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Top 5 Gaming Mouse Under 50$ of 2018
postet by Admin | 2018-01-23 | Gear

For a gaming mouse, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a decent mouse that will serve you well for ages. Gaming mouse needs to be wired because you can not lose the battle because of lousy transmission between the mouse and computer. Sadly Bluetooth, infrared or wifi communications are not yet 100% stable and can get interferences quite often. These interruptions may cost you a battle in your favorite game.

Top 5 Gaming Mouses

Razer DeathAdder 2013

This ergonomic mouse is a classic gaming mouse capable of 6400DPI. The design is perfect for gamers that are looking for comfortable gaming. It fits perfectly in hand and the material used to make this fantastic mouse will prevent sweating of your palm and at the same time give you a better grip. Buttons are very responsive, and if you are looking for a smooth clicking mouse, then the Razer DeathAdder 2013 is a smart choice. The mouse is built for the gamers that want to hold in game control all the time and thanks to the high sensors of DeathAdder you are capable of tracking a Z-axis at the 1 mm on almost all surfaces including glass tables. You can choose to use the mouse in slow or fast speed all depending on the game you play and what you need from the mouse.

The mouse also has five programmable hyperresponsive buttons. The weight of the mouse is 105 grams which is an ideal weight for the gamers that love low weight mouse.


– Very Accurate Mouse                                                         
– Extremely Responsive Buttons
– Cool Design
– For some gamers, 6400DPI will be too low.

Tt eSPORTS Ventus X

Thermaltake is a well know company that produces coolers, PC cases, and power supplies. But as well they make other PC components including gaming mouses. Ventus X is a professional gaming mouse with lots of options and excellent specifications.

Design of this gaming mouse is unique. The mouse is engineered in a way to prevent sweating through an aerodynamic design. The air will flow through the mouse, and that way avoid sweating. This mouse is ideal for gamers that are playing long games and are always using the mouse. Game types like first-person shooters or fast MOBA games. The mouse is right for MOBA games and other RPG games because it has six programmable buttons and you can use five individual profiles, and these two options are essential for the games that require fast switching of the mouse settings.

Ventus X has so many customization possibilities that probably a casual player will just not use. Ventus X is for professional gamers and semi-professional gamers that want to take all the advantages before the game starts in their own hands.


– Made for Professionals                                                
– Very good for popular MOBA games
– Ideal for RPG games
– Overkill For New Players

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

Logitech is the company that is leading the market in gaming mouse sector. G502 is probably one of the best mouse on the market, and it is ideal for first-person shooting games. Extremely high DPI makes this mouse responding in a lightning speed. Maximum DPI for this mouse is 12 000. But you don’t need to play at the highest possible DPI. You can switch DPI really fast on the fly and only use maximum DPI in certain situations. This switching DPI may be too complicated for a regular gamer, but professionals need to use this kind of fast DPI changing abilities to get a maximum advantage from the mouse.

The mouse has 11 programmable buttons so the games like DOTA or other RPG games can easily be played with this mouse. But the primary focus of this mouse is the FPS genre. With this fantastic mouse comes a software that will help you adjust the mouse for your needs, for the surface you use and all the buttons you want to programme.


– Ideal for FPS                                                                           
– Extremely fast mouse with maximum 12000DPI
– 11 Buttons
– Good for RPG games as well
– None


Roccat produced terrific mouse for southpaw players. Actually, this mouse is good for righthanded and lefthanded players because left and right side of the mouse is completely mirrored. In other words, there are ten buttons to use. You would think that this a lot, but it is built in that way so the left and right-handed people can use this mouse. You will hardly be able to use all ten buttons, but the 5 of those ten buttons can be used without a problem. But the Kova has a feature that’s called Easy Shift, and if you press that button, then the total button functions grow to 22. Because of that feature, this mouse is many times used by hardcore gamers who can remember all the 22 functions of each button. For the regular player who is not playing all day long the same game, this feature is not needed because there is no way he will remember a single function of the button hardly yet 22 of them.

The mouse has 3500DPI which is overdriven to 7000DPI and for some gamers that is just not enough. Some players that play fast action games like Counter-Strike or Fortnite will find this mouse a bit slow. But the extra buttons and ability to be used by left-handed people make this mouse ideal for RPG and MOBA games. WOW, DOTA, LOL players may find this mouse ideal for them.


– RPG and MOBA oriented mouse                        
– Usable by left-handed people
– Maybe too slow for fast gaming

Corsair Gaming Sabre

Corsair made this fantastic mouse to fit all kind of players. The mouse is extremely light and has only 100 grams. With little weight, this mouse guarantees longer playing time without getting hand fatigue. The mouse is extremely fast, maximum 10000DPI is enough to serve RPG gamers but as well FPS gamers. Software that comes with this mouse will let you customize all the buttons and DPI for your need and the game you are playing. There are eight buttons, and that is just perfect for role-playing games like DOTA 2, World of Warcraft, Albion Online and other games where you have items to use and spells to cast.

Design of the most is perfect. It is ergonomically designed and fits excellent in hand. As well as most gaming mouses it has an excellent grip, and it supports multiple grip styles.


– Suitable for all type of gamers                
– Excellent Grip
– High-Quality Material
– None


To choose a proper gaming mouse, it will all depend on what you prefer and the games you are playing. Some mouses have higher DPI and some lower. Some of them are more oriented to FPS games while others are oriented to RPG games. If you are undecided and at the moment you prefer all kind of games, then you can get Corsair Gaming Sabre mouse and be sure that this mouse will cover all the games you play. If you are mostly into FPS gaming, the Logitech G502 is the perfect mouse for you. And if you are “lefty” then you have no other choice than to use Roccat Kova.

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