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PUBG Map Guides for a Chicken Dinner

POSTED BY fantastic February 9, 2018

To be a successful PUBG player and actually get to the chicken dinner you will need to know and understand the map that you play. There are currently two maps to play Miramar and Erangel. Desert and green map. Which one you prefer is your own choice, but at the moment you cannot choose the map before the match, so you need to learn both of them.

Miramar Map

Miramar map is a new and popular map. It is a desert-like map, and you should have an outfit in dark yellow color for not being easily spotted in a sandy desert environment.

The map has two new weapons shaved off shotgun which is used as a sidearm, and that means you can carry it instead of a gun. It is very useful in close combat fights. Win94 is a weapon for vintage weapon lovers. Win94 is powerful, but reloading is slow, so once you shoot at the enemy be ready for a long reload, and you better hit your enemy with every shot or else it may be tragic for you. R45 is new pistol which is nothing special, good looking with a nice amount of bullets.

El Pozo is one of the large towns which has the best loot. But the map is packed with many other large towns where you can find all the weapons game offers. But be careful in big towns there is imminent danger from other players. Everyone wants the best loot.

San Martin is also a good place to visit, and if you can run and get to the Hacienda Del Patron, you can really pack yourself for a chicken dinner.

Erangel Map

Most popular place in Erangel is Sosnovka Military Base. In military base, you can find perfect weapons for the late stage of the game. But be warned at least ten players in every match drop into this location, and you will have first enemy encounter really fast.

Another cool spot is School, people like to go to School and for whatever reason, there is lots of gear and guns. School is a very dangerous place, and I personally avoid it at all cost.

There are other less popular places but still with good loot. Stalber, Rozhok, Lipovka, Shelter and Power Plants. These areas are not packed with lots of enemies but still, you can see one or two enemies coming in the same place with you.

My favorite drop zones are power plants, I can get decent weapons there AKM, and a scope and that is all I need. Then later I can kill people from a distance and take their precious loot.

Some people avoid populated zones at all cost and drop in small places like farms or locations with few buildings. That tactic is good if you are trying to survive. It is possible to win the game by not encountering enemies in first few stages of the game.

Dropping in the populated zones with good loot may finish your game really fast. You can be done fast as in few seconds if the enemy gets to the gun before you.


There is really no good advice where to land, it all depends on your playstyle. If you are good at early combat, then go to a populated zone because there you will get the best possible loot that will serve you right at the later stage. But if you are having problems with aiming and you always lose first combats then you should land in deserted zones and grab few good weapons and some decent armor and pray in the later stages. For the later stage, you need to have an assault rifle and a scope, without that you are seating duck and you will not win the game.