.

7th generation Intel Core i7 processor is there for your stress work out. This CPU can handle any task you put in front of it. 16GB RAM is more than enough, and if you pick this laptop, you will have enough RAM for future games.

All in all this model is a decent selection for all kind of games.

MSI GT73VR Titan Pro

If you wish to step few stairs above in the gaming equipment, then the best choice is this monster. Titan Pro is one of the rare laptops with 4K UHD resolution. And thanks to the best GPU on the market all of the games can be played at maximum resolution with highest possible performance. But Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 with 8GB GDDR5Xmemory is pushing the price for this laptop all the way up to the sky.

If you can afford this fantastic laptop go for it, you will enjoy all the games in maximum quality. And the design of this laptop will leave everyone at the table speechless as soon as you start it.

Performance of the best GPU on the market is further boosted with an i7 processor, i7-7820HK. This CPU is one of the best laptop CPUs.

If you are not trying to save money on a GPU why will you save money on storage? Because of that Titan Pro has 1TB of SSD storage which is huge and more than enough to run all your favorite games. It would be sad to see such a beast using regular HDD.


Another excellent choice for a gaming laptop is coming from EVGA company. EVGA uses almost the same components, and the only difference between EVGA and MSI gaming laptop is that EVGA is putting only 256GB SSD and 1TB HDD instead of a one large SSD like Titan Pro has.

But everything else is almost the same, GTX 1080 is on both machines, and both of them use same Intel processor, and both screens are capable of maximum resolution which at this moment is 4K.

Design of the EVGA is slightly different than the MSI Titan Pro, and it looks like this is a business laptop and not some heavy duty gaming laptop.

Acer Predator 17

Predator 17 is one of the budget-friendly laptops which gives you full HD resolution. Under the hood, we see a robust system. Intel processor i7 is apparently the best choice for the gaming laptop. 32GB RAM is used to make sure this baby never lose memory. And 512GB SSD is large enough to keep all the games you are playing. But there is also additional 1TB HDD to save extra stuff for longer keeping.

Even if the screen is not capable of 4K UHD resolution, this laptop has the GTX 1080 graphics card which means that this machine is oriented more to the performance. Details may not be of highest possible quality, but the performance will be over the roof. Without a problem you can play the most demanding games with all the quality and details turned to maximum.

ASUS ROG G752VS OC Edition Gaming Laptop

Asus Rog is one of the best buy laptops because everything in this model is optimized. It uses as all other gaming laptops so far 17″ screen and it is full HD display, so no 4K resolution on this model. Full HD only display means that probably installing the most expensive graphics card on the market is overkill. That why Asus installed a less expensive but yet almost at the same performance GPU, GTX 1070.

GTX 1070 is also capable of running games at maximum possible details without any performance issues. And since there is no need for 4K resolution a GTX 1070 is a smart choice. And because of that, this model is one of the best buy gaming laptops on the market.

And this one also has some fancy extra features like ROG 3D Mobile Vapor Chamber which boost the GPU performance for additional 6%. Keyboard has an anti-ghosting capability, and if you have VR headset, you can use it without a problem.

Gigabyte P57Xv7-KL3K3

The simple design will make you think that this is not a gaming laptop. But this model from Gigabyte is extremely powerful. It is extremely affordable laptop considering you will get GTX  1070 GPUwith which you will run all the games you like without a single problem.

The screen in this model is also 17,” and you can play games in full HD resolution. 256 SSD and addition 1TB HDD is enough storage space for gaming and extra savings.

The only difference in this one is CPU. The CPU is i7-7700HQ, and that is the only difference you will notice. In the game, you will not feel a single difference because the difference between this Intel processor and the i7-7820HK is minuscule.

Aorus X5

Aorus X5 is the first model on this list that is smaller in size. This model uses 15″ screen. It has more focus on mobility. But if you look at the components inside the Aorus you will see that it has the same power as previously mentioned models.

Aorus X5 has the i7 processor like all other models, and it uses Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 8GB and 16GB RAM. Nothing is missing from this configuration, and that means that if you decide to purchase this model, then you be able to play all the games at maximum performance.

Thunderbolt 3 is the port that allows ultra-fast transfers of up to 40GB per second. It is a most powerful port at this moment.Thunderbolt 3 is the reason why the original laptop screen is small. Because with Thunderbolt 3 you can connect gaming laptop to the most extensive monitor and display a maximum possible resolution without any problems. That is the reason why this small in size laptop has the same price as some of the bigger ones.

MSI GS63VR Stealth Pro

MSI in this model offers different specifications. This model has smaller screen, 15″. But instead of that, it has 4K display and possibility of playing games in maximum resolution. For such a small screen even a GTX 1060 with 6GB memory is enough to provide a decent performance at maximum resolution.

16GB RAM is installed for future gaming, and the storage space is more significant than in most of the laptops on this list. MSI offers an SSD with 512GB and 2TB HDD. With this model, you will never run out of space. And this model is ideal not only for gaming but for watching videos. You can store an enormous amount of videos on that huge HDD.

Just like the previously mentioned model, this one also has powerful Thunderbolt 3 port which means that if you like you can port a bigger screen and enjoy the gaming on that bigger screen. 


Buying a perfect gaming laptop requires patient and some knowledge. But with the help of this guide, you can get some ideas what best fits your needs. Once you know what you need and how you wish to play on the gaming laptop, you can choose one of the models above. Fantastic eSports suggests the models, and I am sure whatever gaming laptop you pick from the list, you will not make a wrong decision.

We are Esports lover, gamers and enthusiasts who through the years have acquired enough knowledge by competing in various competitions; to now be able to create a successful Esports organization and a good quality team.