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Best Gaming Mouse For LOL
postet by Admin | 2018-03-08 | Gear

Every gamer needs perfect equipment which will give him an additional edge in the game such as LOL. Because of that mouse industry is producing amazing mouses for the players. Difference between a standard budget mouse for few dollars and real gaming mouse is enormous. Gaming mouse usually has more buttons, more features and higher performance than the budget mouse. Every gamer whether he is professional or casual gamer need to have decent equipment. Maybe you don’t need to spend lots of money on gaming equipment if you are a casual player, but you surely don’t want to play games on a lousy monitor, lousy keyboard, and slow, lousy performance mouse. That is a recipe for disaster and lots of frustrations when you will be playing your favorite games.

Lousy performance mouse may move the cursor too far, and you will just miss all the aiming and shoot blanks while the opponent who is slower and worse than you is using a perfect mouse for the game and his aiming is on the target. There are lots of situation when you just miss all the shots and some players even call the opponent a cheater, but the reality is that all your shots got wide because of a lousy mouse.

Modern competitive games require lots of reflexes and reactions that need to be executed as fast as possible, so do yourself a favor and buy a proper mouse if you wish to win as much as possible LOL games.

Bellow, you can read about some best LOL gaming mouses that FantasticEsports recommends:

Razer DeathAdder Elite

Razer is known for very fancy gaming equipment, lots of money is invested in making a good looking mouse, but in reality, this mouse is also useful in various games. 16000 DPI and 450 IPS true tracking will give you an advantage in every game. Mechanical mouse switches guarantees over 50 million clicks and will not fail you in games. This mouse also has some fancy lighting effects if you like that kind of gadgets.

Overall this mouse is ideal for first-person shooting games as well as for real-time strategy games and MOBA such as LOL. It is a perfect mouse for various games, and if you decide to go with this mouse, you will for sure not regret your decision.

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse


Logitech G series mouse screams for first-person shooting games. Focused on the FPS games, we may say that this is the best mouse for first person shooting games that you can buy right now on the market. This high-performance mouse has a resolution from 200 to 12000 DPI, and you can set various DPI settings which you can change automatically during the gameplay. This feature is handy for different combat situations. For example when you are using a sniper, and you need a steady pinpoint shot, then you should use lower DPI, but if you are going head to head close combat, then higher DPI is recommended.

The main focus of this mouse is on FPS games, but since it has many buttons which can be programmable to whatever you like then G502 can be used in MOBA games like LOL as well without any troubles.

SteelSeries Rival 310 

If the accuracy is what you need and you have troubles in the games with accuracy then maybe you should consider getting SteelSeries Rival 310 because this is a first mouse that offers 1 to 1 tracking. 1 to 1 tracking means that the distance you move on the pad is always the same as the distance on the screen. Many other mouses have trouble with that and have a huge deviation in that measurement.

The material used in this little mouse is of high quality. It has many fancy things like silicone side grips, fiber reinforced plastic and fingerprint resistant finish which gives you a massive advantage in long-lasting games like DOTA2 or LOL. Ergonomic design also makes sure that hand fatigue will not be the reason you lost a match.

The Best Wireless Mouse for LOL

Razer Mamba

 You have probably read many reviews about gaming mouses where the recommendations say that the mouse needs to be wired. Wired mouses have a massive advantage because there is no interference and the speed of the mouse on the wire have no lag or any kind of latency. But Razer Mamba is the mouse that has 1ms response which equals to the same response a gaming monitor has. Razer Mamba is the first wireless mouse that is fast and even faster as most gaming mouses. It has fantastic 16000 DPI and adjustable click force technology. For a game with few clicking where you need to be sure you have actually click the button, like when doing a headshot snipping you should use more force while in the LOL games where you are clicking like crazy a less force is recommended. This technology can really make a difference.
Ergonomic design also makes sure the long-lasting matches are not putting any pressure on your hands.

The Best Budget Mouse for LOL

Redragon M601

Redragon M601 gaming mouse has a significant advantage over all other gaming mouses mentioned in this review, and that is the price. For such a low price you should get one and just test it how it feels. This mouse is ten times cheaper than a most expensive mouse on the list, and if you ask me if the difference in performance is ten times less, I would say no way. Redragon M601 is a well-designed mouse with extra buttons, and it even has weights that you can adjust for extra ergonomics. Redragon is a new company from China, and their primary focus is to deliver affordable gaming equipment that is not far behind expensive gaming equipment. 3200 DPI and 4 adjustable DPI levels make this mouse ideal for various games. The software also has an option to programme extra buttons which is very good for LOL game. Considering the price no mouse can outmatch the Redragon M601.

Best Gaming Mouse for Left Handers


BenQ ZOWIE FK1 is an exciting mouse which can be used by right and left-handed persons. The ideal grips for this mouse are palm and claw. It also has 4 level of adjustable DPI setting: 400/800/1600/3200. It has five buttons, and that is the main disadvantage of this mouse. It is not an ideal mouse for MOBA games which require as many buttons as possible which you can programme for different in-game actions. The focus of this gaming mouse is more on the first person shooting games and the games where you don’t need to have more than five programmable buttons. Some real-time strategies work great with this mouse. If you are a left-handed player then without a doubt this mouse is the perfect mouse for you and will for sure get your game on a whole new level because with this mouse you will not need to bother with the anti ergonomic design which is a problem on a right-handed mouses.


Getting a right gaming mouse is hard. First, you should know what your hand grip is. Most of the people use claw and palm grip, and most of the mouses are made for that grips, but if you are using a fingertip grip, then you will need to test this mouses in a store to see if they really fit your style of play. Before a final decision is made you need to know what kind of games will you play, for MOBA games you really need a mouse with lots of buttons which you can programme for your advantage in the game.

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