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LEC&LCS hit the playoffs phase
postet by Markal | 2019-03-28 | League of Legends

Regular seasons of European (LEC) and American (LCS) League of Legends championship are finalized. What comes next is the playoffs phase, where we'll have an opportunity to see the teams that secured top 6 seeds battle it out on the rift. Let's dive into the LEC first, given that the regular season finished a week earlier than the American counterpart.

Top of the table was secured by G2 Esports, despite losing four of their last five matches. However, that record doesn't really do them justice, since they were missing their dominant support, Mikyx, in the last week of competition, due to recovery from an injury. It will be interesting to see if, once we hit the playoffs, G2 will return to their from the start of the season, where they were just stomping everyone who came in their way. Second seed was claimed by Origen, who, after a poor start, managed to get back onto their feet, looking better and better as the season progressed. Third seed was taken by revitalized Fnatic. The European giant managed to save the season, after a disastrous start, by winning eight matches in a row to close it out. Their only loss in the second half was to SK Gaming. That loss and the one in the season opener persuaded Fnatic to pick Vitality, who in general, have performed better than SK Gaming, for their opponent in the first round of playoffs. As a reminder, third place seed has the benefit of choosing their opponent out of 5th and 6th, which opens an opportunity for them to create, what they feel is, a better match-up, regardless of the standings. With that, fourth-placed Splyce will have to square off with rookie squad of SK Gaming, who barely secured their place in the playoffs by eliminating FC Schalke 04 in the tiebreaker. As for the format, there have been some changes in the LEC. First and the second seed will no longer „wait“ for their opponents in the semis; instead, they will go into a „Juggernaut“ match-up. Winner goes directly to the grand finals, while the loser will, in the fight for Rotterdam, meet one of the four teams that manage to get out of first and second round.

We're hitting the Rift on Friday, March 29, at 19:00 CET, when Fnatic battle it out with Vitality. Splyce and SK Gaming will meet the next day, at 17:00 CET.

As for the LCS, Team Liquid was the one to top the standings and secure first seed. Even though they had the same record as Cloud9, who looked great with their addition of European midlaner Nisqy, they won both of head to head matches, which gave them a push. TL wouldn't even be in this situation, hadn't they lost three matches in the row to close out the season, which put a little speck on their dominance, but there's no doubt that come playoffs, this experienced squad will get right back on track. Third seed was secured by TSM, whose move of signing talented Turkish League midlaner, Broken Blade, turned out to be brilliant. TSM, after a subpar start, managed to pick it up, and in what way! They've won 11 of their last 12 matches, dropping game only to Cloud9. Fans of the most popular American organization can definitely be satisfied with the team's form, with the playoffs on the horizon. Fourth place was secured by FlyQuest, who managed to beat Golden Guardians in the tiebreaker. Guardians, LoL team of Golden State Warriors, will make their first playoffs appearance. Last ticket to playoffs was snatched by Echo Fox, who will have a very tough match-up, facing TSM in the Quarters. Playoffs format remained the same in LCS. Team Liquid will, as the first seed, have an opportunity to choose which of the Quarterfinals winners will they face, while Cloud9 will face whoever's left.

Action starts on Saturday, with FlyQuest and Golden Guardians squaring off, right after the LEC match, at approximately 22:00 CET. TSM and Echo Fox will look for their semis spot day later, starting at 21:00 CET.

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