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Astralis overcomes Liquid to win BLAST
postet by Markal | 2019-03-24 | CS:GO

Fifth edition of BLAST Pro Series went to Astralis, who in the finals, managed to come back from one map deficit, beating Liquid 2-1 (13-16, 16-8, 16-2). For their map pick, Liquid chose Dust2, same map they lost to Astralis in a tense finish (13-16) the day before. It started great for the American squad on T side, they took the pistol round and managed to convert it into two more. After that, Astralis takes the initiative, taking five rounds in a row. Liquid strikes back and goes to the half-time with minimal advantage. At the start of second half, Astralis does what Liquid did in the first, they take the pistol and, with it, the next two rounds. Liquid manages to slow them down, but the Danish squad quickly jumps ahead with a 13-10 lead. What looked as a routine map win for the best Counter-Strike team in the world, turned into a comeback, wiith Liquid taking last six round of the map. This time it's them closing it out 16-13, securing a well needed advantage in the finals, since now they're now heading into Astralis's map pick – Inferno, on which the Danes hold an impressive 15 win streak. Inferno looked like it usually looks like when Astralis are playing, with them quickly jumping to a 10-0 lead. Liquid manages to salvage the situation, adding couple of their own to the score count, even taking the pistol round to open the second half, but Astralis manages to close out the map in dominant fashion, with the score 16-8. On the decider, Overpass, Liquid completely crumbles. Astralis cruises to a 16-2 victory, once again asserting their dominance in the Counter-Strike world, winning the BLAST title and taking home the check with $125,000.

Third place, which lead to BLAST Pro Stand-off, belonged to ENCE. ENCE had the same record as Liquid, but they just missed the finals due to having worse round difference. These two met in the last match of the group phase, with ENCE needing the win to advance. They had a 15-14 advantage and a 5v3 in the last round, that they didn't manage to convert, which surely left a sour taste in their mouth, given that they have played excellent Counter-Strike in the tournament, confirming that their Major performance wasn't a fluke. In the stand-off worth $20,000, ENCE faced the home team, MIBR, which was voted by the crowd to participate in the challenge despite finishing last in the group. Brazilians will surely want to forget about this tournament as soon as possible, given that their team was left without a win, and to add insult to the injury, they got completely decimated in the stand-off, with every player of ENCE outclassing their counterpart in in the 1v1's.

Group stage results:


Final standings:

Astralis - $125,000

Liquid - $50,000
ENCE - $25,000+$20,000 from winning stand-off
NiP - $15,000
FaZe - $10,000
MIBR - $5,000


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