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EU Masters play-ins kick off
postet by Markal | 2019-04-13 | League of Legends

With day 1 of the EU Masters play-ins finalized, two LEC academy teams – Misfits Premier and SK Gaming Prime, managed to top the table, opening the play-ins with the perfect 2-0 record. Aside from them, Polish have also found their spot in the undefeated column, winning the only match they played. EBL representative, Crvena Zvezda, finished the day with a 1-1 record. Zvezda lost the opener to Misfits Premier but managed to get even by beating Finnish NYYRIKKI White to close out the day. Diabolus is also in the 1-1 column, which is a decent result, given their schedule. The biggest surprise of the first day was certainly the horrid performance of MAD Lions, who've found themselves in a bit of a predicament, losing all 3 of their matches, which nailed them to the last spot. NYYRIKKI White also wait on their first W, losing both of their matches.

As for the format of the play-ins, it looks like this:

- single round robin, matches are best of one
- 1st place qualifies for the main event
- 2nd to 5th place advance to the knockout stage, where 2nd will face 5th and 3rd will face 4th in a BO3 series – winners qualify for the main event

On the second day, SK Gaming Prime kept grabbing full steam ahead. First, they had an easier task in beating NYYRIKKI White, then they’ve gone into a “LEC” duel, where they’ve beaten Misfits Premier, which put them ahead of the rest of the pack as the only undefeated team of the play-ins. managed to add two more wins in the column, beating Misfits Premier and Crvena Zvezda, but dropping one to MAD Lions. With this win, Lions managed to, after a catastrophic day one, put themselves in a decent position to secure a spot in the knockout phase, given the easy schedule they have on the final day. Diabolus capitalized on the light schedule (CZV & NYY), securing two wins, which propelled them to the second place. With their stellar performances on Day 2, SK Gaming Prime, and Diabolus Esports have, at the minimum, secured a knockout phase spot.

Third and final day brings some exciting match-ups:

CZV – SKP (with the win here, SKP would secure 1st place if drop the game to Diabolus, for CZV’s chances of advancing, this match is not crucial)

DV1 – DIA (fight for the 2nd place, if DV1 wins, they will have an opportunity to fight for the  1st spot)
MSF.P – NYY.W (if NYY loses, they're officially eliminated)
CZV – MAD (potentially a crucial match that will give us the final team that qualifies for the knockout phase)
SKP – DV1 (potential 1st place battle)
MSF.P – DBL (a relevant match in terms of knockout seeding)
NYY.W – MAD (if MAD beats CZV – confidence booster for the knockout phase if they're eliminated (alongside NYY) – clown fiesta in an unimportant match)

Action beings 18:00 CET at

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