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Best Gaming Keyboard for LOL
postet by Admin | 2018-03-09 | Gear

If you are serious about the gaming and even if you are not a professional gamer you would like to take every advantage, you can take. Graphics cards are essential and players often talk about the GPUs. Next is the monitor, it is important, if it is terrible you will be in a disadvantage. For LOL mouse is extremely important part of the gaming equipment, everyone knows that. But keyboard, many players don’t pay enough attention to the keyboard. Keyboard needs to be gaming with the anti-ghosting feature enabled. A gamer in LOL types fast and many times gamers push several keys at same time, and only gaming keyboard with anti ghosting feature will be able to recognize each keystroke.

Bellow, you can find the best gaming keyboard for LOL picked by FantasticeSports:

Razer BlackWidow Chroma v2

If you are using a standard keyboard and you have decided to switch it for Razer BlackWidow Chroma, then you will see the whole difference. The difference is so big that all of a sudden you will be a better player and I would not be surprised that your ranking will go up as soon as you buy this ideal LOL gaming keyboard. It is ideal because it is a mechanical keyboard which means that every push on the key will be recorded. This keyboard also has a colossal lifespan of the keys. The standard keyboard has 50 million strokes while Razer Mechanical Switch technologyprovides over 80 millions strokes. That is almost the double the amount. Only with this feature, it is worth to pay double the money for this keyboard. The keyboard is designed for extended gaming. Ergonomics provide soothing comfort to your wrist, and long lasting LOL games will put no fatigue on your hands. RGB lighting and lights on the keyboard are what gamers love. Razer Chroma has backlight with 1.8 millions of customizable colors.

Corsair K63

Corsair K63 is a fantastic keyboard for LOL, it is short, there is no numeric pad, and that means that mouse is closer to the keyboard and some gamers prefer that. This keyboard is also mechanical with the anti-ghosting feature. 100% anti-ghosting guarantees that all the keystrokes will be recorded, so be careful what you click. A good feature of this keyboard and all of the gaming keyboards is the ability to assign macros to a specific key. On Corsair K63 you can set macro on every key you like. The backlight of Corsair K63 is in red, and you can not choose a different color, maybe that is a disadvantage if we compare it with Razer Chroma, but that will for sure not make any difference in LOL game.

Tt eSsports Meka G Unit

Now, this piece of high tech equipment may make a serious difference in LOL games. And the most significant difference is mentioned in the title. This keyboard is made with a significant focus on eSports. The biggest difference is extra keys on the left side, this keys can be set to macros, and some of the complex heroes in LOL that require lots of clicking can be easily done on this keyboard than on the standard keyboard without these keys. Thermaltake keyboard is ideal for MOBA games such as LOL and maybe not that ideal for FPS games. I mean there is no significant difference between Tt keyboard and standard keyboard or the keyboards mentioned in this article. This keyboard also has wrist pad for relaxing and more comfortable playing. 60 keys can be programmable, and you can even set 3 profiles for 3 different games. This programmable feature means that you can switch games and your keyboard settings with just one click.

Logitech G413

Logitech is a well know company in the gaming industry and the IT equipment industry overall. They produce various things and are well known for the high-quality keyboards. And the G413 just on the first sight screams high quality. It is made of aircraft aluminum alloy, and that just says enough about what quality we are talking here. Keys have the light just as in Corsair K63 keyboard model. The light is red, and you can play at night without a problem. Red light is advised to be used in the night because it is a most natural light for the night and long game playing. Logitech is known for great anti-ghosting keyboards and G413 is 100% anti-ghosting featured keyboard. You can activate and deactivate keys, and for an example, you can disable windows key, and you will never lose a game for accidentally clicking it. This keyboard also has an option to programme keys and make macros.

The Best Budget Keyboards for LOL

Redragon K551 VARA

K551 VARA by Redragon is worth to be mentioned because this is a budget mechanical keyboard from China. China is slowly taking over the world with extremely affordable gaming equipment which is not far behind most popular gaming hardware. Maybe K551 VARA is not made with such a high-quality material like Logitech G413 but red light for night playing and the anti-ghosting feature is present. In other words, you will just be fine by using this affordable keyboard and will for sure help you win some LOL matches. The most significant advantage of this keyboard is the price. And the standard gaming features like multimedia keys, LED backlight, and even ergonomic design are here. In other words, this is an excellent keyboard for a couple of dollars that may change your LOL career for the better. What can you lose? Try it, and if you see that a gaming keyboard is actually good for you and helps you with a LOL game, then you can maybe invest and buy more expensive keyboard than this and further improve your game.

Gamdias Ares 7

Gamdias is the new company founded in 2012, and they already made a keyboard that is affordable and good. This keyboard has a long resting wrist pad, and for a small desk this may be a problem, but you can always remove that additional ergonomic feature which actually helps you with long lasting games which you will for sure occur when playing LOL. Keystroke life is maybe not the highest, but 10 million keystrokes are enough for lots of gaming. Another exciting and good feature of this budget keyboard is spill-resistant design. You don’t have to worry if you spill some water over it because the keyboard is resistant to the spills. You can also use 23 key rollovers for macros which are very useful in games such as LOL.

Final Verdict

It is hard to choose which keyboard to pick if money don’t concern you. There are many high-quality keyboards, and the ones on this list are just the one we think are the best for LOL. But every individual prefers a different keyboard, and every gamer is different and has unique game style. If you are on the budget, then you can choose from two budget keyboards, Redragon or Gamdias, both of them are affordable and good. Maybe Gamdias is more affordable because you can get a decent gaming mouse for free.

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