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EU Masters Playoffs
postet by Markal | 2019-04-20 | League of Legends

The group stage of the tournament didn't offer many surprises, if any. In group A, BIG, with its dominance, confirmed the strength of the German region, winning all three of their games. Ventus, Future Perfect WLG and Random 5 exchanged wins, sending them to a tiebreaker, where Ventus emerged as victorious, defeating both teams. In polarized group B, it seemed clear, even before we got to the Rift, which two teams were going to make playoffs. In the direct fight for the first seed, the lion roared. MAD Lions managed to beat LDLC, securing themselves an easier match-up in the knockout stage. Group C offered an abundance of LEC sister teams. Fnatic Rising managed to top the table with a perfect 3-0 record. The second spot was secured by Misfits Premier who managed to overcome Rogue in an exciting match, where Rogue were ahead in kills 26-10, but Misfits managed to keep themselves in the game with farming and macro advantages, eventually snatching the win with a Zed/Neeko backdoor. In group D, SK Gaming Prime showed that they are a force to be reckoned with, securing the first seed with three wins. Second place was grabbed by Spanish Splyce Vipers, who outshined For The Win and Campus to secure the spot in the playoffs.

Group stage results: 


Regional breakdown:

Germany 11-1
Spain 10-4
France 10-4
UK/Ireland 6-5
Poland 5-6
Balkans 3-8
Greece 2-3
Portugal 1-2
Benelux 1-2
Nordic 3-8
Italy 0-3
Baltics 0-3

Playoffs will kick off today at 18:00 CEST, with Berlin International Gaming squaring off with Misfits Premier. After that, MAD Lions will, in a Spanish duel, have a chance to avenge their 0-3 loss in the LVP SLO playoffs against Splyce Vipers. The action continues tomorrow, with a battle of the giants, as SK Gaming Prime face LDLC. Fnatic Rising and Ventus will close the day, with the winner completing the final four picture. You can watch the matches at or at the official ESL YouTube channel.

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