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PUBG Ultimate Survival Guide of the Fittest

POSTED BY fantastic February 13, 2018

Playerunknown’s Battleground is the latest most popular game which millions of people play every day. Competition is high, and you are going to fight versus the very best players. There is only one rule in the game, survive. Surviving in PUBG is very hard, you need to learn few skills first, and one of the most important skill is how to stay undetected.


Staying Undetected

You need to move through the map using walls, bushes and whatever you can to remain undetected. The worst thing you can do is driving around in the car or shooting at birds, that will tell everyone around you where is your location and you will be dead in a second. As the game progress staying undetected will be hard because the circle is shrinking and all players are pushed to the same spot. Then second important skill comes to the play, using weapons and gears.


Weapons and Gears

There are many weapons you can use in PUBG, but you can only use 3 weapons, 2 main weapons, and 1 side weapon. Ok, there are melee weapons and grenades too, melee weapons are rarely used in the later stage of the game.


Assault Rifles


Some special weapons you can only get from airdrop and these weapons are extremely powerful (Groza, and AUG A3). That’s why when you see an airdrop everyone is heading to that place. Be cautious when approaching crate because it may be an ambush. From standard lootable weapons I highly suggest AKM, and if you can attach some kind of scope on AKM, then you have a rifle that is good for a long range, middle range and short-range combat. Some players prefer M416 and M16A4 or even SCAR-L, but my choice is here always AKM. The pick will depend a lot on your style of play, but everyone who wants to survive need to have at least one assault rifle if not two of them.


DMR Weapons


SKS or Mini 14 is the choice here. And I suggest using SKS because it has power and with attachments, this weapon can be a real game-changer, it can be even better than the airdrop weapons. Because of that, you should learn to play with SKS because it is easy to find on the map and it can be a real damage dealer.


Sniper Rifles

Everyone favorite weapon, with the sniper rifle you can have a huge advantage in late gameplay. The best in this category is AWM, but you will rarely get your hands on that weapon because airdrop is rare. But Karabiner 98 Kurz is the sniper rifle that you will see people are often using. It has slow fire rate but huge power. M24 and MK14EBR are all airdrop weapons which are rare but awesome weapons to get, especially very useful in the late stage of the game. VSS Vintorez is a sniper rifle, or maybe I should say it is sniper submachine gun. Useful for midrange fights because damage power is very low, but you are getting a gun with scope and automatic fire rate.


Machine Guns

M249 comes in an airdrop which means it is a rare weapon. But with this submachine gun, you can easily kill and take the victory. With lots of bullets, high fire rate and power you will win every duel if your aiming is not disastrous.DP-28 is more like a standard weapon because it comes as a regular drop in a world and this one is not that powerful like M249 but you can still deal huge damage fast, and it is highly recommended weapon for short range or mid range fights.


Submachine Guns

Micro Uzi is an ideal weapon in the early stage when you are searching for loot, and everyone is still not in heavy armor. With Uzi, you can melt them fast. Tommy Gun is a powerful weapon which unfortunately can not have some useful attachments like a scope. It still does great damage, and if your aiming is good, this is actually the best submachine gun.


UMP9 and Vector are guns that are easy on the trigger, but the aiming is not that hard to do. With these two weapons, you need to aim carefully and shoot only when your aiming is on right position because once you squeeze that trigger, all the ammo will be gone in few seconds.



Shotguns are the best weapon in short range combat. S12K is a famous modern weapon, and if you are close to your target, you will win even if your aim is not that perfect. This weapon power, fire rate, and ammo capacity are ideal for close combat. S1897 and S686 are also good shotguns that will do the job in close combat fights as well. Always consider a shotgun in an early stage of gameplay when everybody is looting buildings.



Pistols are side weapons and they are only good at an early stage of play when you just can’t get your hands on something better. You can sue many pistols. Some of them are better than others. If there is nothing else to pick, get a gun and try to kill players that are looting.


Other Weapons

I will not spend much on other weapons like melee weapons, they are good for fast combat if you land in the same spot as enemy or bombs, there are many bombs, and some of them are very useful. Grenades are the most famous bombs.


Knowing Map


You need to get familiar with the map. This can only be done by constant playing and exploring all the places on the map. You need to know each building and where you will get what loot.



PUBG is not a shooter game where you go like a Rambo and shoot everyone down, maybe you have seen those players on the YouTube, and I am not going to comment that. But for a normal play, you will be thrown into a map not knowing where to go what to do. You need to stay calm and never panic. Aim smart and shoot only when you are sure you will hit the enemy and hopefully kill him. Avoid at all cost areas with lots of players because then it all gets down to luck, and the luckiest player will survive.