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Major regions playoffs recap
postet by Markal | 2019-04-18 | League of Legends


In the European LEC, the title was secured by the super team of G2 Esports without much difficulty. Perkz and the team had to go through Origen twice to lift the cup. They met for the first time in the so-called "Juggernaut" match, where G2 cruised to the 3-0 victory. Their second meeting was in the finals, with the same result. In the second match of the finals, we had the opportunity to see the creativity of G2, which dominated by choosing a composition without a traditional jungler; this task partially filled Perkz from mid with Xayah, supported by Mikyx on Rakan, while Caps and Jankos, on Pyke and Morgana, were sent to the bot lane. It should be noted that, despite two defeats against the G2 Esports, Origen, overall, had a great season, which they crowned defeating Fnatic 3-1 in the match that led to the finals. G2 has once again proved, with convincing victories, how truly dominant they are and that no one on the European scene poses a threat to them. It remains to be seen how they will perform among the world’s greatest at Mid Season Invitational, but it certainly seems like they’re up to the task.


In the American LCS, Team Liquid managed to hoist the cup for the third consecutive time, reverse-sweeping TSM after a deficit of 0-2 in the series. This exciting match was even more hyped up by the owners of the teams, Steve (Team Liquid) and Reginald (TSM). In Hotline League, the show hosted by Travis Gafford, both of them were so confident that their team would be victorious in the final, prompting them to negotiate a $100,000 bet. For comparison, the identical amount went to the winner of the league itself. Doublelift and the company had an easier path to the finals than their opponent; in the semifinals, they crushed FlyQuest 3-0. On the other hand, TSM had to go through another fierce rival - Cloud9, which they managed to overcome by reverse-sweeping the series 3-2. For the mid-laner Jensen, this was the first title, while the veteran of the league, Doublelift, lifted his sixth trophy.


In Korea's LCK, we had an opportunity to enjoy the traditional gauntlet, ending with the final boss, the first placed regular season team – Griffin. In the first round, the BO3 Wildcard match, Sandbox met with DAMWON Gaming. DAMWON managed to move on, winning 2-1, to face KINGZONE DragonX in the BO5 series. Deft, pawN and the rest of the company cruised to the 3-0 victory, which sent them to the semi’s, to face SK Telecom T1. The dominant 3-0 victory sent Faker and the team to the finals, where they finally managed to end the drought, smashing Griffin 3-0 and securing their first title in the last two years. What was interesting is Griffin picking a non-traditional Pantheon-Taliyah bot lane in two games, which, unfortunately for them, didn’t quite work out as planned.


In Chinese LPL we still haven’t come to the conclusion. Two teams that earned their spot in the finals are  JD Gaming and the winner of the last year's world championship - Invictus Gaming. The interesting thing about this matchup is that G2 Esports’ star duo, Caps and Perkz, predicted it weeks before actually came to fruition. Caps said he had a dream of meeting with JDG at MSI, while Perkz expressed his trust in Rookie and TheShy to get the job done.

#LPL Playoffs Predictions: @G2esports@G2Caps dreams of the future LPL champions, but @G2Perkz doesn't buy it.

For the third place, FunPlus Phoenix will square off with Topsport Gaming. The fact that two cult Chinese teams ended their playoffs journey very early, definitely surprised everyone. Edward Gaming was eliminated in the first round without winning a map against SinoDragon, while Uzi’s RNG suffered a defeat to JD Gaming in a nailbiting quarterfinals match-up. Battle for the third place is scheduled on April 17 11:00 CET, while the finals will be played on April 21, starting at 9:30 CET.

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