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Scum is finally out and all of us who were waiting for it all these months can finally enjoy this magnificent game made by Croteam and Gamepires. In the game, you will notice Croatian symbols, like flag inside houses and if you are lucky enough, you can even find a Croatian national soccer team T-shirt. But these things are not most important when you talk about Scum. The most important thing about this game is that the game is a multiplayer game played on a large map and there is one primary goal, survive!

It sounds easy, but it is actually hard and your first few revives on the island will be a failure. You will fail on many things. You will not eat properly because the food is hard to find and you need to learn how to find and prepare food. If you don’t eat properly, you may get sick and die.

Zombies, wild animals, and robots are one whole new story about surviving. If food doesn’t kill you, these monsters will. With some skill you can handle 1 on 1 battle against a zombie, wild animals are fast and more powerful and should be avoided. I have learned that you can pretend your dead if a bear comes, he will leave you alone then. Gigantic robots need to be avoided entirely. They are strong, and if you don’t have some kind of rocket launcher or something of that size, you better run and hide. Big robots are actually protecting crucial high loot reward areas, so maybe you should try to sneak inside the zone and grab some cool loot.

Early Access Scum

Scum is in early aces, and if you decide to get it, you should know that the game is not finished yet and in fact, there is lots of room to improve the game. You may find server get lag or some functions don’t work correctly. But I have played the game for some time now, and I didn’t see any significant problem with the game. If you support the developers by buying the game in early access, I am sure they will continue good work on the game development. And since the game is highly popular, I am sure future developments will bring many good things.

Scum Breaks All Records

Scum was most played game at the release, on twitch it was a top streaming game. At this moment Scum has more viewers on twitch than DOTA 2. And these facts are normal because Scum is the game that cannot be compared to other games. It is a role-playing game with RPG elements, but at the same time, it is a survivor game with the first or third person shooting elements, not to mention melee fights, Mortal Kombat style. In fact, there is one game that you can compare Scum to, DayZ. DayZ had great potential, but developers run with money and game never left early access. I hope this bad DayZ history won’t happen to Scum, I am kind of sure of that because game developers love this game and you can see that by giving the game a touch of Croatian life.

Final Verdict

Scum can be bought on Steam for less than 20 Euros. The price of the game is low if you ask me, you will receive a decent game that you can enjoy playing straight away with a bright future. Scum has potential to be the best survivor game on the market, and by getting in early, you can get a huge advantage over other players by learning all the tricks and tips the game has to offer and trust me there are many things that you need to explore, discover, test and use. I hope you buy the game and good luck at surviving.