Vip Adria League
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  • Wins 1
  • Losses 7
  • Ties 0
  • Country Croatia
  • Year founded 2018
This is a team of esports lovers who decided to give it a try at the very last moment-the exact same day of the qualifications to be precise. A huge thank you goes to their captain, and the motor of the team, who saw the VIP Adria League qualifications coming up and decided to invite the rest of the members to join and compete. As the head of the team, it is only logical for the captain to have the most experience, so we asked him to single out one of the best gaming experiences. His choice was the last year's Adria League event. That being said, it is no wonder he urged the other to compete at this year's event as well. As for their aspirations regarding 2018. Tournament; they are modest but determined. They are here to learn from the best and enrich their experience, but they will fight with all they have and hope not to finish among the bottom two teams at the end of the tournament