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TOP 5 Gaming Headset Under 50$ of 2018
postet by Admin | 2018-01-23 | Gear

Gaming headset needs to be wired just like the keyboard and mouse. The wireless headset can get interfered, and you may not hear that enemy is sneaking behind you and that will cost you a point, life or you may even lose the whole game. And even for a single player mode, you want to have as much quality sound in your ears as possible, and with today’s technology wireless headsets are not yet on the level to provide that.

For a single player mode headset without a microphone may be used and many gamers especially streamers go for a high-quality headset without a microphone because they will buy a professional microphone to give them a best possible voice while they stream. Yea, now I told you a secret why those streams have a cool voice.

Best Gaming Headset

Thermaltake HT-SHK002ECBL eSports Shock

Thermaltake produces a quality equipment, and there is no difference when we talk about the headset from Thermaltake production. Shock is an eSports gaming headset which means that it has a high-quality microphone that will keep the communication between members of the team clear at all time. The microphone also has noise canceling function which means that background noise will be removed and you will be heard more clearer by your members.

The whole headset is foldable and when folded will not take too much space on your desk. Quality of the headbandis high and will provide an excellent cushion on the ears and the head. This headset can be used for several hours without any pain in your ears or head.


– Noise Canceling Function in Microphone
– Nice Design
– High-Quality Durable Material
– Perfect for eSport gamers
– none

Razer Kraken

Razer Kraken is another eSports headset. This headset is compatible with PS4 and PC. The microphone is built into the headset, and it is a high-quality microphone capable of giving a crystal clear voice all the time. Background noise is also canceled to make sure your voice is clear to the members of the team. Good for first-person shooting and MOBA games.

The comfortable design of this headset ensures longer time playing without any fatigue or pain in the ears. Ingame voices and sounds are crystal clear, and you can easily position the sound you hear. The headset uses virtual surround sound, and that will just project the sound in your ears at the exact position. For example, if the gunfire comes behind you, you will hear it from you.

The headset has many options, and you can even use personalized audio calibration.


– High-Quality Microphone
– Positional Virtual Surround Sound System
– Personalized Settings
– Comfortable for Extended Use
– None

SteelSeries Siberia 150

SteelSeries Siberia 150 is one of those headsets that come with a hidden microphone. The headset is capable of giving 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound, and that just means that you will correctly position object you hear in the game. Meaning orientation by the sound will be entirely accurate. That is a massive advantage for the pro gamers.

Earcup is enclosed and made with an extremely comfortable material that will block all outside sound and force you to hear only the things that matter in the game.

The microphone is really interesting because it is invisible, meaning it is built inside of the headset. With just taping the left earcup you can go silent, this is exceptionally usable in some games, saying you can be on air all the time and won’t need to push a button, just tap the earcup and your voice will be transmitted. These little features are actually advantages in some of the games where communication is crucial, games like Albion Online, Counter-Strike or DOTA.


– Extremely Comfortable Earcups
– Modern Design
– Light like a feather
– Inbuild Microphone with Special Mute
– none

Etekcity Comfortable H5GX

Etekcity Comfortable H5GX is the ideal headset for gaming or chatting. Etekcity Comfortable H5GX has a high-quality omnidirectional playback. In other words, this headset as well has a feature to position gunfire or explosions in the game. By just hearing the sound you can predict where your enemy is going and what are his intentions.

The microphone is capable of precise audio transmission. This headset is ready to go, and that is the most significant advantage of this headset, you just plug it into the USB, and you are ready to use it. No need to download any drivers or install any software. It is ideal for casual gamers. Even Mac users can enjoy the crystal clear sound of the Etekcity headset.


– Ready to go headset
– Clear Stereo Sound
– Omnidirectional Playback
– none

Logitech G230

Logitech G230 is one of the most recognizable headsets under 50$. Made by Logitech you can be assured that the quality of this headset is high. The headset has a high quality stereo sound which will give you a crystal clear rich sound. As well as all modern headsets G230 also has the microphone noise cancellation function which will cancel all the background sound and make your voice be heard in high quality without any interferences.

On the cable, you can adjust volume as well as quick mute the microphone. The modern light design is ideal for the gamers that are playing for several hours.


– High-Quality Sound
– Noise Cancellation Function
– Modern Design
– None


There are not many differences between the headsets mentioned above. If you prefer eSports games, then a good choice is eSports headset like Razer Kraken or Tt eSports Shock headset. If you want high-quality sound, then I suggest you go with Logitech G230 or SteelSeries Siberia 150. But whatever headset you pick I am sure it will give you a high-quality sound and a significant advantage in the game. Headsets are just must have if you are a competitive gamer.

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