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TOP 5 Gaming keyboard under 50$ of 2018
postet by Admin | 2018-01-20 | Gear

The keyboard is a second component that is most important to the gamers. With a decent keyboard, you are sure that when the time comes and you need to respond fast, and accurately the keyboard will not let you down. That is the reason why gamers look for the mechanical gaming keyboard. There are many types of keyboards, some of them are focused on standard FPS games, and others are focused more on the QWERTY style of playing like an MMORPG.

Best Gaming Keyboards

MSI Interceptor DS4200

MSI created this beautiful looking keyboard with cool colors. You can customize the colors for your pleasure, but the illuminated keyboard is also perfect if you are playing in the dark.

The keyboard has multimedia keys and gaming mode keys. With a shortcut keys, you can quickly increase or decrease volume and control other multimedia functions. Gaming mode key will prevent you from accidentally clicking the windows keys and leaving the game. This can be very handy in some situations where you are in the middle of the crazy battle, and you are just pushing all the buttons like crazy. In this kind of situations there is a high chance you will misclick and leave the game, and unfortunately, when you come back you will find your character dead.

The keyboard is sadly not mechanical, but it will give you a mechanical feel. All the keys on the keyboard are replaceable.

– Water Repellent
– Gaming Mode Key
– Made from High-Quality Material
– Cool Design
– Price
– Not Mechanical

Tomoko Mechanical Gaming Keyboard  

This gaming keyboard has 104 keys, and it is waterproof. It can not be damaged by spilling water on it. All 104 keys can be anti ghosted and work simultaneously without confliction. This just gives more room for the pro players to push more keys at the same time and not being ghosted. The keyboard is mechanical, and you will notice the difference as soon as you start typing on it.

The keyboard is build of top-grade metal and plastic. It is durable and robust which means it will serve you for a more extended period. It also has holes at the bottom if you accidentally spill water.

Regrettably, the keyboard has no backlit which will turn off some gamers that love to play in the dark.


– High-Quality Material
– Durable and Robust Keyboard
– Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
– Anti Ghosting all 104 Keys
– No Backlit

Corsair Gaming K55


Corsair makes quality computer components. The same thing is with this keyboard. It is a high quality made keyboard with a tremendous backlit feature. You can programme up to 10 lightning modes and enjoy the dark night gaming. Keyboard also has six programmable keys for the macros you wish to use which is extremely useful in MMORPG games like DOTA, LOL, WOW and other games where you need to execute different spells, combos or some other actions in a proper order to be as most efficient as possible.

K55 has audio control buttons with which you can easily access the sound settings and adjust them without leaving the game. Keys are very quiet, and you will enjoy the fast responsiveness in fast paced games.

The keyboard is perfectly designed for the gamers who love to play in the dark and anti-ghosting feature just guarantees the accurate clicking.

Sadly this is membrane keyboard and not mechanical. True gamers prefer mechanical keyboards because of ultra fast responsiveness.


– Cool Programmable Backlit Colors
– Great Design
– High-Quality Material
– Extra Programmable Keys
– Anti Ghosting
– Not Mechanical Keyboard

LESHP Mechanical Keyboard


Real mechanical gaming keyboard with a fast key response. It has reinforced space key for quicker and reliable clicking. Ergonomic design and mechanical feeling will make sure the player stays on the course of his target even when he is playing for several hours. The keyboard has backlit with three modes. You can fast switch lightning mode by pressing FN and ESC key.

Multimedia keys assure you not to leave the game even if you want to adjust the volume in the game. You can play songs without leaving the game, mute the mic, quick check email, internet all with these shortcut keys.

LESHP is very affordable mechanical keyboard on the market and if you never used mechanical keyboard before maybe this one is good to start.


– Mechanical Keyboard
– Backlit Light
– Usable in the Dark
– Durable Material
– Affordable Price
– Not so well known brand

Razer DeathStalker Essential

Razer is well know gaming product manufacturer and this keyboard is made with gamers in mind. If you are looking a reliable fast responsive keyboard then you should choose Razer. With anti-ghosting on all keys, this keyboard is ideal for gamers that are using their fingers extremely fast and many times press several buttons at once.

The keyboard is missing the backlit light and the gamers that play in the night when it is dark in the room will find it hard to use. Deathstalker has wrist rest that is not removable which will ensure hours of playing without needing a rest.

Razer implemented in this keyboard a gaming mode which will prevent accidental clicking of windows dedicated keys and in that way prevent accidentally leaving the game.


– Razer Guarantees Quality
– Anti Ghosting Capability
– Gaming Mode
– Wrist Rest
– No Backlit Light


It is really hard to find a proper gaming keyboard for under 50$, but the keyboards mentioned above are ideal for the gamers that are on the budget. If you really need to have a mechanical keyboard, there are two of them to take, LESHP Mechanical Keyboard and Tomoko Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. Both of this brands are not really known for the gaming and PC components builders world, but they made great mechanical keyboards that everyone can afford. If you instead pick membrane keyboard and go with a well-known gaming brand, you can choose Razer or Corsair. Finding the best keyboard is not an easy task, and it will mostly depend on the games you are playing and if the anti-ghosting mode is really essential on a whole keyboard.

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