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White Shark

Fantastic Jacket

59.00 EUR

This brand new Fantastic Esports 2019 jacket is made of 100% polyester with a soft interior and textured exterior. Perfect ventilation while gaming.

Fantastic Jersey

35.00 EUR

Be ready with the New Official Fantastic Esports Jersey!

This incredible new player jersey for 2019 has been developed with high quality, breathable anti-microbial polyester technology which optimises comfort by absorbing sweat away from the skin and drying quickly, so you can focus on what you do best!

Fantastic Mousepad

15.00 EUR

The Mousepad offer a polycarbonate surface textured for gamers who want more grip and control on their mouse.  A paper thin and ergonomically derived shape provide an unobstructed edge-to-edge gaming experience.

We are Esports lover, gamers and enthusiasts who through the years have acquired enough knowledge by competing in various competitions; to now be able to create a successful Esports organization and a good quality team.