Future Fighters

Vip Adria League
  • Our team's
  • Wins 4
  • Losses 4
  • Ties 0
  • Country Slovenia
  • Year founded 2017
Here's another Slovenian team, but this time, we're talking veterans. They have been the number 1. team of the country for a while now, and their wish is to keep the tradition going.  They claim their secret lies in their long-term friendship as well as a few roster changes that have helped them reach this level of knowledge and experience when it comes to the game. Winning their first LAN was an unforgettable feeling as they proudly accentuate, so they got hooked to the winning feeling.  Since they have been a part of this world for quite a while now; they are not hiding their main wish is to go pro, and show others what they are capable of. Show everyone they are the best Balkan team out there. Their main wish regarding the near future is to win VIP Adria League  2 and confirm once again their winning mindset.